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    ransomware attack

    ESET didn't fail to protect the user. This is proved by the fact that ESET had recognized the ransomware for a long time before the user got infected which means that ESET must have been paused or otherwise deactivated by an attacker. Because of continual trolling despite giving numerous warnings and complaints from other users, we'll ban Novice as of now.
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    ransomware attack

    This is the last warning to Novice. Further to complaints from other users that we've received about your ranting, we kindly ask you to stop this. Either give us a proof that there is an antivirus that can detect 100% of threats without updates and without any false positives and at the same time it can protect users even if they unwittingly allow an attacker to do anything on their machines under an admin account or stop trolling and ranting. We are open to serious communication but trolling is not tolerated and will never be neither here nor in any other forums. Otherwise we will need to take the appropriate action.
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    AV-TEST and ESET

    I use the daily "seat of my pants" results. I know what works for me. No A/V program is 100%...that's why they get updated and evolve. In my opinion, these A-V test results (no matter who publishes them) only provide the trolls with food (in addition to being (for me) worthless data). We all know (or at least should know) that you never feed a troll. Regards, Tom
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    EFS 7.0.12014.0 - MSSQL ERROR

    Hi, as marcos noted this error is logged when automatic exclusions for Microsoft SQL server are enabled. Automatic exclusions for Microsoft SQL server are using ADO API to read information from "sys.master_files" table to get list of files to exclude from scanning. The ADO API obviously loads a DLL that is not signed. As a workaround, automatic exclusions for Microsoft SQL server can be disabled.
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    Actually advanced users love the ability to customize numerous settings. Common users don't need to go to the advanced setup at all since ESET products provide well-balanced protection out of the box.
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    As introduced here (KB News) and here (KB Alerts), I am unpinning those threads and replacing with this one. We now have RSS/email subscriptions for News, Alerts, and Customer Advisories. Information and instructions to subscribe is available here: Subscribe to ESET Knowledgebase Support News, Alerts and Customer Advisories
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    no files in qurantine

    He has asked to cancel his account here. But yes, it's not normal that a user of a trial license would request a response within 1-2 hours 24x7 that is granted to VIP customers at an extra fee. Moreover, the problems with LiveGrid authentication suggesting an invalid username/password being used was highly suspicious too.
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    ESET was automatically uninstalled

    And eset has a password option if enabled. As i have pointed 100s of times and probably shouldnt anymore, the AV is only part of a security setup. Its no good using an AV with for example a no longer supported update or without all the latest patches. Until people realisle the importance of this problems like this will happen. But again as also mentioned we dont know what has happened and all we can do is suggest.
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    Eset Blocking Chromecast

    I truly hope the bugfix will come soon. However you really do not need to wait for that. Do the following step by step: 01. Open Eset console | 02. Click "Setup" | 03. Click "Advanced setup" | 04. Click "Web and email" | 05. Click " Web access protection" | 06. click "Web protocols" | 07. Now you are on the right place | 08. Focus on "Ports used by HTTPS protocol" | 09. You have to see the text "443, 0-65535" in the input field. | 10. Replace the text with "443, 0-8008, 8010-65535" (of course, without quotes) (you can copy-paste) | 11. Press "OK" | 12. If Windows asks for permission, press "Yes" | 13. Close ALL instances of Chrome | 14. Reopen Chrome | 15. Connect to your Chromecast | 16. Success! After the bugfix will have been rolled out, you can reset the original text you modified.
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    It's not you...we are transitioning our product release communications currently for all products but once the process is finalized, we'll resume posting.
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    ECA - Can we create dynamic groups?

    Thank you for the idea. I agree, it might be beneficial. I will discuss it with relevant people.
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    We have pinpointed a memory leak in the memory dumper. A fix is being reviewed and will be released through an automatic module update next week.
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    ESET keeps stealing focus from Firefox

    Thank you for reporting the issue and the video you've provided. We have eventually pinpointed the issue and a fix will be included in the next version of v12 products.
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    Another nice feature for the firewall component that would help a lot with maintaining the firewall rules: Description: Firewall rules cleanup of unnecessary / invalid entries Detail: I've set my firewall filter setting to interactive mode, meaning that I can define for every program what the firewall should do. Over the time, you have entries in the firewall rule set about programs that are not existing on the computer anymore. A button for an automatic cleanup of those rules (delete all firewall rules that are pointing to applications that don't exist on the computer anymore) would make it easier to keep the firewall rule list tidy and it also benefits the administration of the rule set.
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    This will change as of ESMC (ERA v7) in the way that handled threats will be resolved automatically.
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    I have checked this with the developers, and we are going to change the behavior in V7. If you select "only computers", all of the computers under "DN" will be synced, not only direct parent ones. So it should behave according to your expectations. With regards to the "users", what is the usecase for you? For what do you use the? Do you manually create linking between users & devices, or use the user variables in policies for Endpoint or MDM?
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    JS/Adware.Agent.AA Application

