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    It's been more than 5 years I've use ESET software on my computer and ESET is the best for me. here are some reasons I still use this Boy: Inexpensive Easy-to-use interface Good malware protection Secure browser for online payments Fast scans Lots of useful extra features Small system-performance impact File encryption, hardened browser extension, webcam protection What else do you need for your security? for me having a VPN access is the one but it's not a big problem. I very much appreciate your support ESET.
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    You are just angry at something that you can't change , all companies do the same , they release an update and then they give the change notes after a while , or go meet Microsoft , they won't tell you what changed. or say hello to Steam I don't represent ESET , and I don't work for them , but a delay of a bit or few hours after being posted in their download page and after that to their forum , it doesn't mean anything bad , they have posted it they didn't hide them , It's just a matter of a little bit of time delaying the upgrade so you can read the notes and after than initiate your upgrade or delay it for next version.
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    Hello, this option is already available in ESET Cloud Administrator console. Currently, as agents are updated via "Components upgrade task", which does not differentiate between agents, and other components of the ESMC infrastructure (server / webconsole) this option was disabled. However, in Cloud the server is fully hosted / maintained by ESET, so "one click agent updates" are possible. Please note, that for the future releases we work on "automatic agent upgrades", meaning agents would automatically upgrade themselves to the version compatible / matching with the server.
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    Besides edf.eset.com, it's also important that clients can connect to pki.eset.com as well to perform activation.
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    Hello @Zen11t, thank you very much for your explanation again. It helps us to understand your needs better. I hope this trick will help you You can filter the computers with an outdated version of agents and then click on any item in the table and select "In computer page (all)". It will navigate you to the computers section, where you will have only computers with outdated agents, and here you can also check the last connection status.
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    The initial scan run after installation scans all files on local disks and cleans detected files. While malware, adware and riskware is cleaned automatically, potentially unwanted and unsafe applications require the user to select an action at the end of the scan. We've run a test and files were cleaned and quarantined alright. Please collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here for perusal.
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    EFDE Monitoring

    Hi @Mr.Gains you are right, reports are in the works currently. we are panning to offer reporting (more or less) in this scope: Computers not eligible for encryption Computers eligible for encryption EFDE not installed Computers eligible for encryption. EFDE installed AND disk not encrypted Computers with encryption in progress Computers encrypted Computers encrypted using TPM chip Computers encrypted using OPAL 2.0 Computers encrypted via FileVault2 (future) Computers with boot disk only encrypted Computers with all disks encrypted Computers recovered in past month... What exactly would you like to see in the reports? Except for "password uses left" you mentioned above... Thank you for your inputs Ervin Rendek PM for Encryption solutions
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    Just remember that technical support requests need to be directed to one of those counties; i.e. country of purchase. Assumed is the language to be used would be Arabic. However, 70% of Turkey's residents speak Turkish.
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    Sanctions U.S.: https://www.state.gov/iran-sanctions/ U.K.: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/sanctions-on-iran EU and UN sanctions: https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/policies/sanctions/iran/ Slovakia where Eset is headquartered is both an EU and UN member.
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    RanSim test

    It would be easy if ransomware actually worked like the simulator but since there are numerous ways how to encrypt files, actual malware usually works differently. Moreover, the simulator won't encrypt your own files plus it's relatively already widespread which are another factors that substantially affect detection.
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    Error downloading file from server

    Obviously a crack was applied so updates from the pirated server won't work. Unfortunately we do not sell to Iran but you can uninstall ESET, install it from scratch and activate a 30-day trial version.
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    Yes. I found it after enabling Resolved cases. It was submitted to AppEsteem on 6/20/2020 and resolved on 7/5/2020. Eset within their products gives the user options to opt-out of some or all the telemetry and detection data they collect. Bottom line - you can rant to "your heart's content" in this forum and it won't change a thing in regards to Eset's decision on UnHackMe. The only way to do so is to employ proper channels.
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    Hello @itman, thank you for your submission, I contacted the lab and they decided to add the exe to detection as well Powershdll.exe - MSIL/Agent.SXW trojan Peter
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    Slow Virus Scan After Update

    Actually aggressive vs balanced settings affect only detection, not scanning and currently affect mainly Augur detection only. We plan to make further optimizations to reduce scan times.
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    It appears that a number of Eset users employ license "crackers." It also appears that a number of Eset forum participants feel that the most widely used , the KMS software family of crackers, are safe. As noted in this recent analysis of KMS based software by AVLabs in Poland, they are definitely not safe to use. KMSAuto and KMSpico are the most commonly installed hacktool on computers in Poland https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=pl&u=https://avlab.pl/&prev=search&pto=aue Note: This article was posted in the Polish language. Hence the use of Google's Translator.
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    Hello @itman, the .exe itself is not malicious, it loads the .dll, which is being detected... Peter
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    Slow Virus Scan After Update

