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  1. Hi rugk Thank you for replying again, sorry for just getting back to you. Yes the VSD update. Application version v.3.0.1173.0-15 With regards Take Care TheQuest :cool:
  2. Hi rugk Misread the first post , but I am having a problem with updaing. When I try to update by mobile data connection it always fails with, Updating.... then approx fifty seconds later Please check your internet connectivity and try again. And before you ask , yes my device does have a connection when I try undating, i.e tested with Play Store and New and Weather. Take Care TheQuest :cool:
  3. Hi Marcos Can you please explain for what reason there is not a choice to be able update via mobil data? I fine it a inconvenience, because I am not always able to connect to WiFi when out and about, so having a mobil data allowance is rendered useless when it comes to updating. I does not seem to make common sense for it not to be able to keep it updated by [with] Mobil Data. With regards Take care TheQuest :cool:
  4. Hi All Just saying hello to everyone. Take Care TheQuest B)
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