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    Aryeh Goretsky

    About Eicar

    Hello, This question has now been completely answered, and the topic is now closed. Forum members are reminded that creating multiple accounts is against the forum's Terms of Use. Furthermore, creation of new accounts in an attempt to circumvent moderation, including temporary or permanent bans, will result in the forum moderation team taking whatever actions they deem appropriate at their sole discretion. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
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    Eset Blocking Chromecast

    I am guessing there are parts of what is in pre-release that are more complex to test, and could have further reaching impact than the exclusion of a port for scanning. Which would be why they've not released this 'fix' as it's a part of a larger update package, that is still being tested. I wonder, though, if this piece could be released to the general codebase, before the testing on the rest of the 'update' is completed. I would guess that you're just going to be doing the exclusion of the ports for scanning on the back end, so pretty simple to test and know is working. Is this maybe one of those cases where Dev and Testing don't know that this part of the update is turning away home use customers, and causing a lot of consternation among the client base (likely a TON more than what you see here, we all know in support you only ever get 1% of complaints via forums, or email -- easier to buy a new product than complain). Heck maybe if Dev and Testing knew they'd be able to put this available for release, but I can't see that with a fully functional forum like this that the moderators here aren't regularly working with dev/test and letting them know of the daily buzz on the forums (heck a few might even have accounts and read?). I'd imagine that releasing a portion of an Update is relatively simple, seeing as how everything has been made more modular with eset, but honestly I dont know how development works here, could be that to uncouple this update from others would mean far more work and delays in other areas. Could be that a large enterprise customer is asking for a feature, and that has been fast-tracked, and other projects have to wait. I guess really what i'm saying is that who knows why it's taking so long, yes it could be that they're waiting to click that button for no 'good reason' aside from 'thats how we do it' .. or it's a lot more complex than the minimal information that we get via the forums would lead us to believe.
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    Eset Blocking Chromecast

    These workarounds are easy for most of us here, but please see that there are a lot of customers who simply does not dare to make any modifications in the default settings since they are afraid of causing an untraceable or even irreversible mistake by mistyping or misclicking while they are performing such technical steps they do not understand clearly. Therefore impatience is a natural reaction of them. On the other hand I agree that unproven hurrying would not be a good way as well. Both standpoints are reasonable.
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    Eset Blocking Chromecast

    I think Leann is looking for a permanent solution, not a workaround or pre-release update. It has been a month and it's very easy to understand why some people are getting impatient.
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    Eset Blocking Chromecast

    Has the issue been fixed? I still cannot access and it is a month now. I am getting very inpatient over this.
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