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  1. Hello. I don!t want to waste my time so im jumping right in. i had a flash disk that was a purple old kingston 4gb, that was safe, gave it for a word document to my friend. I got the document but suddenly there was some my videos,my music named folders and some named with strange letters, then instantly a eset possible thread bubble popped up. So i clicked scan and it deleted the whole flash disk because it was all virused,a message of windows 8.1 popped up right at the screen saying two worms were trying to get in. Thanks to eset nothing bad happened, but still the worm's trying to lend my in
  2. Hello. I don't want to waste time talking so let me get right to the topic. So i have this flash disk [ purple 4gb old kingston ] which was totally safe and usable. One day i needed it for a file transfer ( some work WORD dossiers ) and gave it to one of my partners, when she normally opens a flash disk on her computer, some my videos and my music kinda folders slip in and there is the fast usage made button whic leaded to the original files, the original files always had my music things like that in it too. So i give my flash disk to my partner and she plugs in to her computer and i don't kn
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