    A very strong warning here. I just performed a detail scan of this web site using Quttera. It found a whopping 19 malware instances; all Javascript based: https://quttera.com/detailed_report/watchdoctorwhoonline.com
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    @display3958023 The reason is simple. All in one installer is available only for Windows. Information is available in the help of ESET Remote Administrator: https://help.eset.com/era_admin/65/en-US/deployment_scenarios.html?fs_local_deployment_aio_create.html In case of a mac product, you can either generate an agent live installer script, or deploy the agent installer manually. Installation of the security software product can be then performed using a software install task. PS: I would strongly recommend to upgrade your server to ESET Security Management Center V7, which was released more than a year ago.
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    Remove malware completely

    I am using an used laptop,i found some malware and uninstalled them,but i am not sure that is enough.In other words,what else do i need to do?
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    Constant Certificate Warning

    No that's what worried me. Browser wasn't running at the time either. I've done a restart and it's stopped now. But things that go away by themselves generally reappear by themselves. It was really unsettling...
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    EIS New Scanner Option Feature?

    I always recommend turning it on and exclude any such application by the detection name if it begins to be detected then and is intentionally used for legitimate purposes by the user. PUsA also cover tools that can be used by attackers to stop or uninstall AV in case of a breach via RDP for instance.
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    Disable Rogue Agent+LDAP

    Hello Jirka, For the first problem, I would first apply "reset the RD sensor database" task, to validate whether the white-list is working (as once reported the data are kept, even in case the RD sensor whitelist is actually working). Alternatively, I would uninstall the RD sensor at all, if it reports too many false positives. With regards to the second problem, I would recommend to contact your customer care, as the error is generic, and does not give is exact reasoning for what might be the failure. Regards, Michal
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    This is a duplicate of https://forum.eset.com/topic/20263-eset-internet-security-122230-internet-connection-problem/. Creating duplicate topics is forbidden by our forum's rules. Having said that, we'll draw it to a close.
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    We are very sorry for the delayed announcement. It is our goal to post announcements on time with the release of new product versions so that you have all information about the releases at your disposal on time. We can assure you that we're working on improvements in this field to prevent this from happening in the future.
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    Eset Mobile security

    Never heard of such issue. Settings are preserved after a reboot under normal circumstances. Please contact customer care through the built-in form so that logs are submitted and a support ticket is created.
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    BPP Now Blocks John Hancock Financial

    Not sure what the problem is, I didn't have any problem opening the website in Firefox 68. The site has never been marked to open in a secure browser automatically.
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    Hello @Cruz This is a common request, that is being tracked. However, as of now, it is not yet confirmed for the scope of the version 7.1. I will verify, whether it´s still doable.
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    Mirek S.

    MDM https requirements

    Hello, Those requirements are there mainly because iOS devices as we use built-in iOS. What iOS devices accept as trusted differs per iOS version and we described _most_ restrictive rules which should work always. (There are other requirements like RSA2048+, SHA256+ etc... for iOS described elsewhere in documentation) So in the end Your certificate may work (it will definitely work for Android devices), however when Apple brings some update to their trust validation it might stop working. HTH, M.
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    Here we go again. Windows Defender had a whopping 74 false positives in this test. Refer to the below screen shot that clearly shows that WD "block-at-first-sight" was set to aggressive setting level; basically blocking execution of any process without established reputation. Whereas this might be acceptable to advanced security level professionals, it certainly isn't so for the average user; especially for corp. users. -EDIT- Also 55 of the WD 74 false positives were user dependent block/allow action. It is a no-no to have the user decide if a process is malicious or not: Ref.: https://www.av-comparatives.org/tests/real-world-protection-test-february-may-2019/ Finally and most important, note the following. A-V C does not factor false positive scoring into its protection scores for its realtime tests as is done for its more comprehensive malware protection test series. Using the above false positive scoring criteria of 50% of user decisions are wrong, WD would have scored 27/752 or 96.4% placing it at the bottom of the protection scoring heap.
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    Microsoft Edge Chromium

    It must work because the content is filtered before a browser receives data. You can provide instructions how you tested so that we can check if you did everything alright.
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    ESET keeps stealing focus from Firefox

    UPDATE: Here's an update about the issue that I just noticed. Perhaps it may help to zero in on the problem. If ESET-IS is left open on the system taskbar, no matter where it resides in the Z-order, this problem does not occur. Only when ESET-IS is 'closed' or minimized to the system tray (i.e. ESET-IS is running in the background, parked in the system tray) does the hijacking focus problem occur.
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    EFS 7.0.12014.0 - MSSQL ERROR

