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    Tonight (CET) we are going to publish links to fixes for Endpoint v5. A bit later we plan to release also a fix that will be smaller in size and will download the appropriate installed of the latest v5 Endpoint instead of having it bundled.
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    Agreed - we are also seeing this on multiple English systems
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    @Marcos What about the endpoints that request a username and password when you go to advanced settings after applying the patch? Also any update if we NEED to update after applying the 6.5 patch? Like 10000+ workstations updaten without any era would take a few months.
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    EWPE Smart

    Listed on VT as Microsoft. Submit the file to Eset as a possible false positive per this posted forum FAQ:
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    You can fix this by running the following command as an administrator: "sc delete epfwwfpr" I would strongly recommend upgrading to Endpoint 7.2 which should be able to fix this automatically if the old driver remains registered in the system for whatever reason.
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    Rami, Rami, Rami, You must have a magical laptop sprinkled with Pixie dust. If only I had a source of Pixie dust right now I would feel so much better.
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    Yara Rules

    It's possible to use Yara rules within ESET Threat Intelligence but that's a separate paid service that provides advanced users with insight into our intel and it's not related to user's network in any way, it's global.
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    This is a fix for issues with v6.5 server products that emerged on February 8, 2020. The fix must be run with elevated administrator rights. If ESET is already malfunctioning, running the fix will replace ekrn with a fixed version. No system restart should be required. If you have an affected version of ESET and it's still working alright, applying the fix will replace ekrn which will prevent the issue from occurring.
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    Please refer to https://forum.eset.com/announcement/5-endpoint-50-65-and-eset-server-products-65-non-functional-as-of-feb-8-antivirus-and-antiphising-is-non-functional-reported/ and the KB article https://support.eset.com/en/alert7396-legacy-products-startup-issue. This was caused by a bug in old versions of our products, namely Endpoint 5.0.2248+ (except the very latest version 5.0.2271) and versions 6.5. There is already a fix for Endpoint v5, please refer to https://support.eset.com/en/alert7396-legacy-products-startup-issue and the section How to download the fixing tool for v5. Please elaborate more on "The 'Personal Firewall' is work only in 'Eset Smart Security V5'. V6 and V7 not working properly." The firewall works properly both in v6 and v7. What works differently for you in v5? Endpoint v5 is going to reach end of life by the end of this year which means that even engine updates will not be guaranteed afterwards. We strongly recommend to upgrade to Endpoint 7.2 to those who can upgrade as soon as possible. Also please keep in mind that Endpoint v5 is not effective enough to protect you from current emerging threats while v7.2 provides a bunch of new protection features to keep you safe. Last but not least, neither Endpoint 6.6 nor 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2 were affected by this issue.
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    Endpoint Security Anti phishing non functional

    A fix for Endpoint v5 is available: English http://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/tools/certfix/v1/latest/eea_nt32_enu.exe http://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/tools/certfix/v1/latest/eea_nt64_enu.exe http://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/tools/certfix/v1/latest/ees_nt32_enu.exe http://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/tools/certfix/v1/latest/ees_nt64_enu.exe Links are different for 32 and 64-bit systems and for ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security. For other languages, change "enu" to the appropriate language code. When run on an affected system with Endpoint v5, it will upgrade it to the latest version 5.0.2272. After upgrade, it may be necessary to reboot the machine.
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    Endpoint Security Anti phishing non functional

    How did you do it? I don't believe you changed the dates on the computers. I need some help here, all my systems are on 5.0.2265 EAV and cant make them work.
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    What is the eta on a fix for "File Security for Microsoft Windows Server" version 6.5.12007.0 running on Server 2012R2. We've tried every certfix that has been released and they all bomb
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    Endpoint Security Anti phishing non functional

