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  3. Hi Marcos, just for curiosity. Why this signature is WinGo and not Win32/64? Thank you
  4. Hello, I am not aware of any application-level software solution that detects IMSI catchers. Perhaps you will find the following of interest: SeaGlass: Enabling City-Wide IMSI-Catcher Detection from the University of Washington in Seattle. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  5. Thanks Itman I did uncheck the splash screen box and it solved the problem. Just getting around on WIN10 after 15 years with XP has made doing anything difficult. Attaching a pic here is another unknown. Regards
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  7. Hello, ESET's software is licensed directly, as well as through distributors and resellers worldwide. You would want to check with the ESET office, distributor or reseller directly to determine what forms of payment they take. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  8. I have read a lot of things lately on hackers using IMSI Catchers to hack phones. Is there any security measures that eset offers or anyone else for that matter?
  9. I will also note that this URL, https://www.agricom.cl/ , is OK. Appears to me that access is being attempted to an intranet domain of above via the Internet?
  10. Got the name wrong yeah its eset smart security premium with the password manager. I use Stickypassword as I got a cheap lifetime license a few years back. Eset used to to use an edited version of theirs for their password manager but now use another developer but can't remember who. Upgrading to eset smart security premium depends on what you'll use and costs. A lot of password managers have monthly costs so it may be cheaper upgrading eset depending on the pricing differences. Also the other thing premium comes with is a tool for encrypting files. Browser wise it's all down to pers
  11. Should I switch to Chrome because I got Firefox and I sync it to my android an other phone no issues seems secure to me I think but if you think googes better ill go with it. Btw Eset Internet Security doesn't come with the password manager. Its Eset smart security premium which I think you meant. But even with tgosex2 extra things odk if its better or worse or the same as Eset Internet Security but idk its probably best to stick with what you know idk.. I don't trust those password managers like last pass or bitwarden etc so if it were to be one it for sure be with eset. Did I ask what type y
  12. The license 3AK-3BA-FUW was created just today, not two months ago. It expires on Jan 20, 2022.
  13. The intermediate certificate "GlobalSign RSA DV SSL CA 2018" was indeed revoked: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=intranet.agricom.cl Trusted: NOT TRUSTED GlobalSign RSA DV SSL CA 2018 Fingerprint SHA256: 9e898ed03fa46969690dad73c7296675045ff9b5a0100a399beb8435a98f5185 Pin SHA256: zf+i/fasW4ALe6PM9XFmRtKN/HFCpamlq2FK8z/Vuvs= RSA 2048 bits (e 65537) / SHA256withRSA REVOKED
  14. Hello, we get the same false message for this website https://intranet.agricom.cl/Intranet Clients without ESET Software are getting correct answer from this website with no certificate error We even tried to enter an exception for this website without success Web und E-Mail | SSL/TLS | List of known certificates (Import from URL) Name: *.agricom.cl Certificate issuer: GlobalSign RSA DV SSL CA 2018 Certificate subject: CN=*.agricom.cl Access = Allow But no success: Error Message all the same "Website certificate is revoked" pls help, regards
  15. Hello again.t Thanks for your reply. Yes, till today we had 3 active licenses and paid one, for which we couldn’t get a key. Finally, today (after almost two months!!!) we got the key for the last license. As you can check, now we have 4 active licenses, as it should be. Hope we will avoid such situation in the future. Thanks for your attention. Case is closed.
  16. I really like the Parental Control app, but there is one critical function mising IMO. Besides blocking limited apps, we should also have an option block *everything* (maybe excerpt for phone for emergencies). This is crucial during bedtime!
  17. Hi, It is possible to create a dynamic group which filters CPu % and list servers ? My goal is to view my dynamic group listed on dashbord, I have already did it for RAM and disk storage but i have no clue for CPU; Has anyone got a workaround for this or is there another method I am missing ? #sorry for my english Thanks
  18. Since there have been past complaints about Eset blocking IOBit web sites and software to boot, note the following also from the bleepingcomputer.com article. Obviously, the attacker used this vulnerability to exploit the IOBit web site.
  19. Are you disabling the Ethernet network connection as noted below? https://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/disable-an-ethernet-connection-windows-10/
  20. Thanks for your reply, Marcos. For 3, where does this data reside? You mention that it may be stored in the cloud, but who's cloud? Is it partnered with a big cloud service provider(ie. AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.) or is it all owned by ESET? Thanks again, Alex
  21. Elaborating on this attack, the details are as follows. The IOBit forum website was compromised by an attacker who gained admin access to the site. This allowed him to harvest e-mail addresses of forum users and plant a malicious download from the forum web site. The attacker then sent e-mails to IOBit forum users which stated they were the winners of a free one year license to an IOBit security product. At this point note that the e-mail would appear legit since the sender's address was legit. The following are excerpts from the bleepingcomputer.com article. The ransomware i
  22. Hi, I Was wondering if there is an option to obtain the EFDE Workstation ID remotely through a Windows script or commandline utility. Thanks
  23. Michalj, Thanks, the information is very useful! I try to follow each ESET activity. it would be great if you can real cases and roadmap of developing the EEI. More information - more customers! looking forward to the end of MITRE testing
  24. Hello, I have checked it with our sales team. At ESET we value the privacy of our customers, and do not publish their names / case studies without a prior consent. As EDR software is quite sensitive, our customers did not approve sharing their names publicly, as that would increase their exposure. From the internal materials that I have briefly reviewed, we have customers from Finance, Retail, Healthcare/Pharma, Education, and Services industry. More details about our EDR and industry recognition can be found here: https://www.eset.com/int/business/why-eset/industry-analysts-recognition/
  25. @michalj Thank you for your answer. I mean referencing real life users of ESET EDR solution.
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