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  1. Thanks for your reply. The notifications should display when minimum verbosity is set to Warning as I explained. I have no desire to set it to Diagnostic or Informative as a workaround. I hope Eset fixes it.
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  2. Reported this bug to Eset: BUG REPORT Details: My custom HIPS rules are set to "Notify User" and Logging Severity set to Warning. Under Desktop Notifications, Minimum Verbosity of events to display - It is also Set to "Warning". Bug: No desktop notifications appear when a HIPS rule is triggered. But they should appear because "Desktop Notifications, Minimum Verbosity" is set to Warning AND the HIPS rule is also set to Warning. Note: If Desktop Notifications, Minimum Verbosity is set to Informative, HIPS notifications appear. See Attached Screenshots and
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  3. Marcos


    ESA RADIUS supports PAP and MS-CHAPv2 (both can be found mentioned in following article: https://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/security/ise/1.0/user_guide/ise10_net_acc_flows.html#wp1134831) It should work if the product supports authentication using external RADIUS server using PAP or MS-CHAPv2. In the past we had customers who used Cisco products including Cisco ISE. We have RADIUS integration manuals for some Cisco products : https://support.eset.com/en/kb3473 https://support.eset.com/en/kb3481
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  4. Marcos

    ESET product Upgrades

    I'd recommend renewing EIS now. There will be a campaign offering upgrade to ESSP so it's worth waiting a while if he doesn't need Password manager or Disk encryption now.
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