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  1. NewbyUser

    False positive

    passwordrevelator.net - SiteCheck (sucuri.net) Shows infected here as well.
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  2. Marcos

    U/P for ESET NOD32 Linux

    Yes but only existing holders of a NOD32 AV for Linux desktop will be eligible to get it. That said, it won't be possible to use an EAV/EIS/ESSP for Windows license for activation.
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  3. You can upload your version to virustotal for more checking by AV engines to be more sure It seems that this WaasMedic is related to Windows Update.
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  4. Have no clue what could have caused WaasMedic_Agent.exe to appear on your desktop. However, there have been recent postings in regards to Eset firewall not working properly in Interactive mode. I assume you were in Interactive mode when the Eset firewall alert appeared? I would just delete the desktop entry and post back if this activity occurs for another process you create an Eset firewall rule while in Interactive mode.
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