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  1. This is not possible without downloading the whole msi installer. After a microPCU update has been applied, the Repair option changes to Export.
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  2. Actually there is nothing to fix in updates; in order for the Repair function to work we would need to download also the whole msi installer each time the product updates just for the sake of the repair function. That would mean downloading ~55 MB instead of ~5 MB or less. As far as I remember the Repair option was removed / disabled in the past but I'll discuss it with devs tomorrow.
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  3. It was changed in the past. The thing is the last msi installer you may have locally stored may be v12 or 13 so repairing v14 would actually downgrade to v12 or v13 and you'll need to download upgrade to v14 again which is not desired.
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  4. Yes, it will. You will need a username and password for update of legacy products which can be provided by your local ESET distributor as long as you have a valid license.
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