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  1. Deactivation of inactive devices is performed once a day, however, currently there's an issue which causes the function to not work. The issue is being looked at and we assume it should be fixed soon.

    It is not possible to trigger the clean-up manually.

    The good news is that sorting now works. It was a glitch in a recent version of EBA which was fixed quickly.

    The reason why the number of devices is limited to 100 at maximum on a page is due to performance reasons. Whit hundreds or thousands of machines on a page the web console could respond slowly.

  2. 1 hour ago, jpotrz said:

    I've run the update via a manual task (Security management Center Components Upgrade) and via the update notification in the help menu, Both tasks end up showing complete in the tasks (green bar) but I'm still sitting on the same 7.X version as shown above.

    Do you use a virtual appliance or you've installed ESMC on a Windows or Linux server? Not sure why upgrade via the ESMC components upgrade task would fail, maybe somebody better versed will be able to help. However, if you have installed ESMC on Windows, you could run the ESET PROTECT AiO installer to upgrade ESMC and all its components.

  3. Unfortunately I'm not sure what you mean. Would you like to send an SMS to the caller whenever ESET blocks a call from the particular number? Somebody could exploit it and call you continually which would cause many SMS to be sent out and you would be charged for them by the carrier. I'd recommend contacting your local ESET distributor. In case a particular feature is not supported and it would make sense to have it, that's the way how to request it.

  4. For some reason ESET Real-time protection is missing in the right-side panel.

    What version of ECS did you attempt to install? I'd recommend opening a support ticket with your local ESET distributor and providing logs collected as per https://support.eset.com/en/kb3404.

    If you would like to continue here, please sign up, create a forum account and post in the appropriate product forum.

  5. We urge you to upgrade to ESET PROTECT or ESMC 7.2 at least.

    According to https://support.eset.com/en/kb3592, ERA 6.5 has already reached EOL, it is not supported and doesn't provide full functionality to control Endpoint v8.


    ESMC 7.2 is in limited support which means: It is generally limited to Technical Support and Development Support, which is limited to bug fixing so there is no support for new operating system versions.


  6. You can install the current version on Big Sur 11.2. However, there's a bug in the current version and you must click quickly the Continue button when the incompatibility warning pops up. Some users are already testing Endpoint Security for Mac which will bring all system extensions for Big Sur and will have also some minor bugs from the current version fixed. The final release is scheduled for March.

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