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  1. After an update to v10. on an up-to-date windows 10 installation, I get the message Banking and Payment protection Non-functional. I have tried the instructions on hxxp://help.eset.com/ess/10/en-US/?idh_page_settings_security_tools.htm "Advanced setup" but there is no"banking and payment protection" in "tools". I would be grateful for any tips that allows me to progress on this issue.
  2. I have set up anti-theft yesterday on a surface pro (windows 10). Today my daughter clicked on the phantom account, and suspicious activity was reported to me. I logged in on-line, and marked the device as not missing. I then rebooted the device, as I could only access the phamtom account. I still cannot access any other account, (only the phantom account), as the Surface pro log into it at reboot time. The account does not allow me to log off, only shutdown, sleep and restart. Can anyone let me know how to proceed to recover functionality for my device? Thank you Herve
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