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  1. I have a few PCs using Internet Security and Outlook 365. When I reclassify an email thats in the Junk folder as not spam, it moves to the Inbox. But then very soon after the second PC moves it back to Junk as it does not know that its in the whitelist. Is there any way I can easily keep the settings in sync ?
  2. The problem I have is it can take a long time to notice when an issue happens unless your just watching the screen all the time. Working out the exact log section to extract and upload will take time, which I don't really have at the moment. I will try and get back to this in a while when I have a little more time.
  3. I have played with this on and off for days now and am getting nowhere really. It looks like the answer is, if I have scanning of email protocols enabled, then its very random as to if things work. Generally, Outlook gives up trying to download in most instances and the only way to get things going again is to restart Outlook. Once email is up to date, as long as there are not a lot of changes to the inbox, it generally keeps up with changes as long as I don't touch Outlook and just let it process. If for example, I select another folder that has multiple changes, then go back to the Inbox, it may well just hang up Outlook. If I switch off Email Protocol Scanning things seem to work.
  4. All integration off means, all protocol and outlook integration, basically if I could see it was going to affect Outlook, I switched it off. As for what encryption I am using, its set to SSL/TLS which seems to work best with the server.
  5. Hi, So finally got some tests running over a number of PCs, all running Windows 10, Office 365, latest and greatest patches for all and have the following mixed results. All I did was start Outlook and left to their own devices while email came in and got processed. I monitored what was happening mailbox wise via webmail so I could see what "should" be happening as a first test. No AV - updates pretty much real time. ESet, everything switched on - Very slow, almost sometimes no updates. ESet , Outlook integration off - Quicker, but still not fast. ESet, All email integration off - Almost instant. Alternate AV, with integration on, Almost instant. A second test was pressing the "Send and Receive all folders" button, this did have various results with Outlook just stopping, some needed killing via Task Manager as when I tried to close Outlook it just crashed. In saying all of this, nothing was perfect and I do think latency has a bearing on this as I believe things work better when the server is local. The alternate AV works on email once delivered as I understand, does not do any protocol level integration. A big problem I have is the latest versions of Outlook seem to have trashed on the IMAP logging, so even if you do switch logging on then the IMAP logfile does not get created. I raised a support call with MS on this, had 2 different people over 2 days and 3 hours working on my PC before they agreed and said yes, logging is not working. They will pass the issue back to their engineering. So this does mean its hard to see what IMAP is doing client wise. I have one VM running with an older version of Outlook and I have seen timeouts on that when AV was installed and running. Not sure where to go from here.
  6. I don't have many emails in my inbox, currently around 15, but some of my other folders like sent items has almost 7,000 and over 2.6GB in size. I think I will reset my test box and start a full download of email again and see what happens. The more I look on this, the more it seems that when you have a folder with a large volume of email, it is having problems.
  7. Hi, So I have tested with the IMAP settings on and off, it does not really make a lot of difference if the number of changes on the mailbox is small. Looking more, it seems that if the mailbox has a large number of changes, maybe on a single folder, then the big problems start.
  8. I have not had chance to check yet, had the Mail server developer on the system all day. Add to that the latest Office 365 version of Outlook does not seem to be creating a IMAP debug log when debugging is switched on, so MS is looking at that one also. Will be back with some more details as soon as I can.
  9. I already have the one disabled, it does not seem to be the issue. I would say with ESET installed, I am seeing about a 25% speed difference in general, but the hang ups are the main issue as once Outlook stops getting updates, as I said above, you can only Kill Outlook or reboot.
  10. So to add to my testing, I have tried all of the above and it works sometimes and sometimes it hangs up. What I have found is if its just a number small of changes it "can" work, if for example I have the AV running on the PC when I first connect to the mailbox and IMAP downloads the email for the first time, then it can hang on large mailboxes. Often closing Outlook will not shutdown the app properly and I need to either kill the remaining processes or reboot the PC. To test this I have had two VMs running side by side, one with no AV and one with. I need to play even more.
  11. It seems that only uninstalling Internet Security makes the difference. I cannot workout what actually causes the issue directly.
  12. I am running the latest version of Internet Security on a fully patched Windows 10 Pro PC using Outlook 365. When I installed Internet Security it broke Outlook talking to my email server using IMAP. Looking at the logs on the server (I have had these reviewed by the developers) the server is timing out while waiting from a response from the client. I have tried all sorts, turning off the firewall, AV, etc etc, but I cannot get this working. The only thing that solves the problem is to uninstall Internet Security. I have tried on the same PC without any AC and with another vendors product and I don't have issues. Anyone have any ideas ?
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