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  1. First I hope this post is in the proper place, and proper in content I just feel the need to say some words of praise. I would like to express my thanks to ESET and to the forum here and review my first 6 months with ESET internet security. I cannot be happier with the performance of the software; I would like to detail what I like best. EIS is very low impact on system resources, significantly improving boot times and general performance on our windows 10 PC’s in our home. The software is far easier than any other security software I have used to “setup”. For me
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  2. I am very satisfied with ESET today. But I think they could add a sandbox so the user could execute suspicious files without the possibility of infecting the computer. Another thing is please do not do anything that would compromise the system's disengagement as other famous brands did. I really like ESET because of its good detection and low impact on the system.
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