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  2. ESET tech support?

    Coming back to this, the answer is NO, ESET US (ESET, LLC) does not contract with any partners to perform malware removal on our behalf.
  3. Hello, I suggest two things: You can make it ask again in ECSP Preferences... > Notifications and check the box next to New Device Detected or similar (usually should be the only one unchecked). You may also need to adjust the Display Conditions next to it. If you don't remember how it should be set, you can simply click on the 'Default' button on the bottom of the window to reset the Notifications back to how it was when installed. Exclude Time Machine from ECSP completely which is recommended. You can do that in ECSP Preferences... > General > Exclusions and add the .backupdb folder inside the location where Time Machine back ups are made.
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  5. Introduce yourself

    Hi jaypeecee, glad to have you here. I'm sure you will be pleased having discovered ESET. I know that I am pleased that I did. Look around and spend some time here, You won't regret it.
  6. Introduce yourself

    Hello Shehab. Glad to have you here.
  7. The Personal firewall is turned off.
  8. Whenever I even view the child profile in portal, the date of birth field resets to today's date. This is very annoying as it practically resets their age ratings to 0. So I want to clarify, I do not edit the profile, only view it at and the date of birth resets. Is this forum even right place to report bugs like this? Cheers, - Arttu
  9. I tried disabling it one toggle at a time, but eventually I had to remove the software altogether. It's moot at this point since I won't be renewing my subscription. I need a product that will protect me AND stay out of my way.
  10. Just one. The second cannot be enrolled because the first one is in the database.
  11. Are both devices showing in ERA or just one?
  12. Yes we use default "Automatic" firewall setting. If you are worried about constant flood of notifications, then add an user configurable option to show notifications for IDS and set it to off by default. And in this notification there could be some checkbox like "don't notify for this IP address" or something. This way everyone will be happy.
  13. I reckon this happens in automatic mode when an uninitiated inbound communication for which no rule exists is attempted. If the firewall was to notify about every blocked packet, many users would be constantly flooded with notifications.
  14. You can translate it to "Packet blocked by active defensive system (IDS)"
  15. How do you know it was IDS which blocked the communication?
  16. Introduce yourself

    Hi Folks, Just signed up to the ESET Security Forum today. I am pleased to have discovered ESET having tried several AV/Security products over the many years that I've been using PCs. I spent ages in deciding on ESET. Today, I also updated from version 10 to version 11. Looking forward to being here. jaypeecee
  17. Thanks @SCR You are right, it would probbaly be better to do nothing ! But this "System Cleaner" is not very useful Thanks @peteyt Where can I find your previous post about this feature ? I would add some comments
  18. I doesn't matter if I want to block it or not, what matters is that Eset doesn't notify users that IDS blocked something. There should be an option to enable such notifications.
  19. There's a link to show details about the blocked communication. If you are having issues with DVR because of this blocked communication, you should allow it. If you don't experience any issues, I'd leave it as is.
  20. It says "blocked 12x", and I don't want to allow it as it is out DVR and after seeing this I suspect it may be part of botnet.
  21. I don't think these connections were blocked by IDS. Click Unblock (Odblokuj) to create an allow rule for the blocked communication.
  22. The firewall doesn't ask about communication unless you use interactive mode or have a custom firewall rule with the action set to ask created. Try removing all custom firewall rules and make sure the firewall is set to work in automatic mode.
  23. Bug when deleting log entries

    You didn't follow my steps to reproduce this, you probably selected only some entries, but i specifically wrote " Select them all, either using Ctrl+A or clicking on first and then on last with Shift pressed. "
  24. Bug when deleting log entries

    No problems here. Make sure you didn't select "Delete all". When I selected only specific records and then selected Delete, only selected records were deleted.
  25. Hi, I have two Tablets with the same Deviceid Device Identifiers: Type : IMEI Value : 0123456789ABCDEF Is there any way to add two different device with the same DeviceID? ERA version: 6.5.417.0 MDM version: 6.5.510.0 Thanks in advance, Gabor Kovats-Szocs
  26. Hi everybody! I have Eset Cyber Security pro installed on my macbook pro and in other iMac. In the iMac it always asks me if i want to scan the media just added. In the macbook, i think i have ticked that option "dont ask again", and now it scans automatically. The problem is my time machine external hdd, it takes too long because eset starts scan all the disk without ask me. I've looked in the configs and didn't find anything. Is it possible to make it asks again? Thanks in advance.
  27. Steps to reproduce: 1. In Endpoint Security, go to Tools -> Logs (or whatever it is called in english) 2. Go to a section that will have some entries, I open that one where signature updates are logged 3. Open filter and apply some filter to narrow the results, I used "date" 4. Select them all, either using Ctrl+A or clicking on first and then on last with Shift pressed. 5. Press Delete on keyboard or Right click and select Delete. 6. Notice that it says "delete everything", confirm it. 7. Disable filtering, notice that everything is gone!
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