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  1. URBAN0

    I Am Very Ticked Off!

    itman would be undoubtedly the person to award for his big contribution of helping others on this forum 👌
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  2. The secure browser feature is part of Endpoint Security v8 which is coming soon.
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  3. Hi everone, I found the solution to this topic on a German speaking thunderbird forum. For all non-german speaking people, here the translation with the action plan which solves the issue. At least for me. Not sure though if all menu names are correct, as I only have German versions. But you get the point I assume. Open ESET NOD32 Antivirus -> Setup-> Advanced setup -> Web and E-Mail -> SSL/TLS Here disable the SSL/TLS-protocol filtering -> deakctivate Open Thunderbird -> Tools -> Options -> Privacy &Security -> Certificates Check
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