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    Thank you @Campbell IT Concerning the "logged users" - all is clear. We are already tracking an improvement for that, so I have added your feedback to it. With regards to the "Detection Engine", would the information about "last update attempt" (= when the application contacted ESET Servers, to check whether there is a newer version of any module) or "last successful update" (= when the application actually downloaded any of the newer modules from ESET Servers, which means it´s working with the latest modules), be sufficient to you? In the meantime, logic works, that machine changes its status from updated to non-updated after 7 days, and will report a protection status (red) with "modules out of date". If you are more strict with this, what you can do is to shorten the alert interval down to one day, by configuring a setting in a policy for security product as follows:
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    Release Date: September 26, 2018 ESET Cloud Administrator (ECA) is a cloud-based management console (offered as a service) allowing centralized management of select ESET products. ESET Cloud Administrator allows you to manage your company’s network security without the need to buy, install or maintain additional hardware. Using the ECA Web Console, you can deploy ESET products, manage tasks, enforce security policies, monitor system status, report on security incidents and quickly respond to problems or threats on remote computers. Below are some of the important features in the currently released version of ESET Cloud Administrator: Incident Overview dashboard Hardware inventory Notifications Use local lists Group policy (GPO) deployment Automatic threat resolution Log Collector New and improved wizards For Frequently Asked Questions and descriptions of the features, see ESET Cloud Administrator—what's new? Support Resources Getting started with ESET Cloud Administrator (ECA) - Windows ESET Cloud Administrator Online Help contains comprehensive reference information for system settings, configurations, installation scenarios and more. Troubleshooting and problems with the ECA Web Console ECA Live Installer deployment methods Upgrade ECA components to the latest version