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  1. Both licenses were created and sold by SC Axel Soft, Romania. Please contact the distributor for a resolution.
  2. Just to make sure, did you check the email you've received to alXXXXXXXXX724@gmail.com and not to aXXXXXXXXXX03@gmail.com ?
  3. Please provide the public license ID of your EIS license in the form of XXX-XXX-XXX.
  4. I was able to find only 2 free (trial) licenses for ESET Security for Android that were registered with your forum email address. Maybe you have used a different email address; please contact your local ESET distributor who will check if you have received emails from my.eset.com.
  5. I will send you your U/P via a private message momentarily. Please note that with other than ESET NOD32 AV for Linux desktop license, you will be able to use only the legacy version of the product until it's discontinued next year. Only holders of the ESET NOD32 AV for Linux desktop license will be able to use the next generation product afterwards. You will still be able to use the license for the appropriate Windows products though.
  6. Please carry on as follows: - enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Technical support - run update - disable logging - collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated chchive here.
  7. We recommend using Resolved and Not resolved states for detections that you have already dealt with and were resolved. You can use a filter, e.g. to filter out already resolved detections.
  8. You can restore the files from quarantine. It was 7z.sfx which was detected incorrectly as as a PUA as a result of refactoring the DealPly PUA detection. The detection was actually temporarily disabled in 23636 buta it seems that pico updates have re-enabled it until 23637 was released.
  9. I would also add that emule was not being continually submitted as the title of the topic may suggest. It was submitted just once because of a suspicious network communication that has been detected just recently.
  10. Lessons to learn from the Kaseya cyberincident to protect your business' data when doing business with a MSP. Our best tips to keep you safe while streaming, and more. The post Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
  11. The newest update fixes a total of eight vulnerabilities affecting the desktop versions of the popular browser. The post Google patches Chrome zero‑day vulnerability exploited in the wild appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
  12. Are you still getting the detection? If so, please post the information about installed ESET modules. Do you have LiveGrid enabled?
  13. Currently the only way to upgrade v8.0 to 8.1 is by sending a software install task. In approximately 2 weeks there will be automatic update available which will install on machines that have program update set to Auto-update via a policy:
  14. This is not true: https://help.eset.com/ees/7/en-US/?sysreq.html Windows XP and Windows Vista is no longer supported for version 7. The latest version for Windows XP is Endpoint 6.5.
  15. From securing your devices to avoiding public Wi-Fi hotspots for logging into apps we look at measures you can take to remain safe while this holiday season. The post Vacationing? How to avoid the cybersecurity blues appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
  16. If you don't use a VPN then I don't know, it shouldn't work.
  17. You are correct that ACT.33 means a regional restriction. The license was purchased in India. Please contact the seller and ask for a refund. You can purchase a license from authorized ESET partners via www.eset.com.
  18. Please provide your public license ID in the form of XXX-XXX-XXX.
  19. It would not be safe to remember the state of radio buttons when it comes to creation of rules. As for the notifications, please wait a while until v14.2.20+ is released; it should address the issue.
  20. Does temporarily disabling integration with Outlook make a difference? Have you ruled out a bug in MS Outlook updates? https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/microsoft-outlook-bug-prevents-viewing-or-creating-email-worldwide/
  21. Looks like Windows was attempting to restore a file / module while ESET self-defence was active. You can temporarily disable Self-defense in the advanced setup, reboot Windows and try doing a system restore again. Eventually re-enable self-defense and reboot the system.
  22. It is important that ekrn.exe can communicate on both TCP and UDP port 53535. You can try temporarily shutting down the firewall and see if the connection errors go away then.
  23. The role of a firewall is to filter network communication based on certain rules. Rules are typically bound to specific applications defined by path. Whether a firewall allows for creating less secure and more generic rules doesn't tell anything about the compatibility with the operating system. As for Metro applications, they were used in Windows 8.x. The option to allow Internet access for Metro applications was removed a long time ago in v13. Last but not least we have informed in other topics that user experience with creating rules in a secure way for MS store applications is subject for further improvements. Also there are far more important criteria for choosing antivirus than firewall rules being bound to applications with an exact path.
  24. Please provide the whole command that you ran so that I can try to reproduce it.
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