    I am 100% there with you, I am now disappointed that you make the effort to test the software, report the errors found to the German support and all reported errors in the final, or so-called final, in my eyes nothing more than a very bad beta version is to find again + to find the errors of the previous build again, if this continues with Eset, I will also consider whether I should pay for it and that although I am an absolute Eset I'm a fan and have been using it since NOD v2, I am really very disappointed!
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    Mobile Security needs some kind of permissions for Anti-Phishing to work properly , have you enabled that?
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    Advanced heuristics/DNA signatures

    It's enabled for newly created and modified by default which is enough. Moreover, web access, email protection, startup scanner and idle-state scanner have it enabled by default too.
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    Detection occurred but not cleaned

    If you ran a custom scan, make sure that you didn't enable scan without cleaning:
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    Monitoring software for business

    No-no-no.I`m about another software, Maybe I`m in a wrong thread ?
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    Cool, thanks for that - it identifies the 'supposedly invalid tasks OK (they're all "Software Installation (ESET Endpoint Security) - via context menu") but when I drill down they're all finished successfully. Seems like a glitch in the system - at least I can delete the 'problematic' tasks from this. Thanks again...
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    While EV certificate used to matter and were excluded from filtering by default, this will change within the next few days and all communication will be scanned regardless of the type of certificate used. By the way, there is a big difference in trust between bank domains and ad providers.
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    Peter is right, I overlooked that you apply a policy that enables creation of a mirror on clients. This setting must be disabled:
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    v13.2.16.0 huge memory usage

    Thank you @Peter Randziak Everything is still normal so far. If it happens again I will let you know.
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    Please enable advanced operating system logging in the adv. setup -> Tools -> Diagnostics. Also change the memory dump type to Complete. Change the update type from regular to pre-release in the adv. update setup and wait a bit until the issue starts manifesting. Leave logging enabled for a few minutes, then disable advanced OS logging. While the issue is still manifesting, create a dump of ekrn via the adv. setup -> tools -> diagnostics -> Create (dump). Finally collect logs with ESET Log Collector, upload the generated archive to a safe location and drop me a personal message with a download link.
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    I am going to wrap up my comments in this thread with the following. I regards to Eset new connection alert for your router. This is occurring because something changed its built-in MAC address. I doubt this is due to any anti-tracking mechanism built into the router. If this was the case, the MAC address changing would have been done once when the router fully initialized itself after setup or power up. This leaves the conclusion that any attacker has access to your router. I would start by performing a hard reset on the router and change its Admin interface password to strong one. If this issue still persists, try to upgrade the router's firmware to the latest version that exists from the manufacturer. If the router is provided by your ISP, contact them about this issue and see if they have a new firmware version for the router.
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    Eset not detecting drive by download

    Thanks again @Marcos That did it. I changed the scan action of IDM from "auto" to "scan" and ESET blocked it straight way. Tried with Chrome, Firefox, Edge Chromium (with microsoft store idm extension) and Brave browser. ESET blocked the download on all four browsers. As for limiting the connections which I didn't have to do anyway so I'm leaving it as it is. I'll keep looking if it'll happen again after changing the setting. Thank you for now!!!
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    Thank you, Marcos. This was very helpful, I was able to find an alternative torrent client. Cheers.
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    The steps tell the same, ie. to send an ESMC component upgrade task: Upgrade process (alternative way to upgrade) IMPORTANT Upgrading ERA or older ESMC to the latest ESMC on the same VA does not upgrade other VA software (operating system, packages needed for proper functioning of ESMC Server). We recommend that you migrate the server after the pure upgrade. Upgrade the VA using Components Upgrade task: 1.Upgrade ESMC Server first. 2.Upgrade a ESET Management Agents sample group. 3.If the upgrade of the sample is successful and Agents are still connecting, continue with the rest of the Agents. As the notice says, the ESCM component upgrade task won't update the OS and other non-ESET components so it makes sense to perform also migration according to the KB, however, it's not mandatory.
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    How to get my site marked as safe

    Eset has predefined categories a parent for example, could restrict a child household member from accessing. See the below screen shot for a few of them. The alert Eset is displaying is because and assumed the source that installed Eset on their household devices has restricted access to one or more of these categories. Obviously, your web site is classified in one of these parental control categories. I don't know what Eset uses to determine how a web site falls in one of the categories. But there are various web site rating concerns that do so.
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    Hi Peter, Thanks for the quick reply. I'll install that product as you advise. Thank you.
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    It is not clear what you mean by resetting your license. It can be done only by ESET staff, the License manager doesn't provide such option. Also it is not clear where you see that your license leaked. In fact, you have several licenses purchased in several countries which is weird. Please contact the seller of your license in license matters.
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    Eset and other security software

