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  3. I have seen quick response via product submission. What gets their attention is supporting verbiage provided plus references to authoritative sources detection such as VT. Better yet, a Hybrid-Analysis scan and Dr. Web detailed analysis if provided there.
  4. One thing I noticed that, if a sample is submitted to ESET via email, they response fast. Few days ago they replied with a verdict of the malwares within 25 minutes and another time within 13 minutes. Both time sent them 3 samples. The response time may vary depending on the work load and time of the day but certainly a better procedure than sending via the product.
  5. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/f5b90794e6dc9b0ed4ddb51e00788bb9ad11fc769ecf9cbb06438325da9219c7/detection It might be indeed that you have removed the malicious code but still these 2 engines haven't changed their detection, or might be still in your code something. But in VirusTotal , ESET is not detecting anything in the website.
  6. Also you may have issues if using eset and malwarebytes and AVG all together on your phone as they may conflict with each other
  7. Yes. Refer to my previous thread on RanSim here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/10792-ransomware-simulators-a-detailed-analysis/
  8. There is nothing to worry about. While we internally recognize Ransim, it's a simulator that doesn't do any harm and whether an AV passes the test or not doesn't tell anything about how well the AV protects against actual ransomware or other types of malware.
  9. Unforrtunately I still don't get what the problem is. If you mean that ESET does not appear in the App Lock list of installed applications, then the behavior is correct.
  10. How relevant this results are, It failed simulation big time, Is it because ESET doesn't support simulation or Its having hard time comparing to a real, should I be worried 😉
  11. Could i remove ESET altogether and reinstall it? Or would the results be the same?
  12. This was log captured just 7 seconds after AGENT service startup and that is why most of the details are missing. This itself is suspicious and might indicate problems with stability or correctness of installation -> AGENT is probably not able to start and thus not connecting to ESMC. Please attach also trace.log which might show at least basic error message and confirm whether AGENT service is able to start or it is restarting itself due to some configuration or system issue.
  13. For anyone interested, there is a video on this ransomware here: https://app.any.run/tasks/707d4e41-ff12-4179-85dc-1f41d6f85531/
  14. And fyi i performed an in depth analysis scan that stated all was well. I only noticed the problem upon receiving an e mail from ESET.
  15. Next time, post in the appropriate forum topic area; Eset Products for Mobile Devices, for better exposure. Sorry, I can't help you since I know nothing about the mobile product.
  16. ESET is not in the locked files list (it was) and yet it shows as an existing system app. I could not get a screenshot of device manager page but only Malware Bytes is showing. Thank you for your help. Its very frustrating to have a phone less than one month old behave in this manner. The top screenshot shows the chinese company that makes devices to intercept radio signals and they are always on here... Anyway thank you and have a good day.
  17. I have these screenshots. This is for a mobile device- not a computer. I chose ESET for its reputation.
  18. I did choose option 1. and created a new task wich should run every month, set to delete computer that haven't connected in 30 days or more. I did run the job immediately and went on a holiday. 2 weeks later I've looked into it and it didn't delete anything. The job is stil "running" but I can't find any detail logging in the gui or console what is happening or where it stuck. The default import job (option 2) has always have had the delete option selected.... What's the next step (if any) and where are the detailed logs from a server task?
  19. To begin with, Eset is never shown in Windows device manager since it is not a hardware device. Eset is security software. Certain Eset drivers are registered in regards to select hardware devices. However you would have to perform a detailed search to know this. Please clarify in further detail what your problem with your current Eset installation is. If possible, show a screen shot or other supporting information.
  20. Hello, Every time I transfer the phone connection from iPhone to Mac (Maverics), I get a new network utun1, utun2, utun ... and the system tries to connect to it searching for DHCP how to turn it off and make a request with registered virtual networks??? I have Cyber Security Pro version6.7.9000.0
  21. Not all I don't think. Some just use a text message so as long as you have a mobile phone to receive the code you should be able to activate it. Some such as banking also have phone call options. You can also get apps that work on computers as well as mobiles. I use one called authy which I have on my phone but also pc and as a chrome extension
  22. I thought I had. Once it is restored I will add again.
  23. As it says above, eset has been removed from my device manager and I don't know what to do. Help!
  24. Would you pls give me more good suggestion for this problem? Actually our website builder has removed JS/Spy.Agent.P., and updated website to new version. It is using safe now, and contacted our local ESET agent to remove us from blacklist successfully. If possible, would you pls show me more about other AV program? We will try to solve it immediately. Thank you in advance.
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