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    Yeah, the problematic driver that we saw in another case with BSOD was from 2016 too. Please uninstall v7.2 in safe mode and install 7.3 after starting Windows in normal mode.
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    After update to new version it works. Thanks
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    Antivirus for mac: Kaspersky or eset?

    Since you are in the official ESET forum, the answer is clear Anyways, it's a good practice also to try various products to find out if a particular AV works alright on your machine. It can happen that an AV with excellent results in tests causes performance issues in your environment and vice-versa. Should you encounter an issue while trialing ESET, you can ask here for assistance.
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    Windows 20H1

    Updated today to the stable version of build 2004 and haven't seen any issues. Seem to be slowly rolling it out now
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    Hi, a quick update to this older thread. With the upcoming update of the Archive support module (v1303, currently on pre-release servers) it should be now possible to remove macros from office documents in incoming emails, even in previously released Mail security products. If you define a custom rule with Attachment type condition, select "Office files/Generic OLE2 Compound Document", and choose Quarantine attachment (or Delete attachment) as an action, Office documents will be delivered without any macros. Note: you can of course combine additional conditions in the rule to target it to specific groups or types of emails. Matej
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    Update Error?

    With EDTD, any file potentially carrying malware is submitted for analysis in the cloud where the file will be run. Based on the behavior analysis and evaluation by 3 different machine learning models, the file is then evaluated either as malicious, highly suspicious, suspicious and probably clean. EDTD can be configured to block access to files downloaded by browsers or email clients until a result of EDTD analysis is received. Let's assume a spammed VBA office document with a malicious macro that is not covered by a detection. Without EDTD: A user receives the email and opens the attachment. Since there's no detection for it yet, it will be run. Depending on what it does, further operations may be detected by some of the protection modules (e.g. if it downloads payload from a blocked url, web access protection will block the download). If it dropped payload and ran it, the payload could be detected by Advanced memory scanner, Deep Behavioral Inspection, etc. upon execution. It could also happen that it wouldn't do anything that could be detected by other protection modules. The user would need to wait until the next module (engine) update to get the malicious document detected. With EDTD: The user receives the email. The attachment is sent to EDTD. The user attempts to open the attachment but EDTD blocks the operation (results from analysis have not been received yet). During the analysis the document is evaluated as malicious (e.g. the detection has been added in the meantime, the behavior of the document was suspicious, etc.). Once the analysis has completed, all machines in the organization are informed that the file is malicious and Endpoint on machines acts accordingly, ie. blocks access to the malicious document.
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    Greetings! Listed as fixed in 7.3 "An on-demand scan launched from the ESMC console could shut down the computer even if this post-scan action was not selected" is exactly what started happening after I've upgraded Endpoint clients to 7.3. Never happened before. The process C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\ekrn.exe (WKST-VRN-BKP01) has initiated the power off of computer WKST-VRN-BKP01 on behalf of user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM for the following reason: Other (Planned) Reason Code: 0x80000000 Shutdown Type: power off Comment: Computer scan completed That comes from scheduled scan policy (daily on-demand scan with post-scan action set to "no action"). All upgraded endpoint clients have been shutdown after this scan. Fix it please!
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    I am seeking help on how to migrate ESMC 7.1 to my second server. I finished upgrading my first server and working without problem but when I tried to upgrade the second server using the same process, it failed. When I am trying to access the ESMC on the second server, I can't log in anymore. Does anyone here can help me migrate it step by step?
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    Do you have SSL filtering enabled? It's disabled by default in business products. If you have it enabled then there's an option to exclude communication with trusted domains from filtering which is enabled by default. Trusted domains also include bank domains that use an EV certificate. In business environment we do not recommend using consumer products. They don't support remote management and typically receive module updates earlier than business products.
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    Ok, the difference is that I ran a scan task and did not schedule a scan task. I was able to reproduce the issue now and reported it to developers with high priority. P_EESW-5653
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    Hey everyone: UPDATE: I stand corrected, it was because of my ISP messing up my freaking net again. I am sorry I though it was to do with the software. But I have had a go at them and now they have fixed it. So everyone, if you AV doesn't want to update and you know that nothing else was wrong with your PC or connection normally, then get on the blower to you ISP and get them to refresh your line and see if that works.
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    So disabling protocol filtering didn't help in your case which is in contrary with the findings in the Steam community forum. Disabling SSL filtering will not make any difference either then. I'd recommend starting Windows in safe mode and: - renaming "C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\Drivers" to Drivers_bak - renaming the following drivers, one at a time: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\eamonm.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ehdrv.sys Let us know renaming which of the drivers resolved the issue.
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    Can't open a port

