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  2. Product activation Issues

    Sorry, I have finally been able to get to do the test, there is no error, it activates when I entered the key manually
  3. Does anyone have any ideas? I submitted a support request to ESET customer service but so far this has been met with deafening silence.
  4. We've already released an ERA Configuration module to several dozens of users which fixes the issue for those who haven't upgraded to v6.6.2072 yet. After a computer restart Endpoint should work alright.
  5. @SysEPr Thank you for your feedback. Here are my comments & couple of questions, to get better understanding: Description: IdP provider (like Okta, OneLogin, etc..) or SCIM support for user synchronization We will add this into the feature backlog Description: SaaS ERA service from ESET for larger companies (more than 300 users) This is something, that is already in the process. I can´t comment on the availability, but it is among out top priorities Description: Agent installer that installs the latest version by default As of now, we are not able to do this due to legal restrictions (you pre-accept EULA upon generating, however each version can have adjustments in EULA). So legal department is against it. But improvement itself is being tracked. PS: do you mean agent = management agent, or the actual security product (ESET Endpoint Security) ? Description: Agent installer that is not a bash script / bat file In the next version, it will be possible to generate installer that will include only the management agent (.exe). Description: More detailed task status There are couple of improvements for this in the upcoming version, primarily for the software installation task (as this one is the most problematic). What are the other tasks, you would like to get more granular reporting for? Description: More advanced/combined reporting Reporting framework, although powerful, have some limitations set by the DB scheme. What kind of information you want to get in particular? There are many improvements in this, but it you will be more specific, we can focus on them Description: Dynamic group reevaluation trigger on server side This is a bit more complex than in looks. DGs are evaluated on agent, and then agent needs to reports back to server, about if it is a member of a DG. So DG is not really a „filter“, it´s more like „condition template“ that is being evaluated locally, and being acted upon (regardless of the connection to the server). We are working on the new „orchestration“ framework, that will bring asset tagging, and server side automation, and it´s possible that will bring a solution to this use-case of yours. Description: Failure reporting system We have this item into the feature backlog, planned for the future versions. Not for the V7 (although some changes were made), but for versions after V7.
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  7. Hi. I end up to manually remove ESETs from safe mode, because there is no fix for reinstall it from windows or with push install from console. On few PCs i can reinstall esets, but most of them i end in safe mode. Now even if eset is on PC in version 6.6.2072, there is still pop up windows from eset and something like "ESET need attention - ESET Main Gui" but when i open eset there is no error. Have anyone same error with ESET Main Gui? Thanks
  8. Hi Marcos, here is a log, that shows that this error happens very frequently. Sometimes, if i repeat "Search for Updates", this error dissapear, but this couldn't be a "solution". Eset.txt
  9. Description: IdP provider (like Okta, OneLogin, etc..) or SCIM support for user synchronisation Detail: Modern, big companies doesn't necessary have classic AD and/or LDAP servers anymore. They are using Google Suite, different IdP providers, etc... to manage their users. It would be nice to see support for these systems, either individually, or though SCIM, which is a supported by almost every one of them (including Google). ----------- Description: SaaS ERA service from ESET for larger companies (more than 300 users) Detail: It would be nice to see a SaaS ERA solution from ESET for companies with more than 300 users, since lots of companies live in the cloud now, and they don't want to run their own servers. ----------- Description: Agent installer that installs the latest version by default Detail: I think there should be an option to create an installer that would always install the latest version of the agent. I know you can modify the bash script, but still... Especially now since it even checks the checksum of the file. ------------ Description: Agent installer that is not a bash script / bat file Detail: It's really hard for some users to ran bash scripts or bat files (it's a big point of failure at install even with a step by step guide) as administrator, so it would be nice to see a way to generate an actual installer that would elevate itself to the necessary rights, and take care of everything. ------------ Description: More detailed task status Detail: It would be nice to see why certain task has failed, or what's the actual status of it in a more detailed way, etc... ------------ Description: More advanced/combined reporting Detail: It's really hard to get nice reports out of the interface with all the details that are otherwise there on the computer details page. It would be a good thing to have a more advanced reporting system ------------ Description: Dynamic group reevaluation trigger on server side Detail: After modifying a dynamic group, you have to wait until the client connects again for the computer to get into that group. It would nice to have a button that would reevaluate the computers if the rule is based on something that is already known by the server, like the installed agent version, etc... ------------ Description: Failure reporting system Detail: With High Sierra, ESET gets blocked a lot, but there are other reasons as well when the installation fails or when the endpoint is not running. It's really hard to see these cases from the console, even thought the endpoint detects it, and informs the user. It would be nice to have an interface, that would show us the problematic computers, why the endpoint is not deploying/running as it should, etc...

