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  1. i have lost my EBA Account and i lost my backup code too. is there any other way to open my eba account ? - ESET Secure is uninstalled while refreshing the device
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  2. Do you use a virtual appliance or you've installed ESMC on a Windows or Linux server? Not sure why upgrade via the ESMC components upgrade task would fail, maybe somebody better versed will be able to help. However, if you have installed ESMC on Windows, you could run the ESET PROTECT AiO installer to upgrade ESMC and all its components.
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  3. Select Disable permissive firewall rules.
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  4. The issue is with the server certificate being to strict/not matching the hostname used in the agent installer. First check the server peer certificate which hostnames are allowed (listed in the column HOST). If you want to allow additional hostnames/IPs you can create a new server certificate containing all allowed hostnames seperated by space, comma, or semicolon. Or you can leave the default (*) to allow all hostnames. Afterwards you have to assign this new certificate in the server settings and restart the Virtual Appliance (or the eraserver-Service) for the change to take effect. You can also perform a repair installation and change the hostname. Please be aware that the hostname has to match eaxctly.
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  5. As mentioned i don't use the password manager as I have a lifetime license with another one. You could always download a trial of the premium version and see if you prefer it. Same with eset mobile. I belive it can be purchased possibly through the play store but as a customer you could contact sales and maybe they'd be able to sort a deal with premium to. As for chrome as I mentioned last time best thing to do is download and give it a try and see if you prefer it over Firefox. Everyone has their own favourites and some people don't trust Google. At least by trying you can choose what works best for you
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