    I'm waiting on the module update for the v5 systems. I was able to upgrade about 25,000 of our endpoints to 5.0.2272.7 successfully, but still have 600+ devices being difficult with the inline upgrade. This is not good guys.
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    This is getting beyond a joke , do we have a fix that works please - I have many companies servers that need to be working asap.
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    Just run procmon to see what the certfix does... I can see it puts em.exe (eset command line scanner) in a %temp% folder..... I copied that file and the dat file. Comparing the em.exe with the one in the eset file security folder (ecls.exe) i can see the command line scanner version is from 5.0... The version in the program files folder is 6.5.... So i can believe the reason why this fix craches on 6.5 versions of eset
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    A colleague testet this fix with following server versions: Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019 2008 with 14 (6.5.12014.x) => FAILED 2019 with 18 (6.5.12018.x) => OK 2012 R2 with 14 (6.5.12014.x) => FAILED 2016 with 14 (6.5.12014.x) => FAILED 2016 with 18 (6.5.12014.x) => OK List of combinations OS Eset (6.5.12014.x) Eset (6.5.12018.x) 2008 R2 not working we don't have this combination 2012 R2 not working we don't have this combination 2016 not working works 2019 we don't have this combination works
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    ِDo you have fix 5.0.2272.7 ?
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    Issue| Working with ERA Proxy

    Connection between AGENT and ESMC is using TLS/SSL and thus is is secured and confidential. In case HTTP proxy is in between, it servers just as forwarding element, i.e. it is not introspecting communication. In other words, both AGENT and ESMC are performing or validity checks of TLS certificate as if there is no proxy and connection will be rejected in case certificate of remote peer is not considered as trusted Credentials of HTTP proxy are suitable only to protect proxy itself from connections of unauthorized clients, i.e. those that do not have right credentials, but even if there is no authentication on proxy, whole AGENT-to-ESMC communication is protected on TLS layer where mutual authorization via certificates is performed.
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    hi dear administer Marcos , i know that you are super busy , but i am still waiting for resolving the problem. it would be really appreciative if you can settle it as soon as possible. all regards
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    Any further updates on this from an Admin?
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    How To Know Infected PC

    I would be careful using this tool. Appears results are a bit ambiguous and can be misinterpreted: For example: Developer's response:
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    ESET Endpoint Attacked and stopped working

    After upgrading to Endpoint v7.2, it will provide you with an option to upgrade the product automatically. Despite automatic programs are not enabled yet on the backend, the latest Endpoint is eventually ready for so-called microPCU program updates.
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    ESET Endpoint Attacked and stopped working

    Restarting egui should fix it. However, only 6.5 versions were affected. Please avoid restarting the computer and check if you have the Update module 1074.2 installed (Update -> Information about installed modules). Restarting the computer would make Endpoint malfunctioning with the system date set after Feb 7. With the Update module 1072.2 installed, restarting the machine should be safe and Endpoint should work alright. If possible, please consider upgrading Endpoint to the latest version 7.2 as soon as possible.
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    In large network you can use some software like https://www.exemsi.com/ to convert EXE to MSI file and install in by Software install task. We test it and it is working find , just set to run certfix.exe after installation.
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    Feature for EEE

    Hi ADS82, Thank you for contacting us. Could you please be more specific and let us know what exactly would you like to achieve in as much detail as possible? Unfortunately, your request is very concise and I cannot really imagine what is your usecase. Best regards, Ervin
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    Have you released a 6.5 Endpoint Security installer which has the bug fixed yet?
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    It could be since ekrn does not load any dlls one of which is a plug-in for Outlook.
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    ESET Internet Security

