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  2. 1, Americanexpress.com uses http/2 which means it's not supported by Banking and payment protection yet. 2, The website uses an EV certificate which means the communication is not filtered by ESET, ie. ESET cannot be the reason for the certificate issuer to be not known. I would click More information and check certificate details to determine the issuer.
  3. That's ok. Scheduled scans are not supposed to not run when update is in progress.
  4. Whether the "Show bult-in rules" box is ticked or not does not affect rules in any way; the setting affects only the display of default rules. Default rules that are enabled are applied regardless of the state of the box. If a particular communication is blocked, then there's no permissive rule that would allow it. You can use the Firewall troubleshooting wizard on a client to get a list of recently blocked communications where you can allow the desired ones with one click. Alternatively you can use learning mode to create permissive rules automatically. Afterwards review the rules, remove the unwanted ones and apply the desired ones via a policy to other computers as well.
  5. Please restart the computer to finish installation of v12.1.34, then try to reproduce it with the latest version. Also I don't think there is a mechanism to postpone tasks when an upgrade is running.
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  7. Here are a couple of screenshots: (1) In my original post, I mentioned about "Module update in progress" message appearing on system tray even when the scan is running. (2) Yesterday Internet Security got upgraded to I have a scheduled task of Windows System folder scan after each update. Now here you notice the flaw. When ESET IS was applying upgrade and updating, it should have postponed the scheduled scan but it didn't. The upgrade and scan ran together.
  8. After the recent upgrade of ESET IS to, all my banking and credit card sites have stopped working with certificate error. Previously, I always used bpp browser to run such sites.
  9. I've got an issue with a particular departments build (deployed with Windows MDT) that has ESET installed and connects to the Remote Administrator and applies their departmental policies. The issue is with this department is the "Show built in (predefined) rules" is not ticked, and obviously grey out once the Remote Administrator applies a policy. So we have some issues relating potentially to the firewalls with this department, and I'm being told by one of the senior guys here that the issue is because this is unticked, and therefore the predefined rules are not being applied to those machines. Is that true? surely the predefined rules are being applied whether you tick to show them or not. I'm being told that the issue is with ESET not applying the tick to Show built in (predefined) rules that particular department doesn't get those predefined rules. P.S The Policies themselves have the the tick to show the predefined rules, this just isn't on the clients, because (discovered through testing) it is not ticked before they connect to Remote Administrator the first time. I can't just redeploy these machines as they are numerous, spread across the country and in heavy use.
  10. Couldn't it be that you have Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 and fast startup enabled? (https://www.howtogeek.com/243901/the-pros-and-cons-of-windows-10s-fast-startup-mode/) In that case, the computer is not actually shutdown, hence a reboot is required after upgrade.
  11. We have had a long standing issue with ESET and being able to login to sites or apps that use MS authentication. We have an internal application and our login to Office 365 fail to login. You try to sign in, enter the username and password, go to our federated server for the authentication and then get turned right back out to the network login. A few turns at doing that, and sooner or later we start locking accounts. We ultimate figured out the issue was an issue between Windows 10 v. 1803 and ESET. Works fine up until we install ESET and then, once it's installed, we can't login any longer. I can't speak to the 1809 build but it definitely happens with 1803. We figured out a work-around until a patch comes along - we have to go into web access protection and disable http protocol checking and https checking. With those disable, everything works fine. Any ideas why this is an issue or is there a patch in the works to address? I don't like having to do the work around obviously, but as we roll out more windows 10 machines and move more to office 365, it becomes a bigger issue.
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  13. I can't revive a 3 month old thread, so let's just use the same subject. Why eset nod always ask to be restarted when the computer was shut down after the update? I search the forum and found unanswered topic as far back 2014!
  14. Please take a screen shot of the alert and post it here. Also collect logs with ESET Log Collector and post the generated archive.
  15. Do the following which will validate that a LiveGrid connection is being made: https://help.eset.com/eis/12/en-US/idh_page_cloud.html
  16. It was installed on my Win 10 x(64) 1809 build w/o issue. Appears you are the only one having issues using Eset. Check you default Eset firewall and ensure ekrn.exe rule shows Direction as "Both."
  17. I've used SAS in the past and it's more trouble than it's worth. Regards, Tom
  18. This sounds very similar to https://forum.eset.com/topic/19292-preyed-upon/. First off, NEVER click on a pop-up. You can use the ALT + F4 keys (together) to close an unwanted pop-up (I'm not sure if task manager will show a POP-UP, it might so that's another possibility). Secondly, review the pop-up blocker settings in your browser. Odds are it's a fraudster/scammer looking to spread malware and possibly gain access to your machine and drain your bank account. Regards, Tom
  19. Could you take a screenshot of this so we can try and identify the issue? Is this on the PC itself or via the browser. The only time I can imagine Eset warning you to renew your license is if Eset was installed.
  20. Cheers for the clarification. Never use it so wasn't sure.
  21. Hello all! Even tho ESET has not found any virus in my PC I still keep getting these annoying "address has been blocked - amanda.run netc" or something similar. Any help? Thanks
  22. I keep getting pop up ads from your firm asking me to renew my license. I don't recall having your product, nor do I wish to have it. Hope can I stop these annoying pop ups that occur a dozen times a day? Thanks
  23. You still get to set a scheduled scan or use it as on demand scanner but not as real time , indeed it does get disabled when ESET is installed in order to avoid conflicts.
  24. Doesn't Windows Defender get disabled when Eset is installed? Maybe I could be wrong. I do use Malwarebytes as I have a lifetime license (sadly discontinued now), but generally using another AV is not recommended, certainly one with real time detection. The issue is that both security programs are trying to do the same stuff and could cause conflicts. This in turn could help a virus slip past while the two are arguing with each other. Best way to think of it is like having two firewalls with both in interactive mode. You open a new program and both firewalls try to detect it and ask you what you want to do - this wouldn't be good as both are trying to ask you or block it at the same time
  25. I think that it directly depends on the VPN providers that you use. The best way to check is to use another combination of VPN and antivirus software. If you got the same issue with VeePN then you can check settings of antivirus on your computer.
  26. There are many system and other important files that don't have a digital signature. We've had Microsoft signatures whitelisted for a long time to prevent false positives and to improve scanning speed.
  27. I was thinking more of using EEI feature: "Easily suppress false alarms by adjusting the sensitivity of detection rules for different computer groups or users. Combine criteria such as file name / path / hash / command line / signer to fine-tune the trigger conditions. ". So critical system files/ updates that have correct signature and hash would be excluded from checking.
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