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  1. Dear ESET, Do you have any update about WORM_DISTTRACK.C. I have seen this Security Alert on few Security Forums but havent seen any update from ESET Please update if any
  2. Hi, Iam little confused regarding ERA and Web console Upgrade. Which one shall do 1st? what is the correct Procedure? will this upgrade interupts the Clients? Can someone please POST the exact Procedure Pease see atatch the Ver No of ESET ERA and Web Console
  3. Thanks for the Quick reply. Actually some users are using web based Image Archiving Server. The moment they click on the image to open it hangs the Browser. After disabling ESET they are able to access. I have tried disabling all the options in ESET AV but in vain. The last option i am thinking could be version 5
  4. Hi, Due to hanging issues with version 6, i am trying to Download ESET ver 5. But asking asking for username/pwd to download. Can anyone please guide me how to download the Old EEA 5.0 Thanks Kaleem
  5. I have Tried disabling Prtocol Filtering same Probelm. Actually this a MRI/XRAY images server. when try to open image its getting Blocked
  6. @Jimwilsher ESET is installed on the LOCAL Machine not on the Server. Its EEA @Marcos: I think their is no Local Support in UAE, The vendor we purchased the ESET licenses from are not bothering us at all. Please tell me if you about any Local Support in UAE. Thanks for your quick reply.
  7. We use to access one Web Based Application by putting IP 192.168.x.y:8081/app. Since i installed AV its keep Loading the Main Page, doesnt show any error message. After i disabled the AV things goes fine.
  8. Dear Forum, One webbased application is getting BLOCKED by ESET Endpoint AV. I have put the IP in the exclusion still no effect. Can anyone help me out do i need to take some logs Please assist me.
  9. Dear Forum, How to configure ERA to make all Endpoints get updates from the ERA Based Server, rather than each Endpoint get updates directly from the ESET update Server
  10. Dear Forum, My ESET end point security is Blocking a webbased (local)Application which is running in our Company. I have added that under IP & WEB exclusion category, even though its getting Blocked, after deactivating ESET its opening fine. Application address is Please guide me asap
  11. Hi Gonzalo, Now am able to install this Hotfix. I noticed its for x64 Systems Only. How about 32Bit Systems?
  12. Hi Gonzalo, I am running the following versions of ERA and ENDPOINT AV. ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6 ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version ESET Remote Administrator (Web Console), Version
  13. Thanks for the reply, this BUG FIX is nto working for. Giving some error " Device not detected" Shall i install it post eset installation or before? Please also share some info for better performace of ESET
  14. Dear Moderator, This Hotfix for Freezing issue?? How about anti Conficker tool nt detecting any Conficker on Windows 7/Window Server 2003/2008? Please also advise if need to do some Performance tunning? I am also not able to install ESET Remote admin from ESET Console giving some Errors on most of the Work Stations? Is it possible to install it using Windows Server Group Policy?
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