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    AV-TEST and ESET

    I use the daily "seat of my pants" results. I know what works for me. No A/V program is 100%...that's why they get updated and evolve. In my opinion, these A-V test results (no matter who publishes them) only provide the trolls with food (in addition to being (for me) worthless data). We all know (or at least should know) that you never feed a troll. Regards, Tom
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    You can disable these notifications in the Application statuses setup:
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    It's a javascript code that downloads payload from another website. An administrator has probably already cleaned the website from malware; at least I'm unable to reproduce the detection. Or I don't match conditions (e.g. country) for the malware to be injected into viewed web pages.
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    First of all, ESET's firewall doesn't block any programs, only HIPS can. The firewall controls the network communication. By default, in automatic mode all outbound communication is allowed and all non-initiated inbound communication is blocked. Please continue as follows: - switch logging verbosity to diagnostic - enable advanced network protection logging under tools -> diagnostics - reboot the machine - reproduce the issue - stop logging - collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here - provide information about the remote IP address whose communication with this machine was blocked.
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    Some software used to recommend disabling AV for no reason. The only problem could occur if the software or its part was detected; I can't think of any other reason why it shouldn't install with real-time protection enabled. Real-time protection should never be disabled; even in very specific cases it's preferred to use safe exclusions to disabling protection completely.
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    All my files was changed to .KEEP FILES

    Make sure your server OS has all security updates applied. Of note is Bluekeep worm patches and these just announced like worm vulnerabilities: https://forum.eset.com/topic/20484-patch-new-wormable-vulnerabilities-in-remote-desktop-services-cve-2019-11811182/
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    Try change your DNS from Internet protocol version 4 to preferred = alternate = it's worked with me. Hope this help!
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    JS/Adware.Agent.AA Application

    A very strong warning here. I just performed a detail scan of this web site using Quttera. It found a whopping 19 malware instances; all Javascript based: https://quttera.com/detailed_report/watchdoctorwhoonline.com
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    Server Not Found

    First of all, try uninstalling ESET and installing it from scratch, e.g. in case proxy or update settings were altered. If that doesn't help, continue as follows: - enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Details for customer care - run update manually - stop logging - collect logs with ESET Log Collector and submit the generated archive.
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    The simplest solution for this assuming you're not using a proxy connection is to do what U.S.-CERT recommends: https://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/alerts/TA16-144A In Win 10, turn off all proxy settings as shown in the below screen shot: As far as browsers go, almost all are set by default to use OS proxy settings.
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    You can download the standalone mac endpoint installer at eset.com (download section). Specifically here: https://www.eset.com/int/business/endpoint-antivirus-mac/download/ Installation works in the way, that when you choose a product you want to install, agent will connect to ESET Repository (cloud download server), and will download and installed the respective product. You can cache installers by a proxy server placed in between, to optimize a network traffic. With regards to the appliance upgrade, instructions are available in the documentation: https://help.eset.com/esmc_deploy_va/70/en-US/va_upgrade_migrate.html
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    no files in qurantine

    He has asked to cancel his account here. But yes, it's not normal that a user of a trial license would request a response within 1-2 hours 24x7 that is granted to VIP customers at an extra fee. Moreover, the problems with LiveGrid authentication suggesting an invalid username/password being used was highly suspicious too.
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    no files in qurantine

    As it is Sunday (most ESET staff is off)...and your OP was just 3 hours ago, why don't you try being realistic and reasonable with your expectations.
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    Eset Blocking Chromecast

    Agree. You want a good product and proper fix! don't rush it😉
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    @display3958023 The reason is simple. All in one installer is available only for Windows. Information is available in the help of ESET Remote Administrator: https://help.eset.com/era_admin/65/en-US/deployment_scenarios.html?fs_local_deployment_aio_create.html In case of a mac product, you can either generate an agent live installer script, or deploy the agent installer manually. Installation of the security software product can be then performed using a software install task. PS: I would strongly recommend to upgrade your server to ESET Security Management Center V7, which was released more than a year ago.
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    ransomware attack

    ESET didn't fail to protect the user. This is proved by the fact that ESET had recognized the ransomware for a long time before the user got infected which means that ESET must have been paused or otherwise deactivated by an attacker. Because of continual trolling despite giving numerous warnings and complaints from other users, we'll ban Novice as of now.
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