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    @tbsky We are not planning to add mariaDB support. Due to our journey to the cloud and also multi-platform compatibility, we will most likely work on the support of MySQL 8 for next major release of ESMC
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    Peter Randziak

    Blue screen again

    Hello @Chinese users, the devs analyzed the dump and the conclusion is that version should address this as it has PreCreate part refactored. This version is so far available for ESET Insiders only, if you are being interested in participation and early access, please send me a private message with a reference to this topic. Regards, P.R.
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    Peter Randziak

    Blue screen again

    Hello @Chinese users, thank you for providing us with the complete dump. I used another unpacker to extract the dump and it seems O.K., that's weird. I will pass the dump to be checked as I'm unable to analyze it to be able to find the root cause. Can you please provide us a new dump to have a look? Regards. P.R.
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