    There is no way to solve it if Microsoft doesn't update the rll file with one with a valid signature except disabling Protected service in the HIPS setup which would enable unsigned dll files to be loaded in ekrn.exe. Of course, that would be a security hole and unnecessary risk so we don't recommend disabling protected service.
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    Hello @kingoftheworld, that was quick :-), thank you for your interest, I will send you further instructions via a private message. Currently we have the new generation of protection for the file servers, more server roles should come later followed by the endpoint product. When it comes to ERA/ESMC we advise the participants to have a separate instance of it as i requires a BETA version of Configuration support module, which hasn't been fully tested yet with all the other products so we do not recommend to use it in a production environment. Regards, P.R.
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    Description: Showing (or downloading) debug logs when tasks fail. Detail: Somewhat similar to my previous feature request, having the debug log generated during the task (akin to trace.log) and when it fails, there is a link to download the log file for that particular process. Rationale: It's to allow the Remote Administrator to figure out what is going on within the process without needing to go into the client's workstation.
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    Thank you @Campbell IT Concerning the "logged users" - all is clear. We are already tracking an improvement for that, so I have added your feedback to it. With regards to the "Detection Engine", would the information about "last update attempt" (= when the application contacted ESET Servers, to check whether there is a newer version of any module) or "last successful update" (= when the application actually downloaded any of the newer modules from ESET Servers, which means it´s working with the latest modules), be sufficient to you? In the meantime, logic works, that machine changes its status from updated to non-updated after 7 days, and will report a protection status (red) with "modules out of date". If you are more strict with this, what you can do is to shorten the alert interval down to one day, by configuring a setting in a policy for security product as follows:
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    Introduce yourself

    Hello and welcome to the Forum Bill_k. You'll find some very knowledgeable ESET Staff and forum members here. I find that ESET products are superior to their competition and the Customer Support (which includes this forum) to be very good and responsive. Looking forward to seeing you here. Best regards.
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    Hello @pps, I would say the catch is in the fact that you are using customized message to be shown to the user ("Blocked webpage message"), which replaces the original wording including the categorization hint. On the other side, resetting the setting should instantly start showing the original wording, which seems not to work for you, so can you please double-check for me, if the blocking rule is category-based and not (overruled by) URL-based type? Maybe a screenshot from the "Edit rule" dialog? Thanks.
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    @Rémi Primary reason was optimization of dev/QA costs, where MySQL is platform agnostic, so can run on both Windows & Linux systems. MariaDB is only for Linux. We have received few such questions, however it never went "too high" into the priorities list, in order to be done. We have however such item in the backlog for the future releases.
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    Hi team! Description: Save reports to a shared folder / network directory. Detail: Currently, it's just possible to save reports in ERA 6 to the default Windows/ Linux path. This is a bit difficulty to get results faster. Thank you.
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    Introduce yourself

    Hello chris020. Glad you are here.
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    Personally, I think this would allow us to sell a lot more ESET. Going a bit further, I wonder if it is possible to get the expiration date of the installed product? Then a month or two before the competing product is due for renewal, we as MSP's can go in and quote for the renewal. Andy
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    Hello guys, Ransomware Shield is a behavioral protection feature utilizing data from the ESET LiveGrid reputation system. Regards, P.R.
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    Forum Feedback

    Would be great to have the option of two-factor authentication for the ESET Forum.
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    Introduce yourself

    Welcome to the Forum, illumination. We are glad to have you aboard. I'm sure you will enjoy your stay.
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    ESET Smart Security has been replaced by ESET Internet Security with version 11, for more information and to upgrade to ESET Internet Security for free, see https://www.eset.com/us/home/smart-security/#existing
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    What about a sandbox? I guess it is much important than Anti-Theft I'm still waiting to see a purge button for not existing Rules in both Hips and firewall. Also showing the command line when Hips alert for cmd!and provide a way to submit the FP from the Gui, not email :| Also an option to let us sort the rules based on the directory.
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    I'm just guessing, it's probably because the public beta has not been released.
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    Future changes to ESET Endpoint programs

    Exactly. Though I view wake-up call more like wake-on-lan, requiring network broadcast, which is not a good practice across multiple subnets. I'm looking for a simple 'send policy' that doesn't require network broadcast. Even if it's a basic command I can run from the client (remotely).
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    ESET Security Forum FAQs How do I register/join the new forum? To join the new forum, visit hxxp://forum.eset.com/ and click the blue [Create Account] button in the upper right-hand corner. Why didn’t I receive a registration email when I created an account? If you are not signed in immediately after registration, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your account. If you do not receive the email, first check your spam folder as the email containing your registration information may have been accidentally redirected to a spam or junk email folder. If the email is not in your spam folder, click here to reset your account. Please mark noreply@eset.com as a safe sender in your email client or service. Can I sign in using my Facebook or Twitter account? Yes. To save time and to remember one less password, you can use your existing login information from Facebook or Twitter to link your account. Registration using this method takes only three (3) clicks and will return you back to the forum after you have authorized it. What are the different poster status levels? A variety of levels will be assigned to people due to the quantity and/or quality of of their contributions. We are currently in the process of creating these and will share them at a later date. What are the forum rules and code of conduct? For information about the ESET Security Forum rules and code of conduct, see the Rules of the ESET Security Forum announcement. Be sure to visit periodically to review any changes. How can I contact ESET for Forum suggestions and problems? For contacting ESET to suggest a forum enhancement or report a problem, please post a message in the appropriate section of the forum. How can I contact ESET directly? General contact information for ESET’s offices around the world is located at hxxp://www.eset.com/about/contact/. For technical support, visit hxxp://www.eset.com/support/contact/ or from inside the main program windows of your ESET product, select Help and support to access a Customer Care support request form, in-product and online help content. Last Revised: 10 May 2013.
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