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    Agent upgrade task

    You should not use the Agent deployment task which is intended for deploying agent if not installed yet. To upgrade existing agent to the latest version, use the client task "Security Management Center component upgrade" which you can assign to a dynamic group with outdated agent version, using the Joined dynamic group trigger .
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    Hi, No problem today. I'm wondering what could cause this strange behavior for a few days. I'm not aware of any change in my system.
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    Are you able to log in to the AT portal from a pc o notebook alright?
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    Call blocking

    This is due to changes in Google's Play store policies which now prohibit us from using these features. This has been already discussed earlier, please refer to https://forum.eset.com/topic/17977-eset-mobile-security-not-support-sms-call-filter-anti-theft-sms-command-due-to-google-policy/. There is also a link to ESET's KB with instructions how to get and install a fully functional web version of ESET Mobile Security.
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