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  2. Release date: February 21, 2019 ESET Security Management Center 7 All-in-one installer version for Windows has been released. Changelog Version 7.0.72.X Added: Specific warning dialog on installations with installed ERA proxy about the steps needed to migrate the infrastructure to the new replication protocol Added: Option to activate Android devices using offline license file Added: One-click navigation to Enterprise Inspector from EEI reported threats Added: Option to choose multiple filters at once Added: Paging for “Submitted files” page Changed: Detection of installed compatible Java version does not require Oracle Java. A user can manually choose existing installations of different Java versions, including free JDK or Amazon Coretto Changed: Increased threshold to display 1000 groups in the group tree Changed: Ability to generate All-in-one installer without a license (removed validator that was added in ESMC 7.0) Changed: Mobile enrollment workflow now requests EULA acceptance Changed: All-in-one installer on Windows now warns when attempting to run it on incompatible operating system Changed: Removed “Pending restart check” from the Software Installation task logic Improved: Android enrollment process only needs the enrollment link to be clicked once Fixed: It´s not possible to recover the iOS device from the lost mode after issuing the Find command from ESMC. Fixed: Not all files are being removed from the installation directory after uninstallation of MDM Connector. Fixed: Problem with the old version of MDM being still reported as installed after an upgrade, despite being correctly upgraded to the latest version due to the duplicated registry entries. Fixed: MDM Connector crashes upon loading HTTPS certificate. Fixed: Ability to upgrade from ERA / ESMC using the Component upgrade task Fixed: ESMC Server service crashing after deleting Dynamic Groups Fixed: Missing one-click action for alert “Windows updates available” Fixed: Tooltips do not show in the ESMC main menu, when in collapsed state Fixed: Issue after upgrade from ERA agent to ESMC agent results in a state where both applications are reported as installed Fixed: Various broken agent upgrades Fixed: Issues with ESMC server losing connections from agents Fixed: Notifications do not send with NOR/NAND operators Fixed: MDM Core modules cannot be updated resulting in a “recent update attempts failed” status Fixed: Secondary IP address of the device is displayed in the Web Console Fixed: Data is missing or incorrectly reported to Syslog for ESET Endpoint Inspector alarms Fixed: Issue when applied policy on MDM prevents upgrade Fixed: Issue when future planned tasks are not executed unless computer is restarted Fixed: Status overview chart does not render automatically if you change tabs Fixed: Other fixes and stability improvements Fixed: Various product localization issues reported after the release Known Issues For a detailed list of known issues, see Known issues for ESET Security Management Center. Support Resources Online Help (user guides): ESMC Installation/Upgrade contains content for the installation process, upgrade procedures and using the migration tool. ESMC Administration contains content for how to manage and configure ESMC, including post-installation tasks and licenses. Virtual Appliance Deployment contains content for deploying ESMC in a virtualized environment. Related articles: Which version of ESET Remote Administrator or ESET Security Management Center Server and related components do I have?
  3. itman

    Trojan keep detected by Eset

    If you need further inducement to apply the above SMBv1 mentioned patch, here's another one attacking Italian concerns: https://blog.trendmicro.com/trendlabs-security-intelligence/monero-miner-malware-uses-radmin-mimikatz-to-infect-propagate-via-vulnerability/
  4. OrthoC

    Where to begin?

    Hello, Just wondering if someone can point me in a general direction. I'm looking for some decent introduction to how to setup/configure an ESMC server while importing workstations that have older eset versions and updating/replacing them and licensing them. I do have a few laptops/remote computers that I would like to support, so if there is documentation on how to set up that kind of support as well, that would be fantastic. I've tried going to the help from within the ESMC server (I already did a basic VM setup), and I get an error : " ESET Security Management Center Help component not found. You may not be able to visit this page because of: No Offline help component available for this language. Add Offline help to ESET Security Management Center. You have no access to the internet. Check your internet connection and try again. Unable to connect to Online help pages." However, the offline help is only offered for windows/mac, and not the vmware image.
  5. Do you have issues with other software updating? How about Win Updates - do they download and install within a reasonable amount of time?
  6. Marcos

    Issue with my.eset.com

    Do you have any special characters in the email address which might cause it to not pass a regex verification?
  7. Yes, use ESET Log Collector which will also gather all logs from the Diagnostics folder.
  8. This issue indicates that hostname us-repository.eset.com cannot be resolved on this host, which is used for downloading installer packages and creating installers. Unfortunately this log entries does not provide any details. I would recommend to check documentation for troubleshooting agent connectivity issues.
  9. What files exactly am I supposed to send from the diagnostics folder or use the log collector again after it finishes?
  10. galaxysurfer

    Issue with my.eset.com

    I am unable to log into my account. It keeps saying my email address doesn't have a correct form. This is incorrect. I have entered everything correctly. Please fix this!
  11. 1) Yes, only wake from sleep. 2) Only sometimes. We sent a survey to 150 of our users on 2018 Macbook Pros and they experience crashing 1-2 times per week on average. 3) Yes, only 2018 and newer. (t2 macs) 4) Entire system reboots. Upon waking up from sleep, we'll see an Apple logo, then get kicked back out to the login screen. Upon login, you'll find that all apps are closed and the system had rebooted. This is indicative of t2 performing a reboot when it thinks it detects an intruder. I have removed Endpoint Security 6.7.654.0 from 4 of our test machines over the last 3 days and have not experienced a crash. I will keep running without endpoint security for a few more days to be sure this is the case. On one of my test machines, I wrote down the date/times of two crashes. Is there any specific log files I should be looking at and gathering? Edit:: I used the ESET log collector and have sent you logs from 2 of the affected machine and the date/time it experienced the unexpected reboot. I've also created a case with ESET support
  12. katbert

