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    Besides edf.eset.com, it's also important that clients can connect to pki.eset.com as well to perform activation.
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    Hello @Zen11t, thank you very much for your explanation again. It helps us to understand your needs better. I hope this trick will help you You can filter the computers with an outdated version of agents and then click on any item in the table and select "In computer page (all)". It will navigate you to the computers section, where you will have only computers with outdated agents, and here you can also check the last connection status.
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    Monitoring software for business

    Hello, first of all, I want to say thank you to ESET for the mid-size business solutions; it's great for our logistics company. However, because of the pandemic, we need to cut our costs. So we've decided to give up unused software. Can someone please recommend smth?
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    Monitoring software for business

    No-no-no.I`m about another software, Maybe I`m in a wrong thread ?
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    Internet security eset antivirus

    It means that you are attempting to activate the license in a different country than the one it was issued in. Please contact the seller to get it sorted or to get a refund and buy a license in the other country.
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    Monitoring software for business

    If you are already an ESET customer and you don't need to protect as many computers as before the covid19 crisis, you can downgrade your license to the desired number of seats when your license is due for renewal.
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    Cool, thanks for that - it identifies the 'supposedly invalid tasks OK (they're all "Software Installation (ESET Endpoint Security) - via context menu") but when I drill down they're all finished successfully. Seems like a glitch in the system - at least I can delete the 'problematic' tasks from this. Thanks again...
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    Deny Internet access for running process

    You really have to ask Microsoft "the rhyme an reasoning" behind this. My best guess is to make it difficult for malware to drop a bogus Store app there.
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    Also does version 13 have the same issues?
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    Thanks a lot @Peter Randziak
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    Okay, I'll setup a test machine with ESET and Teams only to isolate the problem and run the steps you listed ASAP.
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    If it's not a legitimate software it would be detected as malware or pot. unwanted or unsafe application. PUA/PUsA detections are optional. ESET does not make a DLP solution but we have a partnership with Safetica that provides DLP. For more information, visit https://www.safetica.com/.
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    Hello @leoo1231, It may, make sure that the product is able to access edf.eset.com, for details see https://support.eset.com/en/kb332-ports-and-addresses-required-to-use-your-eset-product-with-a-third-party-firewall Peter
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    Please carry on as follows: - Temporarily disable protected service in the HIPS setup and reboot the machine - Start logging with Procmon - Reproduce the issue - After a while, stop logging. - Enable advanced operating system logging in the adv.setup -> tools -> diagnostics - Reproduce the issue - After a while, disable logging - Re-enable protected service and reboot the machine. When done, collect logs with ESET Log Collector and add the Procmon log to the generated archive. Upload the archive to a safe location and drop me a personal message with a download link.
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    Thanks @Peter Randziak. We added license already.
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    Hi Marcos & Peter Randziak, Absolutely correct, even i didnt notice the update mirror was enabled causing heavy update, it works like charm after disabling it Thank you very much
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    eset not scanning certain areas

    Even if you run a scan as an administrator, there will be dozens of files that cannot be scanned.
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    eset not scanning certain areas

    As the notice says, the files could not be scanned due to being exclusively used by the operating system or another application, or you don't have sufficient read permissions. Running a scan as an administrator should scan more files than if run as the current user without elevated permissions.
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    While EV certificate used to matter and were excluded from filtering by default, this will change within the next few days and all communication will be scanned regardless of the type of certificate used. By the way, there is a big difference in trust between bank domains and ad providers.
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    Peter is right, I overlooked that you apply a policy that enables creation of a mirror on clients. This setting must be disabled:
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    Hello @Ricky Martin I would bet, you have the "Create update mirror" option enabled, causing the update to be so large. Disable that option and the download will be significantly smaller. Note that the initial download will still be quite large, but the incremental ones will be very small, as Marcos already mentioned. Peter
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    v13.2.16.0 huge memory usage

    Thank you @Peter Randziak Everything is still normal so far. If it happens again I will let you know.
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    How can I retrieve my license?

