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  1. Do most antiviruses have a problem with the insider previews or just eset? On Insider 14942 the most of antiviruses don`t work , but emsisoft for me work nice , so is not eset guilty but Microsoft useless inovations
  2. I have 14936 on my computer and seems fine here. What is not working for you? 14936 is ok for eset products , but if you upgrade to 14942 eset is corrupting any download and gives many BSOD , you have to uninstall , same with 9 and 10 versions of eset eset driver Epfwwfpr.sys gives BSOD
  3. Microsoft just release Insider Preview build 14942 and no eset product work well on this version .Hope we`ll get a new version of eset for this build , thanks
  4. My problem with eset antivirus 9.0.117 is that it blocks sites i added to be allowed in URL ADDRESS MANAGEMENT /address list .I edit addresses very correct as i did in eset v8 so is not that the problem .Althogh some address are in allowed list , antivirus still block them .
  5. Yes , right click on eset icon on taskbar open both : eset window and taskbar properties .It`s like a click-through eset icon . Instead of eset settings it appears both eset and taskbar notification.
  6. thanks Martin Semjan , work well on win 10240 x64 enterprise
  7. @Robert1170 If you want that HIPS to work in ESET 8 you have to enable pre-release update in update settings and then do an update
  8. @Martin Semjan please let us know when win 10 version is available
  9. Please Marcos , will we be able to use "old" eset 8 keys on eset 9 product ? How ? Eset license administrator not working for me
  10. Eset antivirus 8.0.312 work well for me with win 10 ver 10162x64
  11. eset 8.0.312 no longer works with win 10 v10159 - it crushes adobe flash player and internet connection so we have no eset product for 10159 but i`m sure that sooner or later we`ll have a good working version
  12. Tested eset 9 beta antivirus and cannot be activated on windows 10 10147 x64 , the new leak Since eset 8.0.312 work fine , the argue that this is a leak not a release and eset 9 should not work seems very silly waiting for new betas
  13. thanks Marcos , i was not sure if this is new product tested new antivirus 9 beta x64 on win 10 v10135 but eset 8 work well on 10135 , excepting hips
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