    On the computer with ERA Server installed please capture the network communication with Wireshark at the time you attempt to add the license to ERA and provide me with the generated pcap log. Does the machine connect directly to the Internet or through a proxy server?
  11. Hi guys, I receive an error when i try to add license key into ERA webconsole, just checked firewall, network,... but still can't added! As the picture details below: Please give me some advice that what should I do to continue? Thanks so much!
  12. Win32/FileCoder.BTCWare

    After running a full disk scan you should be prompted for an action. Selecting Delete or Clean should remove the detected text files. Also we don't recommend using MBAM together with ESET. With versions 1-2 there were no issues as long as its real-time protection was kept disabled but allegedly v3 clashes with ESET.
  13. Please temporarily uninstall ESET NOD32 Antivirus and install ESET Internet Security. Activate a 30-day trial version after installation. Then enable advanced firewall logging under Tools -> Diagnostics and reboot the computer. Next disable logging and collect logs with ELC. When done, upload the generated zip archive to a safe location and drop me a private message with a download link.
  14. Freezes My Mac

    Please refer to this alert: Spectre/Meltdown mitigations cause errors on macOS 10.13.2 and earlier with ESET Cyber Security and Cyber Security Pro.
  15. Clear threats on device

    If it reappears, it might happen, that the old data (that will be deleted upon executing a cleanup) air automatically paired with the agent UUID. It might be good to actually reinstall the ERA agent, so truly new "computer instance" is created in ERA.
  16. Win32/FileCoder.BTCWare

    Hi @safety Thanks for the reply.Does it mean if we disable the Malwarebyte Protection and run ESET scan again will able to delete the !#_RESTORE_FILES_#!.INF ?
  17. Freezes My Mac

    ESET Cyber Security 6.5.600.1 Installed as an update to the old version, when I restarted the computer I got a kernel panic on the esets_daemon. The only way I can use the computer at this point is to not have ESET installed. It is too late to call support now. I have attached the kernel panic screenshots taken with my phone. Here is what we tried 1. Remove ESET, computer works like a charm 2. Reinstall ESET from fresh download, computer freezes 3. Remove ESET, computer starts working again 4. Run ESET Uninstall, Reinstall ESET, ESET asks for license again which it did not do on last install, assuming that the uninstall must have actually done something. 5. ESET froze the computer while I was digging up the license code. 6. Removed ESET from safe mode using the ESET uninstaller, I am running El Capitan 10.11.6 (15G19009) - Kernel Version Darwin 15.6.0
  18. I've got the same problem, can anyone help?
  19. Yesterday
  20. I noticed that BPP updated today to ver. 1122. IE11 x64 still not launching my bank web site in BBP mode when IE11 is in normal browsing mode.
  21. Currently this is not possible but it will be improved in ESMC (ERA v7). I'd recommend upgrading Endpoints gradually, not at once.
  22. The majority of these appear to be in sort of a half-installed state, so I can't open up the GUI. Today I found that I could remove the ekrn service registry key, reboot, then use the stand-alone installer to get 6.6.2072 working, at least on the machines I've tried it on.
  23. Is there a way to automatically upgrade the EndPoint whenever there's a newer/latest version comes out? (like the way to set to automatically update Windows then restart the computer, or install the Windows update first then decide when to manually restart the computer) For businesses with many workstations, having to manually select which group of workstations to schedule the push of install task of newer EndPoint version doesn't quite make sense.
  24. JS/Chromex.Submelius.D trojan

    Eset blocked access to the web page. As such, nothing could have been downloaded and you are not infected with anything.
  25. OK, I'm sure this is my fault, but I've been away from home and upon return I had an email for me to reset my password. I clicked on the link, but was told the link had expired. My computer had crashed and I had to reinstall everything and I had just re-installed eSet SSP in my new computer. I didn't realize my previous purchase was still good until May of 18 so I repurchased eSet SSP, installed, and activated it. It is now running on my new computer. I tried to sign in to the eSet web site, but it wouldn't accept my old password, nor the one sent in the new email. I tried again and was told I had tried too many times. So my question is, "What do I do now ???" I would appreciate any help, imjohn
  26. JS/Chromex.Submelius.D trojan .... pops up on Chrome Only for me Did an "in depth scan" and nothing was found the second time. Windows 10 Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks in advance, Eric
  27. Clear threats on device

    it is a machine that was syncing with the crytolocker machine, and the onedrive was encrypted. So it spent a month or so trying to sync back the help_decrypt files. The one drive is now clean and no new threats are detected. I have deleted the object before and it comes back with the same stuff :/ I did it again, it should come back in an hour or so, i will report back then.
  28. Alert for install software in network

    Thanks! This is it
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