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  1. First I would like to say that I give Eset Chat support 5 out of 5 stars for fixing this problem 100% by the second session. 1) first session the tech at chat support ask for permission to remote assist which I gladly accepted I could see every thing he was doing. It took all the guess work and confusion out of the equation. He tried all the normal procedures to no avail but collected data and said he would pass the info on to the developers. 2) a couple days later I received an email to contact support at which point I was passed on to a special division of tech support at which point I once again gave them remote assist access and he had it working in about 30 min. turned out that the Windows 10 filters were missing. I surmise which happened from the really large update Win 10 did in Dec 2015. So the situation was resolved and Smarty Security is at 100%. I recommend using Chat support when you run into an issue it was efficient, effective and pleasant, prob the best support I have encountered in years. ______________ Now about the product I was really please with Eset Smart Security gave it 5 out of 5 stars and recommended it to all my friends and family. Unfortunately it has dropped to 3 out 5 stars for 2 reasons and until these get resolved I will not recommend Eset. But once these 2 issues do get resolved I will once again give the product 5 out of 5 stars and continue to recommend it to friends and family. Here are the two reasons and product requests to fix the issues I'm not happy with. 1) Inadequate alert on something as important as a failure in the Eset Firewall protection. I honestly have no idea how many days I went without a firewall before I noticed the tiny triangle on the already very small Eset Icon on the task bar. This is an inadequate method of alert when something as important as the firewall fails or lets say the real time virus protection. When something like either of those two fails there needs to be a very clear large and visible alert or banner center screen it also needs to be reinforced with an audible alert. A failure like that should be notified in a way where it is impossible not to know something is wrong unless you are deliberately ignoring it. The product lost one of the 5 stars due to this and it will be returned once a better alert gets implemented into the program something like this should be implemented in the next product update no later than a month from now. This is important we need to know without a doubt when something as important as our firewall goes down. 2) When something like the Eset Firewall is not functioning properly then it should deactivate so Windows knows there is no protection and the Windows 10 firewall should automatically be activated. At the very least with the alert recommended in 1), there should be a recommendation and option to turn off the firewall section Smart security suite and turn on the built in windows firewall. Something like an automatic protocol to turn on the windows built in firewall could take time to implement. But the recommendation and option to do it manually should be implemented much sooner and incorporated with the first alert product update request. While Eset firewall is being shown as running Windows does not alert us that the firewall is down cause it shows that Eset firewall is up and it doesn't know that is not functioning properly. This also dropped a star from product evaluation and will be returned once it is implemented. I'd like to return my product evaluation to 5 out of 5 but till these two product request get filled I will be making my eval at 3 out of 5. I will also not recommend to friends and family till these two issues get addressed and fixed. _______________________ I have been happy with Eset until this issue I feel protected now that the software is working again or it would be lower than 3 stars and i would have moved to another product. Do I feel protected when it's running, yes I do Eset is a great product. Do I have complete piece of mind? No. cause now I have to constantly look at that icon from time to time to make sure it's still running properly I shouldn't have to do this make a better alert on function failures as recommenced in the first suggestion. The odds of product failure is very low so it wouldn't be a nuisance but yes when the product fails i want a system that lets me know about the failure where it is impossible for me not to know if my computer is on. I will continue to use the product for now but if we don't get a better alert (first request) and a redundancy system with Win firewall as a secondary in event of failure in the next 6 months I will probably move to another product, which I would rather not do cause other than these 2 issues I really love Eset. Cheers, Warner Once again thank you support you still get 5 out of 5 stars from me great job on the assist. If anyone has issues with Eset I recommend using chat support. They have the ability to do remote assist and they actually know what they are doing it will save you a lot of time and confusion.
  2. Ok hasn't been more than 1 hour since I wrote this and now: Real-time file system protection is non-functional. Personal firewall is non functional. Anti-Stealth is non-functional. What is going on with ESET?
  3. Win 10 Security Alert - Personal firewall is non-functional - Even after reinstall. After recent Windows 10 update 12/28/2015 it is currently up to date with latest updates. MY Eset Smart Security 9 which is also up to date with all updates I got a security alert: ^ Security alert ^ Personal firewall is non-functional This functionality could not be started and your computer is not protected against some types of threats. This is very dangerous and ESET Smart Security should be reinstalled immediately. ------------------------- Setup>Network protection: Personal firewall - non-functional Network attack protection (IDS) - non-functional Botnet protection - non-functional ------------------------------------------- I reinstalled the software still get the same issues. In all my years of using a Firewall this is the first and only time I have had a Firewall just stop working. What is being done about this and what is the resolution for this situation. Also one more thing when something as serious as the Firewall becoming non functional we should get a very visible pop up window on the screen.
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