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    Idle Time Scanning Question?

    According to ESET Online Help it will. Logging off can be used as a trigger for idle-state scanning.
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    Office 365

    What happens if you re-enable it and restart Outlook?
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    64-bit to 32-bit

    Hello Howard, We are indeed in the process of switching from 32-bit modules to 64-bit modules. The 64-bit module are being tested and will be released via an update soon, so currently the app runs 32-bit modules, but there is full compatibility and full protection even on 64-bit systems and thus nothing to worry about. Now why you saw "64-bit" in the about screen earlier - this was simply a bug, which instead of the modules showed the bit-ness of the system. We fixed the bug in the latest release and now it correctly shows the bit-ness of the modules. Regards, Tomas
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    I'll look into it, however, I'm afraid that without unblocking the aggressive ad domains it won't be possible.
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    Currently it is not possible to set a default home page in the secure browser. We will consider it but first we'll need to know in how many banks users typically have an account in on average since the feature would be useful only for those who have one account or more specifically who use one specific Internet banking url.
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    Since scheduled tasks are run in the local system account, network drives are inaccessible due to permissions.
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    Win64.Vools.L Can not be cleaned

    Yes a 0-Day malware ! A Service with a Dll injector "FunctionRPCHelper.dll" that inject svchost.exe 😎
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    Win64.Vools.L Can not be cleaned

    Appears to me, the clients got nailed by a true 0-day malware. Also, it appears Eset created a new signature for this bugger, Win64/Vools.P. It is encouraging that Eset was still able to detect it via AMS using a prior variant DNA signature. BTW - what was the source of the svchost.exe injection?
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    Please keep the topic technical and leave any personal hassles out of it. As the correct response has been given by several users throughout the topic and it has now turned into an exchange of personal insults and mockery, we are locking it for further responses. @novice Please refer to rules 23 and 24 and follow them in all your future posts.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Would suggest Eset post an announcement when a change to GUI related components are made. Especially in regards to B&PP since many are sensitive to any changes in that area possibly due to the malware.
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    If I recall correctly there was an issue with presets using incorrect values. I think "User Group Name" should be set to name but I am not sure it will be able to rename existing groups -> have you tried to change this value and erase at least some of the groups, just to verify that even newly added groups are still named wrongly?
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    Someone eles using my key

    No problem....please let me know what the end result is. If you'd rather not post it just PM (personal message) me.
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    Need of AV for Business use

    The previous response is not valid. ESET ENDPOINT Security has Web Control which has category blocking. This can be enabled and managed via policy using ERA/ESMC or locally for smaller environments.
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    The content isn't showing.
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    Someone eles using my key

    If you purchased it through the ESET US website and are indeed in Canada, what I would do is submit a support ticket. I don't know if you are a business or home user, so you can select at https://www.eset.com/us/support/contact/s3/?seg=home or you can call ESET https://www.eset.com/us/about/contact/ Regards, Tom
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    ESET develops and sells commercial products. Only a small portion of them is provided for free (such as ESET Online Scanner or ESET Mobile Security freemium). Otherwise it's possible to trial our products typically for 30 days and then the user must purchase a license or uninstall the software.
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    New bug with antispam module

    It's a bug. Refer to https://forum.eset.com/topic/18864-email-client-integration-bug/
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    TCP SYN Flood Attack - Router IP

    I would suggest: - enabling advanced logging under Help and support -> Details for customer care - rebooting the machine - reproducing the issue - disabling advanced logging - gathering logs with ESET Log Collector, raising a support ticket for customer care and providing them with the generated archive.
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    Release Date: March 7, 2019 ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium version have been released and are available to download. Changelog: Version Added: Behavioral Monitor settings in “Advanced setup” Added: Indonesian localization Added: Customer Experience Improvement Program Added: EULA and Privacy Policy links added to “About” screen Added: Automatic detection of Airplane mode Added: Information about scanned files by Real-time file system protection Improved: Reduced size of installer Improved: Product upgrade process including over-night updates Improved: PUA communication and term use throughout product (“Threat” has been replaced with “Detection” when PUA is detected) Improved: Redesigned Webcam protection rules editor in “Advanced setup” Improved: User is notified if Banking and Payment Protection is running on unsecured WiFi Improved: Updated in-browser page layout of Banking and Payment Protection Improved: Minor user interface improvements on Computer scan screen Improved: Communication of referral across product Improved: Minor user interface improvements on Security Report page Changed: EGUI runs only when it is necessary Fixed: Various functional and localization bugs Upgrade to Latest Version Upgrade my ESET Windows home product to the latest version Support Resources ESET provides support in the form of Online Help (user guides), fully localized application and Online Help, online Knowledgebase, and applicable to your region, chat, email or phone support. Online Help (user guides) Visit www.eset.com/contact to email ESET technical support
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    Hi, I'm unable to perform an update of ESMC installed on our WS2016. I do not get any popup on the server/webconsole and the update option from the help menu is not showing up. I'm trying to find information to do it manually but not result. Why is the update link missing in the menu? I've logged in with the built-in administrator and my domain user member of the administrators group and still no update option. Any documentation available to perform the update manually with the installer? Thanks for your help!
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    Introduce yourself

    Greetings, Security vet but not an old guy - you know me for ESET support and other stuff mostly security related. I like to announce software that I believe in and recommend. Run my own security firm here in Montreal, am on Twitter & Facebook. Good to be here and looking forward to seeing ESET Support grow via this new Forum. Regards,
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