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  1. solution (just tested with one of our systems) for our site: [root@vm /]# cd /var/opt/eset/esets/lib [root@vm lib]# mv em002_32.dat em002_32.dat.o [root@vm lib]# cd /opt/eset/esets/sbin/ [root@vm sbin]# ./esets_update --verbose Virus signature database has been updated successfully. ESETS Update utility +-+--------------------+------------------------+------------------------+ | | Module | Available version | Installed version | +-+--------------------+------------------------+------------------------+ |*| loader | 1076
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  2. my solution to get it running again, looks like a bad file(from another post I think): mv /var/opt/eset/esets/lib/em002_32.dat /var/opt/eset/esets/lib/em002_32.dat.old systemctl stop esets rm -rf /tmp/*update.lock; /opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_update --verbose systemctl restart esets systemctl status esets
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  3. Marcos

    Apple M1 Silicon Chip

    I'll try to find out if we have an Apple machine with that CPU and if ESET runs alright there with x86 emulation.
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  4. The Run command task runs the command in the local system account so elevation is not required.
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