    EDTD - don't show manually submitted files

    Thanks for the explanation! And how about certificate issue from my previous post?
  13. Hi We still have problems in upgrading agents and eset security as well , please check these messages on server side 2019-02-21 06:00:07 Warning: CReplicationModule [Thread d48]: VerifyDeviceAuthenticationToken: Verification of authentication token: ac9ee386f05a39a7122ec45a40f4c3c007ac2c6a770897e2f95b69c44d63f5e9 failed (error_code=INVALID_TOKEN, status=TOKEN_EXPIRED, msg= 2019-02-21 06:00:07 Warning: CReplicationModule [Thread d48]: RpcCheckReplicationConsistencyHandler: Token validation failure 2019-02-21 06:04:21 Error: CRepositoryModule [Thread fc8]: GetFile: Host 'us-repository.eset.com' not found [error code: 20002] Remote agents 2019-02-20 06:22:07 Error: CReplicationModule [Thread 328]: SendRequestAndHandleResponse: Rpc message response AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE (Token status: TOKEN_EXPIRED) -> Request new session token and resend replication request 2019-02-21 16:00:25 Warning: CSystemConnectorModule [Thread 90]: CWinRestartAgentTask: unable to restart at the moment. Retrying in a minute Can you pleasde point us what can we do next
  14. Mirek S.

    Setting up ESET for iOS

    Hello, "No APNS certificate has been provided to Mobile Device Connector" For iOS devices to be able to communicate with MDM You need to acquire APNS certificate. 1) For iOS 12 devices it is recommended to have HTTPS certificate from 3rd party issuers due to Apple enforcing ATS (set of requirements on certificate and transport encryption) on MDM. If that's not possible You can create ESMC signed certificate in webconsole when server is in Advanced Security mode. HTH 1) https://support.eset.com/kb6368/?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US
  15. Also as I was waiting for the full application memory dump of ekrn to complete, EIS started a update and the update again took a very long time i.e. hours to complete but as far as I can tell while it was doing this cpu load was normal / low so I'm not sure why the daily update seems to take hours to complete.
  16. You are right. In EFSW, diagnostic logging can be enabled here:
  17. I'm trying to create a full application memory dump of ekrn, I followed your directions but when I clicked "Create" to create one the button has remained greyed out for more than a half hour and I'm not sure if it's completed because I would expect the button to go back to being enabled after it's finished? I've attached a zipped up copy of the Procmon log file. Logfile.zip
  18. katbert

    EDTD - don't show manually submitted files

    we found solution if Windows Server don't trust certificate of ts.eset.com - send files log is empty and no error logged after import Digicert and thatwe root certs - Eset can send files successfuly, and show all previuosly sent files this is a bug, I think
  19. Mirek S.

    Mobile Device Connector install in Linux

    Hello, Part of information is sent via management Agent which must be installed on same device as MDM. I assume you did not install it as AdminConnector has pending messages. HTH
  20. bNetworked

    ERA 6.5 Server MySQL issue - Windows Server 2016

    Martin - Thanks. This cleared up my problem. Apparently I'd just been working on that too long yesterday and I saw the part where it said MySQL 5.6.22 and missed the two important words that - "and later." FYI - the innodb_log_files_in_group setting is not present in the my.ini file for the 5.7.x MySQL that I had installed. I think that the default setting of 2 may be implied, but I just added the settings variable to the my.ini file just to be sure. Thanks for your help on this ... it just needed to be looked at by someone else that hadn't been banging their head on the wall all day long. Cheers, Brian
  21. Emiel Wieldraaijer

    Upgrade ERA 6.5 to EMCS 7.0

    Looks like a table is missing from the Era Database isp_authentication_update_predefined_log_types ! Does anyone have a clue? is there a manual procedure to update the database?
  22. katbert

    EDTD - don't show manually submitted files

    File Security 7.0.12018 don't have log verbosity settings
  23. Hello guys, This version 7.1 includes the revamped module for Outlook? I ask because I read somewhere that 7.1 will include a revamped Outlook module in order to avoid the problem of email when users have a large quantity of email in inbox and doesn't use subfolders. Thanks.
  24. The advanced setup looks almost same, ie advanced setup -> Tools -> Log files as shown in the screen shot.
  25. Hello @brandobot, 1. Does it crash only after the wake-up 2. If yes after each or just sometimes? 3. The issue is exclusive for the new ("t2 chipset macOS laptops (2018 and newer)") systems only? 4. What exactly crashes just the ESET app or entire system? Can you please collect the logs right after the crash and send them to me to check via a private message with a reference to this thread so I can have them checked? Regards, P.R.
  26. katbert

    EDTD - don't show manually submitted files

    This screen for Endpoint Security. How to enable diagnostics logging in File Security?
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