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    I know your are not a fan of this guy. But this time you did very good.
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    ESMC 7.1 sorting in GUI

    For me sorting by status works. Make sure there is no number next to the arrow. As of ESMC 7.1, you can define primary, secondary and tertiary sorting which is indicated by numbers 1,2,3 respectively. In such case, click the column title until the number disappears and records are sorted by the Status column:
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    Computer scan does not work

    If you are able to reproduce the issue, I'd suggest carrying on as follows: - start logging with Procmon - right-click the scan task in Scheduler and select Run now - after the scan completes, stop logging - save the log, compress it and convey it along with logs collected with ESET Log Collector to customer care for perusal.
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    Thank you for the answers, now I know that everything should be fine. Greetings :)
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    That's correct. I thought you would like to prevent existing clients who already reported to the ESMC server from connecting to it for certain time.
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