    You could download HitmanPro as a second opinion scanner as it doesn't have a real-time protection module.
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    Computer scans taking a long time each run

    A solution is to run a custom scan without WMI and the registry selected as targets as itman already wrote.
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    RanSim test

    Finally when it comes to ransomware, you could just find yourself plain screwed. Such was the case last year when a security researcher discovered a vulnerability in the Win's Encrypting File System; i.e. EFS, that would allow an attacker to deploy that to maliciously encrypt a target's files. Microsoft, as expected, initially "pooh-pooh" it but came to its senses and patched it. This one caused Eset and a whole bunch of other AV vendors to issue security advisories. Luckily, this one wasn't exploited in-the-wild. Ref.: https://safebreach.com/Post/EFS-Ransomware
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    Regex for Dynamic Group not working

    I think so. To get sure I did the last change yesterday evening and had a look at the results today. Group was still empty. Then I changed from "regex" to "has prefix" and 10 minutes later I saw the first computer appearing in the group.
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    RanSim test

    Simulation tests do not tell anything about how a particular AV would perform in a real world with actual malware. We don't react to it rather deliberately.
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    Hello @greatis, please see the forum rules at https://forum.eset.com/howtopost/ "This forum does not serve as a channel for requesting website re-check or disputing blocks or detections." The response from the research lab is not guaranteed, the researchers usually reply if they need further data regarding the sample(s) reported, which was not this case. The application was carefully analyzed and turned out to meet criteria of potentially unwanted applications which is an optional detection so the user need to enable it, if he want to have such apps detected. Peter
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    In the window above you select your ESMC server. Unless you use more ESMC servers, only one should appear in the list.
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    Management protocol + reverse proxy

    ESMC Agent are using mutually authenticated TLS (both endpoints do have to present with it's certificate), which is protecting underlying HTTP2 requests, so technically it is HTTP2 over TLS.
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    using prepaid mastercard

    Exactly. Eset can use him as source for a new advertising slogan, " I traveled to Timbuktu and back just to use Eset."😁
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    EMA2 | Updating license unit quantity...

    Hello @mxp, we would like to identify the root cause of the problem. Can you please send me the license ID of the affected license via a private message? I will follow up with my colleagues. Indeed it should not take that long, so it´s either an one time issue, or a possible bug in the implementation.
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    AV is blocking loading webpages

    1, Correct, the module will be downloaded automatically with engine and other module updates. 2, Under Update -> Show all modules you can check the version of installed module. The version of the fixed Cleaner module will most be 1213.
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    Make sure that you are using a supported browser. Try it with Chrome and Firefox. On my mobile phone the website you sent me through a PM was blocked by ESET Mobile Security. Make sure that this test page is blocked: https://www.amtso.org/check-desktop-phishing-page/
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    Slow Virus Scan After Update

    This doesn't work! Any profile based scan auto scans registry and WMI. Doesn't bode well for anyone that has set up Eset scheduled scans, Only thing that appears to bypass the registry and WMI scanning is a Custom scan with of course, those options not selected.
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    Many bugs in Eset Internet Security

    The only known issue with v13.2.15 is that the registry and WMI scanners attempt to scan also non-existing objects. This will be fixed via a module update soon. As for other issues, I'm not aware of other users having reported them with one exception. Please report them to your local ESET support with steps how to reproduce them. If necessary, the support will ask for further logs necessary for troubleshooting. As for a bug-free software, there's nothing like that. We don't live in a perfect world and every software maker releases new versions and updates to address reported issues. Even Microsoft releases monthly updates with fixes.
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    I guess the wording could be better and read "Consumed seats" and "Available seats" or something along that line. "Available devices" means that you can activate the license on 1 more device.
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    The above files were detected on the C drive according to the screen shot. However, it's unlikely to be FP and it's most likely Lojack by Absolute Software that Lenovo used to install to laptops.
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    After leaving eset for the last 3 plus years its' its glad to be back.I used another top brand name security software,and after installing the lastest version,and after about a week of the trial version,I was excited to purchased eset,upon install I noticed a difference the way my machine acted.Very Smooth and Stable,I didn't know security software could make that big of a difference.What a difference ESET made on my machine.I can't speak for everyone,but I know eset security did for me,So For So Good, Thank You
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