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  1. You are just angry at something that you can't change , all companies do the same , they release an update and then they give the change notes after a while , or go meet Microsoft , they won't tell you what changed. or say hello to Steam I don't represent ESET , and I don't work for them , but a delay of a bit or few hours after being posted in their download page and after that to their forum , it doesn't mean anything bad , they have posted it they didn't hide them , It's just a matter of a little bit of time delaying the upgrade so you can read the notes and after than initiate your up
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  2. Hello, this option is already available in ESET Cloud Administrator console. Currently, as agents are updated via "Components upgrade task", which does not differentiate between agents, and other components of the ESMC infrastructure (server / webconsole) this option was disabled. However, in Cloud the server is fully hosted / maintained by ESET, so "one click agent updates" are possible. Please note, that for the future releases we work on "automatic agent upgrades", meaning agents would automatically upgrade themselves to the version compatible / matching with the server.
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  3. Hello, Yesterday NOD32 urged me to upgrade to 13.2.15, but there was no official mention of this new version here. Only a few hours ago you published here such an announcement post... This is a bad way of work - before I upgrade, I wish to know what is changed. Please, in the future - do not release the binaries to be updated at clients before you have a public matching post with details about the new version. Thank you.
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  4. As far as I know, it's a rule of thumb that vendors publish changelogs with the release which also happened this time. In the course of testing a new version, changes may not be final and may still occur to the final version.
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  5. Microsoft releases every month updates to the Office 365 suite and posts changelog here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/officeupdates/update-history-microsoft365-apps-by-date It does SEVERAL hours after the updates are available. You can check next week (patch tuesday). Many other Software vendors do the same. Please calm down and move on.
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  6. Just wait till you see official notes before you upgrade , or refuse the upgrade if you don't know the changes.
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  7. MichalJ

    Trigger on static group

    I have been able to reproduce the behavior. It seems to me as a bug, so I will report it to our QA / DEV teams. that a confusing description is displayed for the group, as indeed it shows "dynamic group" even when "static group" is set as target. It only shows like that when you try to "edit trigger".
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  8. In my experience with Pre-6.5 agents on XP machines and in some cases, Win7 machines, I've always had a problem getting the agents on these machines updated. Even with GPO, these agents would always fail to update. I would end up just copying the EsetUninstaller.exe to these machines and running them in safe mode to get rid of the agent and av software. I too had spent a lot of time fiddling with ESMC and GPOs to get the Agents updated but gave up and did it the hard way. That said, have you taken a look at the agent logs on the problematic machines? These logs should at least p
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  9. Hello Nightowl, excuse me for my late answer! I didnt expected a second reply. Thank you for your adivce. I even considered to change Adblock Plus to uBlock. I will change it shortly. And i didn't know uMatrix but i will have a look to it. It sounds like it is from the same developer how uBlock is. I think i will try this too also when websites will look broken.
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