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  2. We would like to remind you one of our forum rules: 17, Do not pre-announce releases. Due to differences in scheduling, it may sometimes take several hours after a release has appeared on ESET's web site for the release announcement to appear here in the forum. New versions are to be announced by ESET staff when due.
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  4. Last night I received the update of Eset Internet Security version 13 ( with some feature and improvement as follows: * Improve Connected Home Monitor * Extended Detection with HIPS * Stronger Protection with Advanced Machine Learning * The Lower Impact on System Resources However the Icon Menu its look like little bit too left and for me still a question about "The Startup Scanning Progress" activity indicated in the Icon on the taskbar still running after user Login even I have been deactivated the Startup Scanning in the scheduler to not active in battery mode.
  5. Today I noticed the orange dot on the ESET icon in Win7 system tray. I opened NOD32 and saw 'updates stopped by user'. So I checked for updates and version came down and installed, with reboot. So far I'm running without issues on two Win7 Home Premium 64-bit PCs. 🙂
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  7. V12.2.30 is same as v12.2.31, the only difference is in the German upgrade message.
  8. Hello, I installed version 12.2.31 today, is this the current version, nothing is mentioned here?
  9. I have checked both tablets having the issues and they are on ESET Endpoint Security version Opening app and then it immediately closes and says app stopped working. These are AT&T Trek 2 HD Model K88, and they are running Android 7.1.1 They are ESET fresh installs as well. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, Clear Cache, Clear Data and nothing works. I go through install like ones we have done in the past and everything works except when I go to open the app to finish install after downloading. My phone was on version and worked just fine. I updated to and it still works and app opens. I took another AT&T same model tablet that already has ESET on it and it works and opens. Updated it to and it works just fine. App opens without crash. Sounds like a fresh install issue? Any help?
  10. Tip: When it comes to freeware, always opt for the "portable" version. As such, no software installation is performed. If the freeware does not offer a "portable" version in the form of a zipped download, consider that "a big red flag" that something is suspicious about the software. Note that LightShot is not offered in a portable version. Now the following I find hilarious. There is a web site that supposedly offers a portable version of LightShot here: https://karanpc.com/lightshot-free-download/ . When you select the DirectLink download, you are greeted with the below screenshot. If you proceed further, you are indeed a fool.
  11. https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-yandex-ru-search/
  12. My license expires on March 5, 2021 and the password manager says that it has already expired. I can't use any of the manager's functions.
  13. Servus Community, I have a Mac OSX client that SMC says hasn't reported to the server in two weeks, but the user is in the house every day and the status log on his local machine says that everything is fine. How can I fix this? Thx & Bye Tom
  14. As far as CPU-Z goes, download the zip version from here: https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html . It is in essence the portable version and installs no drivers. It will run with Eset not detecting anything.
  15. Thank you for the response! Giving location permission worked.
  16. @Rami is correct. It's the installer that contains the PUA/PUP components. Refer to this article for another like example of how crud is embedded in installers and a way to remove the crud from the installer: https://superuser.com/questions/1246402/remove-adware-from-installer-exe-before-installation . I have often commented in other forums that there really is no such thing as "free" software. For many of these, you will indeed end up paying for the software via adware and the like.
  17. You can drop me a private message with your license key enclosed, however, I'm afraid you fell a victim to fraud and the license belongs to somebody else who didn't intend to sell it. By the way, licenses are non-transferable according to EULA. We strongly recommend purchasing licenses only from authorized sellers.
  18. ESET 13 is now available on Pre-release Update.
  19. Hi I just bought a 3 year license and have tried activating via the product and using an account but it keeps saying the key is invalid. I have tried sending a support request but I never get any confirmation mails. Are there any mods or admins that can check my license code and see what might be wrong ? I bought it via Amazon and the seller has good feedback and says that they gave me the right code. Thanks.
  20. Hello Marcos, With so far no recurrence, I can safely say that the problem of ESET gobbling up my network resources has been solved, thanks to ITMan. But I am left will couple of months' excess service provider bills and days lost wrestling with this problem. What is ESET's compensation policy in such cases? I would understand ESET not assuming responsibility related to malware as its work is probably on "best effort" bases, but in rare situations where ESET itself directly causes damage to the user, there should be a compensation.
  21. If neither of the suggested options worked then it's unlikely that ESET would be the culprit.
  22. The icon used to get buggy and stay for me and hidden for everybody on Windows Server 2012 , now it doesn't sadly , I believe it got fixed , or what broke it is no more there For the notification I will check with my local support , I thought there is something I don't know or missing. Thank you.
  23. Hello Thanks marcos. it works
  24. I believe that it's some kind of files still stuck in the Installer , I don't see the installer trying to install anything or even prompt you for that and after the installation is finished , you will scan your computer and then you will find nothing from lightshot. and ESET doesn't find any problem with the lightshot application itself.
  25. You can disable the alert in the Application statuses setup then: By the way, how do you update the serves if they are completely offline?
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