    Good news! I was able to look up my invoice on Newegg and it included the activation key. I'm good to go now.
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    Splash screen: Initial scan notification: The last notification comes from the OS. You should check what problem is reported on the main Protection status screen first.
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    Actually it does. Firefox, Chrome, and Edge all recognize Eset root CA certificate. Otherwise, they would be alerting about it. All FireFox is informing about is the certificate is not one contained within their own internal root CA certificate store. FireFox now defers to the Win root CA certificate store in this situation which does contain Eset's certificate.
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    Please enable advanced operating system logging in the adv. setup -> Tools -> Diagnostics. Also change the memory dump type to Complete. Change the update type from regular to pre-release in the adv. update setup and wait a bit until the issue starts manifesting. Leave logging enabled for a few minutes, then disable advanced OS logging. While the issue is still manifesting, create a dump of ekrn via the adv. setup -> tools -> diagnostics -> Create (dump). Finally collect logs with ESET Log Collector, upload the generated archive to a safe location and drop me a personal message with a download link.
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    I am going to wrap up my comments in this thread with the following. I regards to Eset new connection alert for your router. This is occurring because something changed its built-in MAC address. I doubt this is due to any anti-tracking mechanism built into the router. If this was the case, the MAC address changing would have been done once when the router fully initialized itself after setup or power up. This leaves the conclusion that any attacker has access to your router. I would start by performing a hard reset on the router and change its Admin interface password to strong one. If this issue still persists, try to upgrade the router's firmware to the latest version that exists from the manufacturer. If the router is provided by your ISP, contact them about this issue and see if they have a new firmware version for the router.
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    Eset not detecting drive by download

    IDM supports scanning of downloaded files with a command-line on-demand scanner. It's possible to use ecls for this purpose:
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    Eset not detecting drive by download

    Thanks again @Marcos That did it. I changed the scan action of IDM from "auto" to "scan" and ESET blocked it straight way. Tried with Chrome, Firefox, Edge Chromium (with microsoft store idm extension) and Brave browser. ESET blocked the download on all four browsers. As for limiting the connections which I didn't have to do anyway so I'm leaving it as it is. I'll keep looking if it'll happen again after changing the setting. Thank you for now!!!
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    Have you tried this? https://help.eset.com/eis/13/en-US/idh_page_settings_antivirus.html?idh_config_gamer.html
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    I believe this is a Microsoft "techno-babble" issue. These Win 10 non-security updates are classified in the Microsoft Update Catalog as Recommended updates versus Optional updates. However, Microsoft in its KB articles will note that they show under the Win 10 Update Settings section of Optional Updates. A true Optional update is Silverlight, etc..
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    Thank you, Marcos. This was very helpful, I was able to find an alternative torrent client. Cheers.
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    Please refer to the following topics: https://forum.eset.com/topic/19875-false-positive-on-utorrent/ https://forum.eset.com/topic/23060-utorrent/
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    Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector on the client.
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    The steps tell the same, ie. to send an ESMC component upgrade task: Upgrade process (alternative way to upgrade) IMPORTANT Upgrading ERA or older ESMC to the latest ESMC on the same VA does not upgrade other VA software (operating system, packages needed for proper functioning of ESMC Server). We recommend that you migrate the server after the pure upgrade. Upgrade the VA using Components Upgrade task: 1.Upgrade ESMC Server first. 2.Upgrade a ESET Management Agents sample group. 3.If the upgrade of the sample is successful and Agents are still connecting, continue with the rest of the Agents. As the notice says, the ESCM component upgrade task won't update the OS and other non-ESET components so it makes sense to perform also migration according to the KB, however, it's not mandatory.
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    To begin, Eset doesn't permanently delete files; it places them in Quarantine. They can always be restored from there after setting real-time scan exclusions for the files for whatever Eset detected. This is not recommended unless the files have also been verified by another malware scanning authority such as VirusTotal. Eset scans by default are set to "Remedy detection if safe, ask otherwise." Safe in this context means file removal would not adversely affect system operation. Refer to the below screen shot on how to modify default scan cleaning behavior:
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    The initial scan run after installation scans all files on local disks and cleans detected files. While malware, adware and riskware is cleaned automatically, potentially unwanted and unsafe applications require the user to select an action at the end of the scan. We've run a test and files were cleaned and quarantined alright. Please collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here for perusal.
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    How to get my site marked as safe

    Eset has predefined categories a parent for example, could restrict a child household member from accessing. See the below screen shot for a few of them. The alert Eset is displaying is because and assumed the source that installed Eset on their household devices has restricted access to one or more of these categories. Obviously, your web site is classified in one of these parental control categories. I don't know what Eset uses to determine how a web site falls in one of the categories. But there are various web site rating concerns that do so.
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    Eset and other security software

    You could download HitmanPro as a second opinion scanner as it doesn't have a real-time protection module.
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    Eset and other security software

    Eset should be fine without any other security program. Some people may use other AVs as a second opinion scanner but it is important that these don't have real time protection features or if they do they are disabled as running more than one real time AV can cause a lot of compatibility issues
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    Do you have libappindicator1 installed?
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    You don't see ESET icon in system indicator icons?
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