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  1. There is no direct correlation between Eset and Windows Updates. An exception would be for Win 7 where specific updates must be installed since Microsoft no longer supports SHA1. This is not to say that some Win Update could bork Eset but the likelihood is extremely remote based on past history. Most of the Eset new release issues arise due to some Win configuration on select devices. These are usually the result of either intended or non-intended user OS or app setting changes from default values.
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  2. One of our servers with EFSW installed popup with a message that TROJAN detected and restart required to clean. After restart same error pop is encountered even when a policy from the management console '' maximum security '' is integrated to the AV (i.e in-depth scan and strict cleaning ) Please have a look at it and your earliest response is much appreciated Attached is log for the servers efsw_logs_6.zip
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