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  1. Hi, I have "device control" activated, but when I insert a rule to allow some Disk storage this rule not working... For exaple I have 3 USB mass storage; I put the correct Vendor, Model and serial number for all this mass storege but only 1 works and is allowed. Some times to allow other devices I need to leave some blank field and not put che correct Vendor, model etc or the device don't work. Why??? Thanks.
  2. So, now the problem is solved (but if I restart the VA appears again, obviously if I running the command, disappears). I try some task like Virus Signature Database Update, Software Install and I not have any problem, but now Remote Administrator Components Upgrade (Agent in this case) have a new problem where the target is a single computer, trigger is "ASAP" or "scheduled" (final result no difference with both trigger type). The progress-bar remain in "yellow color" and the message is "Failed on 1 computer(s) and execution is planned on 1 computer(s). In the trace.log file, no errors. Thanks!
  3. If somehow I can "help" you understand the issues, it is not a problem (this forum have a good support). Before run the command, I must stop only ERA server right? Last question, this command must be run only this time (one time fix the problem?) or all the times will encounter this problem?
  4. Yes, I have tried many tasks but I have the same problem (a "blank" progress-bar); somes times the task finish (with the correct history in the task detsails) some times remains "planned" and not start, somes times isn't planned etc... Only Antivirus installation by ERA works always. In the following attached image, you can see the command output, thanks!
  5. If task end, yes I have a complete history; in last case, trigger is ASAP attached to a single computer (in a static group). Though task works properly the progress bar remains "blank" as at the beginning and not change color (yellow, green, etc..) Another problem, somes times the task is planned, somes times no, and many times task not run/start.... With this command, no see errors (I have only old errors). cat "/var/log/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Server/trace.log" | grep "Error:\|Fingerprint" Thanks!
  6. Hi, is installed on Virtual Appliance (VMware ESXi). Thanks.
  7. Hi, I have problems with all client task "status". While a task is completed (usually finish all tasks) the "status" remains in "planned mode", like in attached image. Before the upgrade no issues in this section. Thanks!
  8. Hi, after 6.3 upgrade i have many problems. When will be released a new ERA version to solve this isseues? Now "last connection status" work (after /etc/my.cnf edit), but the problem about tasks remain. Thnaks!
  9. I hope, but previously the problem appeared only after 2 hours. I will waiting midnight .... Instead something about "task execution" problems?? This remain.
  10. After more than 4 hours, "last connection status" problem seems solved!!! (or appears) @MartinK, can you please confirm my odbcinst.ini settings??? [PostgreSQL] Description = ODBC for PostgreSQL Driver = /usr/lib/psqlodbc.so Setup = /usr/lib/libodbcpsqlS.so Driver64 = /usr/lib64/psqlodbc.so Setup64 = /usr/lib64/libodbcpsqlS.so FileUsage = 1 [MySQL ODBC 5.3 Unicode Driver] Driver = /usr/lib64/libmyodbc5w.so UsageCount = 1 Threading = 0 [MySQL ODBC 5.3 ANSI Driver] Driver = /usr/lib64/libmyodbc5a.so UsageCount = 1 Threading = 0 Now remains only the problem about ERA not showing when task execution occured. Thanks!
  11. I have the same problem, also now ERA not shows when task execution occured.
  12. Ok, I will follow this topic because problem seems the same. Thanks in advance!
  13. I have ERA 6.3 Linux based, installed by "ova" files on a virtual machine on my VMWare ESXi, and after upgrade (from 6.2 to 6.3) I have problems with the "last connection" state: after exactly two hours the ERA server stop all communications with my clients. If I restar operating system (with the command "service eraserver restart" CentOS tell me service unrecognized), this problems is solved (only for two hours) but immediately is impossible perform any task from the webconsole like install agent, update licence, or any other task. This is my configuration ERA/OS. ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Verion ESET Remoto Administrator (Webconsole), Version CentOS (64-bit), Version 6.7 Thanks.
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