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    Windows 8.1 RTM hasn't gone retail yet and it's already fully supported by v7 :)

    How's that if there's report of HIPS breaking and not working in win 8.1?

    I haven't tried it yet but there are quite a few in the forum.... not a complain either, just a question.



    If one is having issues with Windows 8.1 build 9600 (RTM), maybe they don't have the most current HIPS and Anti-Stealth modules installed yet or haven't restarted the system after the modules were updated. The modules adding compatibility support for Windows 8.1 RTM were released for v7 users just yesterday.

  2. It is apparently ransomware displaying a fake warning to scare the user and to get him or her to pay money to remove the screen lock. If ESET was updating properly before you encountered this infection, the following procedure should clean it out completely:

    - restart the computer

    - wait at least 5 minutes after the system starts up and the screen locks

    - restart the computer

    The ransomware should be cleaned then. I'd also recommend installing the latest v7 beta which turned out to be very stable and provides superior protection against new born malware especially thanks to the advanced memory scanner and exploit blocker.

  3. 1) Can I use my EAV-xxxxxxxx Username/Password in ESET smart security?

    You can use an ESET Smart Security license to download and update ESET NOD32 Antivirus but not vice-versa.

    2) Are the definitions (update files) are the same as ESET?

    Yes, update files are same, however, not all product versions may necessarily have the same version of modules installed at all times 


    3) Do all the components of ESET get updates like firewall or... ?

    Only components used by a particular product are updated, ie. ESET NOD32 Antivirus will not download firewall module updates.


    4) How can I check if it's OK or not? Is there any way to make sure? Please tell me about it.

    If an update attempt fails, you'll receive a message about this. You can also compare the version of the installed virus signature database with the version listed on ESET's website if you want to make sure you're fully updated.
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