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    Agreed - we are also seeing this on multiple English systems
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    @Marcos What about the endpoints that request a username and password when you go to advanced settings after applying the patch? Also any update if we NEED to update after applying the 6.5 patch? Like 10000+ workstations updaten without any era would take a few months.
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    This is a fix for issues with v6.5 server products that emerged on February 8, 2020. The fix must be run with elevated administrator rights. If ESET is already malfunctioning, running the fix will replace ekrn with a fixed version. No system restart should be required. If you have an affected version of ESET and it's still working alright, applying the fix will replace ekrn which will prevent the issue from occurring.
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    Tonight (CET) we are going to publish links to fixes for Endpoint v5. A bit later we plan to release also a fix that will be smaller in size and will download the appropriate installed of the latest v5 Endpoint instead of having it bundled.
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    Endpoint Security Anti phishing non functional

    How did you do it? I don't believe you changed the dates on the computers. I need some help here, all my systems are on 5.0.2265 EAV and cant make them work.
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    What is the eta on a fix for "File Security for Microsoft Windows Server" version 6.5.12007.0 running on Server 2012R2. We've tried every certfix that has been released and they all bomb
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    Endpoint Security Anti phishing non functional

    I'm waiting on the module update for the v5 systems. I was able to upgrade about 25,000 of our endpoints to 5.0.2272.7 successfully, but still have 600+ devices being difficult with the inline upgrade. This is not good guys.
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    This is getting beyond a joke , do we have a fix that works please - I have many companies servers that need to be working asap.
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    Just run procmon to see what the certfix does... I can see it puts em.exe (eset command line scanner) in a %temp% folder..... I copied that file and the dat file. Comparing the em.exe with the one in the eset file security folder (ecls.exe) i can see the command line scanner version is from 5.0... The version in the program files folder is 6.5.... So i can believe the reason why this fix craches on 6.5 versions of eset
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    A colleague testet this fix with following server versions: Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019 2008 with 14 (6.5.12014.x) => FAILED 2019 with 18 (6.5.12018.x) => OK 2012 R2 with 14 (6.5.12014.x) => FAILED 2016 with 14 (6.5.12014.x) => FAILED 2016 with 18 (6.5.12014.x) => OK List of combinations OS Eset (6.5.12014.x) Eset (6.5.12018.x) 2008 R2 not working we don't have this combination 2012 R2 not working we don't have this combination 2016 not working works 2019 we don't have this combination works
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    ِDo you have fix 5.0.2272.7 ?
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    Issue| Working with ERA Proxy

    Connection between AGENT and ESMC is using TLS/SSL and thus is is secured and confidential. In case HTTP proxy is in between, it servers just as forwarding element, i.e. it is not introspecting communication. In other words, both AGENT and ESMC are performing or validity checks of TLS certificate as if there is no proxy and connection will be rejected in case certificate of remote peer is not considered as trusted Credentials of HTTP proxy are suitable only to protect proxy itself from connections of unauthorized clients, i.e. those that do not have right credentials, but even if there is no authentication on proxy, whole AGENT-to-ESMC communication is protected on TLS layer where mutual authorization via certificates is performed.
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    ESET Internet Security

    If it's still not there check it hasn't accidentally landed in the spam folder
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    Please elaborate more on what benefits using gamer mode has for you. If you disable automatic gamer mode activation for applications running in full-screen mode, what issues do you observe while playing games?
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