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    Version 6.7.600


    The new ESET CyberSecurity Pro Release Candidate version 6.7.600 addresses various issues on macOS Mojave. It is planned to be released soon.
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    Ekrn.exe - excessive CPU Time

    I have a client, to whom I recommended ESET Internet Security. (One of many that I've recommended ESET to over the last 15 years.) This is perhaps the first time I've seen this, but I do find some other topics on this forum and elsewhere about it. On her computer, ekrn.exe is using anywhere from 50% to 75% CPU time, as far as I've seen so far. It does slow her computer down to a crawl at times. I need a solution to this, or I will have to find a substitute for this client. I've been unable to determine what ekrn.exe is doing to need so much CPU time: It's not doing a lot of disk access; it's using about 166 MB of RAM, about normal in my experience. It seems to run around 40 threads. Need some input here.
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    ESMC components upgrade task failed

    According to provided logs, ESMC server has problem to establish connection to most of ESET services. It is not able to connect to ESET repository, update server, license servers .. could you verify it is properly configured? Maybe there is problem with firewall or proxy configuration? Also I would recommend to check AGENT's trace.log -> upgrade of infrastructure is executed by AGENT, so there should be visible also upgrade errors, but my best guess is that AGENT installed on the same machine as ESMC has the same network-related problems.
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    CPU Usage ekrn.exe spikes and stays there

    I was unable to reproduce it. The CPU usage has been below 0,02% for ekrn.exe and 1,4% for mbam.exe if no on-demand scan was running. If the issue has started to manifest just recently, it might have been cause by an update of ESET, ESET's module, MBAM, MBAM's module or operating system itself. Moreover, other applications might have influenced it as well. Please find out disabling which of the protection modules resolves the issue. A complete memory dump from time when the issue is manifesting might shed more light. Nevertheless, bear in mind running multiple security solutions at a time may lead to clashes. Even if it seems that two AVs run alright together, nobody will ever be able to guarantee that it will stay like that forever or that the 2 protections won't clash or cancel out each other when actual malware is encountered.
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    Issues with OS X client after upgrade

    Yes, it's known and will be fixed in upcoming update. Seems that there is some miscommunication. We're sorry.