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  2. There is a task called Update Modules, though I am finding that it does not consistently work. I am creating a new task to see if it will update our computers from earlier versions of Endpoint AV to the latest version (7.2.2055.0). (I never get to select the version, so I'm hoping it will find the latest version in the repository.) I'm guessing a bit on creating this task, but it seems like it should work. Having said that, my previous attempt several months ago was hit or miss. My navigation in ESMC Web Console 7.1.393.0 is: Tasks > ESET Security Product > Modules Update Click NEW... button + Client Task Name: Update Modules Description: Update Modules Task Category: ESET Security Product Task: Modules Update Click CONTINUE button Check the Clear update cache checkbox Click the CONTINUE button Verify your information (what little there is.) Click the FINISH button. Create a trigger Name: Update Modules ASAP Select Group: Computers with outdated modules Click OK button Click CONTINUE button Trigger type: As Soon As Possible Click FINISH button. I'll let you know if it works. (That is if I'm completely pissed off that we renewed our license.)
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  4. Thank You. We used EBA as you said and right now the problem is solved in both EBA and ELA.
  5. Topic is to close. I founded solution. Main reason, why I couldn't download web-console update was wrong repository link in Server Settings Update. I had autoselect and it cause error.
  6. I will also add that there is a locked screen RDP bypass vulnerability affecting Win 10 1803+ versions plus Server 2019 that has never been patched as far as I am aware of. You can read what this vulnerability is and recommended mitigations for it here: https://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/576688/
  7. I don't have that at all in windows 10 like the phantom account showing there, i have just checked, yet it says its working on the eset website, and I have even reset it many times.
  8. I think it's been fixed. A small product update got installed a few days ago without having to reboot. On three of my computers, I had to delete the disabled Windows anti-theft account, reboot, go into the anti-theft web interface and create the Windows anti-theft account again (using the same account name as prior). It's been two days and no problem with anti-theft since.
  9. If you have purchased the box just recently, please contact your local ESET distributor and provide them with a proof of purchase, e.g. a receipt from the retail store.
  10. I have just opened a sealed box for ESET Internet Security Multi Device 2017. When I follow the instructions to register the Serial Number, I am told it is an Invalid Registration key Is this possibly because the 2017 version has reached End of Life status? Grateful for any help
  11. This recent article related to this specific STOP ransomware variant might be informative: https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-mbed/ Of note:
  12. You might also want to read this thread on how STOP ransomware is distributed: https://forum.eset.com/topic/20926-for-individual-users-this-is-one-ransomware-you-should-pay-attention-to/?tab=comments#comment-101795
  13. Never saw that error before. If it appears again, click on "More information" and post a screen shot of what is displayed. Appears to me you may have presses the OK button multiple times without realizing it or something on that order.
  14. It's Filecoder.STOP. Only certain variants can be decrypted and only if the machine was offline when the encryption occurred. Please get the following stuff and send it to samples[at]eset.com: - a handful of encrypted files (ideally Office documents) - the ransomware note with payment info - logs collected with ESET Log Collector.
  15. As far as I am aware of, a device can have only one MAC address associated with it. Now it is possible that two devices could be housed in an enclosure giving the external appearance of one physical device. You will have to contact the manufacture of Digicorder to verify that this might be the reason for these two MAC addresses appearing. However, MAC spoofing does exist and is in fact legal and in certain instances used for security reasons. It is also likewise used for malicious purposes. You can read about MAC spoofing here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAC_spoofing
  16. Hello @marco1958, 7.0.1152.0 is a version for file servers, this is a BETA of a product to protect Linux desktops i.e. systems on which the users work... I will send you a private message in few moments with details. Regards, Peter
  17. Hello marco1958, This is a beta for ESET Endpoint Antivirus, i.e. a product for desktop environments. The version you are referring to is probably ESET File Security, i.e. a server product. We just posted the information in this "Linux Servers" forum section as well, because many Linux admins running ESET File Security may be interested in ESET Endpoint Antivirus as well.
  18. I didnt tried GPO or SCCM but the Remote Deployment tool works. Now my questions is what will be the problem with the push from the web client? Maybe the created BAT extension file that contains the repository agent information and cant be run on the client? Update: The remote deployment tool work, but only installs the agent from the all in one installer the endpoint security not.
  19. The idle-state scan should run only if the system is idling, e.g. when the screen saver is active, no user is logged on or if the system is locked. As for a regular on-demand scan, it should not be scheduled to run often and at the time when users work on the machine. Personally I would not recommend running it more frequently than once in a few weeks.
  20. Temporarily pausing real-time protection make a difference did not make difference. We have reviewed configuration with our administrator, disabled the on-idle scan and automatic full scan. Since then the problem does not occur, probably this was the cause of issues mentioned above.
  21. Got it . Thanks to everyone!
  22. Have you tried to deploy the agent via GPO or SCCM? Or deploying an all-in-one installer using the ESET Remote Deployment tool?
  23. By the way, are you currently in Australia and trying to purchase from https://www.eset.com/au/?
  24. The problem is maybe the agent files not updated on the server side?
  25. Cheers, for looking at this. Just got off from my ISP support and they see no errors on their end. I have cleared all cache on all browsers, tried 2 pc's, restarted both pc's and the router twice. My mobile has the same issue untill i turn off the wifi and using LTE only. So router issue or ISP. With try a factory reset in the morning. Regards, Chris
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