    You have created the "Minecraft" rule incorrectly. The local and remote IP addresses and ports cannot be same. I'd remove this rule and create a new one for inbound communication with the local port 25565. Do not define the local IP address nor the remote IP address and port: <ITEM NAME="3F"> <NODE NAME="ruleID" TYPE="string" VALUE="0686ffc0-ed96-4ce6-b592-63740000000c" /> <NODE NAME="bEnable" TYPE="number" VALUE="1" /> <NODE NAME="strName" TYPE="string" VALUE="Minecraft" /> <NODE NAME="strDescription" TYPE="string" VALUE="" /> <NODE NAME="eDirection" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> <NODE NAME="eAction" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> <NODE NAME="bExtActionNotify" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> <NODE NAME="eProtocol" TYPE="number" VALUE="101" /> <NODE NAME="uCustomProtocol" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> <ITEM NAME="localZones" DELETE="1" /> <NODE NAME="strLocalIP" TYPE="string" VALUE=",&#13;&#10;" /> <NODE NAME="strLocalPort" TYPE="string" VALUE="25565" /> <ITEM NAME="remoteZones" DELETE="1" /> <NODE NAME="strRemoteIP" TYPE="string" VALUE=",&#13;&#10;" /> <NODE NAME="strRemotePort" TYPE="string" VALUE="25565" /> <NODE NAME="strIcmpType" TYPE="string" VALUE="" /> <NODE NAME="strAppPath" TYPE="string" VALUE="" /> <NODE NAME="strServiceName" TYPE="string" VALUE="" /> <NODE NAME="profileID" TYPE="string" VALUE="" /> <NODE NAME="bTemporary" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> <NODE NAME="bDefault" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> <ITEM NAME="stConditions" DELETE="1" /> <NODE NAME="eSeverity" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> </ITEM>
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    file attached. dated 7-oct-2016, file version: v1.0.0.15 am i good to go on removing v7.2 now? stdcfltn.zip
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    Move my product to a new pc

    V4 for Linux is a legacy product which doesn't support activation / deactivation. You simply enter a username and password for update and that's it. If update didn't work it must have been a glitch with your credentials that was subsequently resolved but definitely the issue could not be connected to activation.
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    That didn't work either. Thank you. Please if someone from ESET could help me with this issue? Edit: I uninstalled EIS again. I have just purchased 1 year subscription of KasperSky Internet Security 2020. I did nothing additional to do anything like exclusions or disable. No manual settings, just straight forward install and activated the license. Game is working fine, Loading everything perfectly. No Crash! That doesn't mean, I am stopping here. Even though I paid to KasperSky for 1 year already. I don't want to retain with them infact, I want to shift to ESET. Reason I bought KasperSky is because it's been around week and we have not come up to any progressive conclusion. I've given enough proof that ESET is causing the issue. I cannot keep my security at risk because ESET is not acknowledging it at all. If we can fix the concern, I will move back to EIS HAPPILY! (I trust ESET for a decade now). My License with ESET is pending to expire in 2021 (Late around November). Please also let me know how you can extend or pause that so that I don't loose my days because your software being the culprit is making me not using your services temporarily. Proof that GTA Online works fine with KasperSky (1 Year Subscription and not Trial).
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    Also appears this app's actual path is C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.HEIFImageExtension_8wekyb3d8bbwe\...... ; at least on Win 10 Home ver. 1909 it is. It is also an optional Win Store download. This makes what you are showing for ver. 2004 a bit suspicious. But who knows? Maybe MS made it mandatory in ver. 2004? Or perhaps you installed it previously?
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    Release Date: May 28, 2020 ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security version 7.3.2032.0 have been released and are available to download. Changelog: Version 7.3.2032.0 Added: Compatibility with future Windows 10 major update, due in H1 2021 Fixed: Detected files were blocked also when only reporting was enabled Fixed: An on-demand scan launched from the ESMC console could shut down the computer even if this post-scan action was not selected Upgrade to Latest Version Upgrade my ESET Endpoint products for Windows to the latest version IMPORTANT NOTE: After upgrading from an older version of Endpoint to v7.3, a computer restart will be required for antivirus protection to work. Make sure to upgrade machines during a maintenance window when you can afford to reboot them. To reboot the machine automatically when sending a software install task from the ESMC console to clients, select the appropriate option: Support Resources ESET provides support in the form of Online Help (user guides), fully localized application and Online Help, online Knowledgebase, and applicable to your region, chat, email or phone support. Online Help (user guides) Visit www.eset.com/contact to email ESET technical support
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    Microsoft Teams issues