    If it's still not there check it hasn't accidentally landed in the spam folder
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    Thank you. The address is categorized as malicious by Web Control. We have reported miscategorization to the provider of the url categorization database. In the mean time, creating a Web Control permissive rule and moving it on top of other Web Control rules should do the trick:
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    Please provide ELC logs from such machine. Neither the hostname nor IP address appears to be blocked.
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    Hi, I just published a brief guide to ESMC implementation in Proxmox : ESET Security Management Center 7 deployment in Proxmox VE I hope it is useful. Regards
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    [I use the latest ESET Internet Security version] A while back I started to notice my single thread speeds were going slow when I did speed tests, also downloads were going slow. It seemed quite random, a lot of the time it would be fine for the first few minutes of starting up my PC and then would slow down from my maximum 60mbits to approx 20mbits. I could always get full speed back for a minute or two by disabling the network adaptor and then re-enabling it. I couldn't work out what was causing it, I blamed it on my motherboard or NICs or router. Then my motherboard broke and I assumed it was just a symptom of that, even though I had tried two USB3 to NIC adapters and a new NIC card and different chipsets (Intel, Atheros, and Realtek), and the slowness happened with them all too (but as they all plugged in to the motherboard in one fashion or another I just assumed it was the board). So anyway, I got my new Ryzen PC yesterday, I noticed after re-installing everything the same happened again, so it HAD to be software as it was a brand new PC, so sadly I wasted a lot of money on NIC cards/adapters. So this time I reset Windows again to start fresh, and I made a note of every item I installed and when the problem begins, so I would install new software, speed test, and wait half an hour and speed test again. Everything was fine, until approx 1 hour after installing ESET, then the problem happened again. I uninstalled ESET just now and the full speed is back. Now, I can't be 100% it is ESET, because it did used to be random, but I have done speed tests 20x since uninstalling ESET and it has been fine again which is very unusual. Normally even though it was random, once it had begun going slow only enabling and disabling the adapter would help, or resetting the PC, in the very short term (a minute or two). If curious I use Interactive mode so I allow most things through, occasionally I deny but very rare only if I am unsure of the software I have downloaded. I probably should have fiddled with other settings before uninstalling, but I was eager to see if it was ESET or not as there had to be a common link with my previous computer, which was software of some kind. Now comes the odder bit. My other older PC (not the broken one, I always run 2 working PCs at home) also uses ESET, and that is fine and always runs at full 60mbit on single thread, so I have no idea why this is happening to this PC, unless there is some software I use on this PC that I don't have on my other one that somehow conflicts with ESET. The only similar left overs from my previous PC that broke that also suffered this speed issue is my PSU, case, Radeon graphics card, my RAID card, 6 external HDDs, 4 internal HDDs. The main OS drive is totally different. While I had the speed issues I removed my RAID card, my USB3 card, and all HDDs except the M2 and still had the issue, so I deduced it can't be any of those hardware items causing this. So, assuming this is ESET, I have to then think what is not on my other PC, which runs fine with ESET. So we have the AMD graphics card (a RX560), my other PC uses Nvidia. A different chipset, both my broken PC and new one is a Gigabyte model, although totally different model of course as my last CPU was an intel i7 and my new one is a Ryzen 2600x. The PSU. Software wise, I guess the chipset drivers would be different, the graphics drivers would be different, the motherboard software would be different. I keep both PCs very similar in the other software installed, as they are desktop PCs so I keep them fairly similar so I can use the same software in different rooms on big monitors. So any ideas ? Sorry for no log, as I uninstalled, but I am just curious if you have heard of this single speed issue happening before. Speed tests are fine for multi-thread tests, it is the tbbx1 speeds that are slow, but that seems to effect downloads too. I also don't get why disabling and re-enabling my network adaptor seems to fix the speed for a minute or two. So if you have heard of this issue before, please let me know, if not then I guess I will just keep using ESET on my other PC and just keep to Windows Defender on this one. Thanks. Knowing my luck, I will post this, and then find speeds are slowed again and it won't be ESET, but it seems too much of a coincidence that it went slow shortly after installing and better again after uninstalling.
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    Hi! Here same problem as @vscience … anyone solved? at 1st i also thinked about a Platform problem but seems not… same problem changing cable, ethernet adapter etc... ESET Internet Security installed (latest) X570-E Gaming - Ryzen 3900X NICs: Intel I211 Gigabit + Realtek 2.5GbE If a run a speed test with iperf 3 i Always have full speed (but this could be due to protocol compression or other…) instead if i simply transfer something with SMB protocol or navigate on internet my connection drop under 10-20 Mbps after a random amount of time, resetting the NIC solve the problem only for a while
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    Please elaborate more on what benefits using gamer mode has for you. If you disable automatic gamer mode activation for applications running in full-screen mode, what issues do you observe while playing games?
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    just my reply : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uh7l8dx-h8M
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    Welcome to the ESET Security Forum

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