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  2. The telnet that ESET is talking about is not among Windows features , you need to login in into your router and check the Telnet settings or disable it if you are not using it. Check if the router firewall also is working fine.
  3. Ok I understand , thank you both Marcos and ITman
  4. It can be virtually any html code. Sometimes it could be even FP so without further investigation it's impossible to tell. In case we're unable to reproduce the detection, we will be able to tell more only by checking files in user's quarantine.
  5. But isn't that detection the ScriptInject is coming from a hijacked router/website/browser ?
  6. Referring to the first two postings in this thread, browser ad and JavaScript blocking extensions and the like would not have prevented this activity. It appears something was installed manually. It could have be standalone software. If it was then the following were applicable: 1. The software was installed prior to Eset being installed. 2. Eset's PUA protection was/is not enabled. 3. Eset's PUA detection was ignored and the poster allowed the software installation. Another possibility is the poster either explicitly or inadvertently installed a browser extension that contains the javacript code being detected.
  7. Ok thank you for your help with this. You can go ahead and close this question/topic if you'd like.
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  9. I do want to look into Linux one day. I know its gotten better but I've heard you need to know a lot of commands and drivers can be a pain
  10. Switch to Linux if you can , you won't regret it But even in Windows 10 , you can disable all of the Cortana features and also the location and so on.
  11. uBlock Origin should be better and run more light , better than the Adblock versions when you add uMatrix , a lot of things will stop working in websites or websites will start looking broken , like even in this forum , if you use it , all of the things that do use Javascript will be stopped unless you allow them. It helps because if you visit a dodgy website it won't be able to throw all of the malicious JS at you.
  12. ESFW ver 7.0.12018.0 and Windows Server 2012 r2. redeploying the agent is done twice but the same issue happen
  13. I have the "AdBlock" extension to Chrome. But I will try that too! Thanks!
  14. What version of EFSW and OS is installed there? Have you tried re-redeploying the ESMC agent so that its database is created from scratch?
  15. I run Superantispyware and the problem seems fixed for now. We will see. Thanks for the info! yes I know about the dodgy antispyware applications.
  16. only EFS agent is upgraded from 6.3 to 7.0.577.0 after this changes the day after servers become unresponsive, only way to make it operational is to force restart. but this case keep on happening the following day. i'll take the memory dump and share to you
  17. I don't think that upgrade from ERA to ESMC would have any effect on systems. Did you mean upgrade of EFSW v6 to EFSW v7? Would you please provide a complete memory dump from an unresponsive state as per https://support.eset.com/kb380/?
  18. Servers became unresponsive after upgrading ESET era 6 to ESMC 7
  19. I forward your post to our support team , Best Regards.
  20. The problem with the machine from which the latest logs were taken is that you have an old eamonm.sys driver from v4.5 running. Did you upgrade to EFSW v7 from EFSW v4.5? If so, a restart is needed after installation for new drivers to get loaded. Did you reboot the server? If so, please uninstall EFSW completely, make sure there is no eamonm.sys driver in c:\windows\system32\drivers and install EFSW v7 from scratch.
  21. Dear ITman For your info , This 2 Server are offline and have no internet access for OS update
  22. Australian support have advised me they have an APK file available from the link below with full functionality. Please uninstall the software and restart device. Download directly on device from the link (and guide) https://support.eset.com/kb6563/ Activate with your license key
  23. I recently bought a " Tp-Link Archer D2 (EU) " Router/Access point . im getting this fishy notification even tho the telnet is disabled in the windows , ALG and NAT are disabled in the router settings . currently im using it on bridge mode . i did rescan many times . im still getting this telnet notification and i get these blocked devices in my firewall everytime i connect my modem prior to connecting to internet . am i a victim of a telnet attack ? if not how can i fix this ? FYI : im living in Iran and like most ppl here im not running a Genuine windows 10 so i did exclude the crack . ( C:\Windows\AutoKMS ) . would this be related ? ps: i saw another topic in here with some one having the same issue which did not get solves in that topic . im assuming it was due to miscommunication and the person who had the same problem were also from iran judging by his name .
  24. Good news...2 (or 3) days ago I did delete my scan logs (as per itman's suggestion) and for the past 2 days my scheduled scans are now logging. What I'll probably do is update my log maintenance so as to not have so many logs just sitting there. Thanks again itman. Regards, Tom
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  26. Definitely. I understand some of the privacy aspects put people off. Its not something I'm knowledgeable about but I remember complaints about Cortana and location with people complaining about MS knowing this information but many seemed to use Siri which is just the same. Many people seem to want something that can basically know the user and give recommendations based on the user without giving information
  27. If Octagon is your local retailer, you should contact them or your local customer care for assistance.
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