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  1. Is this ever going to be fixed in android 5 and above? Other AV products still have an active icon why not our product ESET?
  2. We're not planning to release this update as a PCU (program component update). Manual download and installation is required. I would have thought the Check for Program Update SHOULD work every time there is an update to the Program so we can always have the latest patched product we have subscribed too? Maybe you guys can setup an email alert service for your customers?
  3. Thanks, I have the new module installed now. It still does not Add the Certificate automatically like it does for IE and Chrome BUT after Importing manually it is now working. Hope to see Automaic Adding of the Certificate working in the future so I don't have to muck around with the rest of the family PC's to get it working. Thanks.
  4. How do I get the PRE Internet protection module 1092? I turned on Pre Release Updates but it is now 9122P? How do I install 1092?
  5. I tried this too and initally exactly the same, then I changed the search engine to yahoo and it works. But when I went back to google same problem? IT works now after I added an excemption to google.com but does that mean it no longer scans google.com?
  6. When will they fix it then? It has been over 12 months? I am pretty sure BitDefender's SSL Certificate worked on all Browsers!
  7. It seems to only happen with GOOGLE search? If I change the Search Engine to Yahoo it works? How do we get it to work with GOOGLE? Tell I lie it just happened here too?
  8. I have the same problem, I like to use Firefox for everything but SSL just is not working as the above issue says. How do we export and import it so it works? I have tried but when I search for something on Google it asks me everytime about the "Certificate Risk" When is EST going to fix this?
  9. There is no splash screen on boot up or the tray icon when this happens. I have all icons showing on task bar option enabled, so no it is not hidden. I will check for ekrn.exe and egui.exe next time this happens.
  10. I have noticed that after I have Shutdown my PC and started it up again later that ESET Smart Security or at least the GUI does NOT start? At the same time Outlook 365 does not load either it stalls at the starting up phase? After I restart my PC all is well? - Win 8 Pro 64bit - MS Office 365 Subscription
  11. I have the exact same issue but with NOD32 Beta 7? See Pic.
  12. Great news, I have installed this updated version v7.0.104.0 and it has fixed the Outlook issue for me. Thanks guys.
  13. If it is in the pipeworks thats great, I would rather wait for the well designed and tested version than one put out just to please us in the short term.
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