    Seems that creating the following rule is sufficient: Name: Allow Teams Helper App: /Applications/Microsoft Teams.app/Contents/Frameworks/Microsoft Teams Helper.app Action: Allow Direction: In Protocol: TCP & UDP Ports: Remote Remote Port: All Destination: Entire internet
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    IObit Constantly Triggering ESET

    My Schools İT department recommended me to use İObit, nothing wrong has happened yet and hopefully never will. I dont have too many important things on my laptop so even if something does İll reset it and install windows again. Thanks again
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    IObit Constantly Triggering ESET

    Windows 10 can now do all of the jobs these softwares used to do when we were using XP or Vista times , like to find drivers , clean registry or whatever they do , while in the same time Microsoft recommends to never clean registry or touch it , well you can make your crazy changes while having no problems if you know what you are doing , but I believe they know their system very well Same as drivers , it's better to take them from the manufacturer website or from Windows Update.
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    IObit Constantly Triggering ESET

    Thank you guys
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    JS/Spy.Agent.AH found - but where?

    Yeah, I told my customer to change FTP/SSH and database passwords already ... Thanks!
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    IObit Constantly Triggering ESET

    I might be mistaken , but all these software are useless and they provide headache more than they provide calmness.
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    Egui.exe want connect to

    https://help.eset.com/esa/28/en-US/ip-addresses-used-by-esa.html - Certificate revocation check based on publicly available Certificate Revocation Lists
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    Yep, works now, thanks.
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    IObit Constantly Triggering ESET

    The PUA detection is correct. It's optional. For more information what PUA are, please read https://support.eset.com/en/kb2629-what-is-a-potentially-unwanted-application-or-potentially-unwanted-content. If you think that benefits of using a particular PUA outweigh possible risks, you can exclude the PUA from detection.
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    I have observed this issue frequently and began to notice that it coincides with large downloads. Within web access protection, I changed the maximum size and scan time limits for the threatsense engine so that would not scan large objects. I randomly chose 50MB and 120 seconds for object scan limits and 10 levels and 50MB for archive scan limits, both of which seemed reasonable. Thus far I haven't seen the problem return.
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    Given up trying to get any support

    Marcos, Thank you for your help. I was told that it was not possible to merge the two licenses.
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    Given up trying to get any support

    Well i have to say i'm very miffed at ESET and it's so called support option, and have been forced to post here, ESET it would be nice is legal holders could get some decent support rather than having to post in open forums, I have an issue with both an email address to access an account with you 3 device, and also lic manager and constant errors, i'm not oing to post SN in open forum of course any chance andyone from ESET to reach out so i can find out what is goingon with Lic Manager etc All1
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    Given up trying to get any support

    According to colleagues from ESET LLC, you should receive a response within today. I assume it should be possible to merge the two license so that you have just one license key that will be valid for the existing period extended by the remaining period of the other license.
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    Given up trying to get any support

    Thank you for all your help. I was still having problems with the license key, so I went ahead and purchased a two year subscription for two computers. Can I have the days on the old subscription added to my new subscription?
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    Given up trying to get any support

    You should be able to find authorized partners at https://www.eset.com/uk/partner/finder/ If you have a valid license, you can contact the seller from whom you purchase it and extend it to 3 devices. It should be cheaper than purchasing separate licenses for each device.
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    Given up trying to get any support

    The license you provided was canceled. It was issued to a person from Afghanistan and had been used for activation on thousands of machines before it was canceled. If you have paid for it, unfortunately you have fallen a victim of fraud. To prevent this, we strongly recommend purchasing a license from an authorized seller.
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    Given up trying to get any support

    What did your local ESET support tell when you called them? I was unable to find any license registered with your forum registration email address. Please provide your public license ID.
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