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    Peter Randziak

    ESET cloud Administrator

    Hello @Christoforos The team responsible was able to determine the root cause of the issue. Fix will be prepared, tested on test environment and deployed to production. Consoles has been restarted to resolve the issue until permanently fixed, so you should be able to access your ECA right now. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, Peter
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    EraServerSvc service keep crashing

    No services crash since update, i think topic can be closed
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    This guys test a few days ago with Eset

    You can see in the test that ESET detected 100% of the samples in that SYNTHETIC (ie. not a real-world) "test" so no better result could be achieved. We have already commented on it as follows: This test is completely wrong. First of all, you skip the very first layer of defense - Web access protection which is very strong in ESET and blocks download from malicious urls which could save users in many cases from new malware even entering the system. Secondly, by disabling real-time protection you prevent HIPS from receiving events on the file system level and thus make HIPS and all HIPS dependent components ineffective, such as: Ransomware shield, Exploit Blocker, Advanced Memory Scanner, Deep Behavior Inspection, Advanced Machine Learning, etc. Disabling real-time protection is not just disabling the use of signatures which are, by the way, typically smart DNA signatures in case of ESET, ie. they only describe the malicious behavior to be detected. Disabling RTP prevents other modules from working effectively since they won't receive information about file system events which have nothing to do with signature detection whatsoever. In real world users must not and do not disable particular protection modules. If they do, they must understand they do it at their own risk and expose the machine to malware attacks and infection.
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    server not in contact with itself

    I am not certain but it seems that HW fingerprint of this device change in a way that ESMC requires manual approval for this device - it might have been evaluated as cloned. Could you please check this client's details in console, whether there is no "Question" in respective subsection? It should be indicated by blue number. Also such questions from whole network should be listed in "Status overview" dashboard, if there are any. If question will be reported for this device, please check documentation for it and resolve -> once done, device should be connecting.
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    Was the Pitou trojan detected during the scan? It's that malware which is being discussed in this topic. If you have an issue cleaning a different malware, create a new topic please.
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    ESET Internet Security

    Why is the Rootkit removal and cleanup module only updated until August 25, 2017?
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    ESET Internet Security

    There was no need to update it. Rootkits are not very common nowadays like it was years ago. Plus detection is provided by protection features and update of the Rootkit detection and cleaning module is not needed to cover new rootkits.
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    mapped domain security group -> no user sync

    Could you be please more specific? You have created mapping for AD security group but users from this group are not able to log in? Asking because it is not clear, as users won't be automatically shown until they first log-in into ESMC, nor they will be removed from ESMC once removed from AD.
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    This is an early announcement related to the end of life for ema.eset.com (EMA1). As we're completing the migration of MSPs to EMA2 (msp.eset.com), the aim is to phase out EMA1 completely by the end of the year. For more in-depth information and details, please consult the below links: ESET MSP Administrator V1 to V2 Migration Process FAQ: https://help.eset.com/ema/en-US/migration_faq.html ESET MSP Administrator versions feature comparison (EMA1/EMA2): https://www.eset.com/int/business/msp-administrator/ More about ESET MSP Administrator V2: https://help.eset.com/ema/2/en-US/ How to use EMA2 with your ESMC https://help.eset.com/msp_getting_started/en-INT/ There will be more detailed information about what this specifically means coming via the usual channels and you'll be informed about any action steps that may arise as part of this EOL initiative.
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    I hav centos 8 report problem

    Unfortunately I am not able to provide any official recommendation, but any chance you tried third-party repositories? For example this one seems to provide QtWebkit based on Ot4: https://centos.pkgs.org/8/getpagespeed-x86_64/qtwebkit-2.3.4-23.el8.x86_64.rpm.html
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    Hello, I would not recommend using ODBC driver newer than 5.3.11. Other than incompatibilities later MySQL ODBC drivers/client library also switched to unconditional use of openssl instead of internal TLS implementation they used to have and in some cases this triggers startup clashes of openssl initialization where MDM requires some setup and MySQL actually uses different one causing runtime issues. HTH, M.
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