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  2. I'd recommend contacting Customer care via the built-in form so that logs are sent out to ESET for further investigation.
  3. Some further info on Telnet. Port 23 is not the only port used. Port 107 is used by Remote Telnet. Also there is a way to shut down all Telnet activity using the Eset firewall. You would have to create a firewall rule to block all inbound and outbound activity specifying the protocol as "Custom" and the protocol number as 240 - 255. In other words, 15 firewall rules would be needed since the Eset firewall only also one protocol number to be specified per firewall rule. Ref.: http://www.networksorcery.com/enp/protocol/telnet.htm
  4. side note : i dont believe in all that " Built-in Router Firewall STUFF" . i never had any problems bypassing them , so i usually disable them for my home network , by which im not allowing extra protocols that have many security vulnerabilities effect my connections . plus i usually use this connection for Gaming on Steam , for which using a cable works way better than wireless connections , as it could effect the stability of your ping etc . having said that , if you do not know how to protect yourself manually then u might put your trust in your device software firewall , which i would not recommend personally.
  5. yep , i agree with the most parts. the telnet client is disabled by default on windows 10 , but usually on the Router/Access points that have this feature , its enabled by default and thats why you get this notification in eset >> In order to deal with this issue you have to disable that feature from the web interface of your device AKA "modem settings" . but here`s the problem . when you connect a new device like a router etc , Eset Firewall blocks it by default . specially when you try to change the settings in your router web interface for which it require running certain scripts and those also will get blocked in your Firewall , etc . So in order to do this the easiest way would be to disconnect from the internet , then disable your Eset Firewall , and only then go to your router settings otherwise you have to unlock the required Devices , ports , and services manually everytime you want to change your settings which might not go smooth as u think everytime. here are some examples of the Firewall blocking attempts for your device to be connected to your Pc>>
  6. The Win Server versions vulnerable to this are noted below. The question is how many Eset installations have applied it? And it is a Remote Desktop Services vulnerability: https://www.securityweek.com/wormable-windows-rds-vulnerability-poses-serious-risk-ics
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  8. I noticed that the individual use of apps labeled FnG can sum to well over the supposed time budget. For example, one of the games my kid plays was logged for 2 hours while the "budget" is set to 30 min, and that app has the FnG game controller icon next to it.
  9. I think there's misunderstanding here. Once the rule is created, Eset remembers it fine. But it still shows a popup each time Skype is launched, informing access to webcam was allowed. What I suggest is adding a checkbox on such kind of popups "Don't show again". 😊 However, its not really that annoying, when popup time is set to 5 sec if important from marketing prospective.
  10. To be 100% accurate in regards to telnet is the following. The telnet client is not installed on Win 10 by default: https://www.rootusers.com/how-to-enable-the-telnet-client-in-windows-10/ . As noted in the article if the telnet client is installed, any port can be used by it; not just port 23. When router's reference telnet, they are just referring to its default use of port 23. Disabling the telnet option on the router is just blocking all inbound/outbound WAN side port 23 TCP/UDP traffic to/from the router. When the router is set to bridge mode, you are instructing the router to pass all inbound and outbound traffic through the WAN side of the router. All firewall, IDS, and protocol filtering methods on the router are disabled. Additionally, both NAT and stateful transmission detection are also disabled on the router. As such, you are now relying 100% on Eset's firewall for port 23 protection. Whereas Eset's firewall will block an unsolicited inbound port 23 traffic by default, such is not the case for any outbound port 23 traffic. By default, Eset allows all outbound traffic.
  11. Hey guys, Thanks but for some reason about 8-12 hours later it appeared correctly under Licenses, so all good now! It is ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.0 (7.0.451.0) Yes there is multiple BAs. It was a new a license/BA. Thanks! RG
  12. Please provide a complete memory dump from time when the system becomes unresponsive. If possible, check if the issue occurs also with EFSW uninstalled.
  13. It was blocked due to malware. A while ago it was unblocked since the malware was not found there any more.
  14. By creating a rule which is selected by default:
  15. I think what the OP wanted to ask: how to suppress repeated notifications? Like about the same program accessing your webcam, or when the same URL is always blocked when starting a certain application etc. I too seen the same popups coming each and every time. While most users have no intention to suppress relevant Eset protections, it would reduce annoying aspect of popups by offering a checkbox on them "Don't show again". For example, Skype users can read one time "Skype access to webcam was allowed" after they allowed it, but many would prefer to not read it every time when launching Skype. In fact, Eset in Firewall Interactive Mode doesn't show popups "Access to a website was allowed based on previously saved rule". Same "no annoyances" notification logic should persist throughout other Eset modules, except when repeat notification is required or preferred by user. As the product gets more diverse and complex, it does require more coherent notifications control.
  16. No problem accessing that file as limited admin in Win 10.
  17. thats what i was assuming but since Telnet is no joke i had to make sure . i`l let ya know if i find anything new about this issue.
  18. The website is not blocked by ESET. If you have a reason to believe that it's blocked, please email a screen shot to samples[at]eset.com as per the instructions in the FAQ section on the right-hand side of this forum. Having said that, we'll draw this topic to a close.
  19. even tho im using it on a bridge mode , i have the lan dhcp enabled so the modem/router does do the routing automatically . i havent changed the private IP address of the device since i figured im not gonna use it on any wireless connection since i make sure im not getting any telnet attack , they tend to be a bit harsh u know , its not like you getting DDOS. i might have to check Tp Link emulator for this , linux is alot more helpful in these cases comparing to microsoft windows. the blue screen of death made the whole thing more complicated...
  20. I have my own sites which is not getting traffic does any body help me to find solution hxxps://www.lucky......info.com
  21. first of all thank you for your reply . i did not know there`s a crack version for eset 12 . i do have a one year internet security license which i did paid in full . and about the telnet issue , i almost solved it . but i did get a blue screen in the process . driver power state failure to be exact altho i doubt if it had anything to do with the issue , it would be most likely related to my "killer control center" Driver app for wifi adapter i assume . i will look further into this and post the results in couple of hours.
  22. What is aamapi.com and why is it blocked? Peter
  23. It is very strange that running SAS made a difference since according to the logs it removed only 12 xml files under C:\USERS\P\APPDATA\LOCAL\PACKAGES\MICROSOFT.MICROSOFTEDGE_8WEKYB3D8BBWE\AC\#!001\MICROSOFTEDGE\USER\DEFAULT\DOMSTORE\ and 482 tracking cookies under C:\USERS\P\APPDATA\LOCAL\PACKAGES, C:\USERS\GUEST ON P...L\APPDATA\LOCAL\GOOGLE\CHROME\USER DATA\DEFAULT\COOKIES\MICROSOFT.MICROSOFTEDGE_8WEKYB3D8BBWE\AC\#!002 and in Firefox SQLight db C:\USERS\P\APPDATA\ROAMING\MOZILLA\FIREFOX\PROFILES\95KO6UBP.DEFAULT\COOKIES.SQLITE. Ie. something that is not subject to detection primarily by AV products.
  24. In the router settings, it's usually under the "allowed protocols" section. And yes, those protocol options all apply to router WAN settings. For example, NetBIOS should also be disabled by default.
  25. As far as this software goes, it's a PUA: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/240472-removal-instructions-for-wipersoft/
  26. Please provide logs and quarantine from the mentioned app so that we can check what it detected.
  27. Running Superantispyware the problem is resolved. I do not know what exactly it was as it detected some 488 adware etc but now Chrome runs smoothly and fast. It is bad that Eset NOD32 could not detect it as I run a thorough in depth scan...
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