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  2. I use current Chrome and Firefox browser
  3. Same as you; secured browser. Suggest you test under IE11 since that is what I am using and where the problem is being experienced.
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  5. No problems here. What action do you have set for this bank website in the Protected websites setup? Firefox 57.0.4 32-bit, Windows 10 RS3: Same with Chrome:
  6. module: 1120 dated 1/10/2018 Also Paypal doesn't work. Opens outside of OPP.
  7. Information about the address may not be always available, especially if it doesn't pertain to http communication. We'll see if this could be improved in the future. Currently the following alert is displayed to the user upon detection: Please collect logs with ELC and provide me with the generated zip file via a personal message. If too big to attach, upload it to a safe location (e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) and provide a download link.
  8. just have one android device ! i reset my modem and change the wifi password but still people connected to my Home Network I think the problem is from the LAN Cable Authentication Type : wpa-psk/wpa2-psk Modem : tp link td w8901n my password is strong watch the Video
  9. No problems with here. What browser / version do you use and what version of the BPP module do you have installed?
  10. ESET Reseller in Iran

    Please contact ESET ME who is the official distributor for the region. We don't have information about their partners in particular countries.
  11. I see only 10 mobile devices named Android (something) in your screen shot. Have you had only one Android device connected to the network? Couldn't it be that you don't have the Wi-fi network password protected and many other users could have connected through your router?
  12. Over 20000 Device Connected to My PC! What is this hey guys im from iran - today When I turned on my pc, I saw several thousand people connect to my network !!!!!!! its Attack ? ..... IDK the video&image attachment Record Mp4.rar
  13. Makes more sense this would be called something more logical then than gamer mode.
  14. ESET Reseller in Iran

    Well I checked the above address. But I couldn't see any list of the partners. I faced such an address: hxxp:// And I couldn't find the above URL list in the link you provided me. I will be appreciated if you clear this matter. this is very important to us. Best of Regards, Shahin
  15. ESET Reseller in Iran

    The following is an official website of the distributor for the ME region:
  16. ESET Reseller in Iran

    Hello Do you have any official reseller in Iran for business products in order to purchase any ESET Business products?! There are many companies in Iran which sell your business products. Can we trust them to buy from them?! Does ESET's Official company gives technical support for the organizations and customers in Iran?! And is it possible for ESET to ban Iranian IP's like AV vendors (Symantec , McAfee) in the future?! I'll be appreciated if you respond my questions honestly! Best of Regards, Shahin
  17. Please answer my question, otherwise we won't be able to verify.
  18. It is due to the fact that if selected gamer mode will activate when something goes into full screen e.g. a game, video etc.
  19. What is the url of the IB login page?
  20. Alert for install software in network

    What I am thinking of, was to create a Dynamic group that will include the type of software you want to monitor (use the condition "in" when creating the dynamic group template). Or you can create a DG per the type of software. Then you can set a notification for "dynamic group content changes" - which means an alert will be sent anytime, a computer is added (but also removed) to the particular DG. Would this be sufficient?
  21. Win 10 1709, IS 11.0.159 My bank web site is no longer opening under OPP from normal browser mode. Browser is IE11. Perhaps latest Win Updates borked something?
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