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    A-V C is "very creative" when it comes to finding samples for its Realtime test series. It's not uncommon for it to slip in a few samples that are geographically restricted to one country and/or region within with an "in-the-wild" dispersion of < 10. The odds of encountering one these samples in close to zero.
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    I assume the reference is to this year's most recent A-V C Realtime test where Eset scored 98.4%; approximately the same as it has previously scored recently in this test series. If one has concerns about Eset, refer to this more comprehensive test series where over 10,000 malware samples are used: https://www.av-comparatives.org/tests/malware-protection-test-march-2019/ . Eset scored 99.86% for malware protection. Again, this is only one AV Lab's test; and test series for that lab. Refer to all the AV lab tests that Eset participates in and you will observe that Eset is a top scorer overall.
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    It must have taken a bit of digging to find a test from a year ago. Test like this are not worth their weight in salt. So what is your purpose and point in posting this? Regards, Tom
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    ESMC says up-to-date with 7.0.577?

    Please read https://support.eset.com/kb3690/. The ESMC release contains the version 7.0.577.0 of the ESMC Server for Windows and version 7.0.471.0 for Linux.
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    MacOS Catalyna is to be released in the fall. We officially support only final versions of operating systems, not betas since a lot can be changed under the hood before the new MacOS is released which could break ESET's functionality. At the time of the official release of the new MacOS, we should have a compatible version of ESET CyberSecurity and ESET CyberSecurity Pro at your disposal.
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    Importing setting to new HDD?

    don't know if your system is used by others, but if it is not, then I would not worry about this issue. the security hole from the article can only be exploited locally, as in sitting at the machine. Unless you are going to be performing DDOS attacks or hacking into your own system, then your safe. If it's your own system, your should already have Admin level access to the OS available to you. the only way for to be vulnerable is if you allow access to your machine to a untrusted remote user using Remote Desktop, Teamviewer or other similar software.
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    Hello, It's possible CloudFlare incorrectly caches some parts of configuration editor and returns out-of-date data causing this. Please create HAR log @PavelP mentioned it might help us determine whether issue is with CloudFlare or webconsole itself. Ideal would be to have tomcat access log paired with this log to determine which requests made it to server and which did not. Thanks.
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    Hello, We checked multiple browsers to identify which one produces this error (seems like you posted chrome error), However for future reference (and potentional improvement) can you please answer following? browser(s) (in case of IE ideally export security settings for security zone console is in) - you already said you tried multiple, however platform/browser still matters for reproduction. webconsole behind reverse proxy/application firewall ESET (or other) product with TLS filtering enabled installed on computer connecting to console Any "uncommon" setup you can think of This issue can arise in case _some_ https requests on same site (in this case as Pavel said seems like js script) is blocked from download. Which in case of TLS (to my knowledge) requires MITM interception (product/WAF/RP/actual attack) or extremely restrictive browser rules. Thanks, M.
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    Cycled antispam

    Hi yardstudio, Releasing of spam from mail quarantine should work even if you don't report the false positive. The message is resent using replay directory and antispam is not evaluated again. If the email was marked as spam again, it means that it was routed through SMTP agent and tested for spam again - this is not the usual case. Do you have more Exchange servers in your environment? If yes can you describe routing of mail? Information about delivery of the message can be seen in "Received" headers (in the detail dialog) of the message that returned to quarantine. Please post the "Received" headers. BTW, which version of EMSX do you use?
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