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  2. Still, it does not work. No web protection will work with Waterfox. Any suggestions?
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  4. You can exclude specific file extensions from scanning in the ThreatSense setup for a particular scanner, e.g. real-time protection. However, we would like to hear more about what problem you are trying to solve since log files should not be scanned at all.
  5. Please post information about the version of the server and console from the About window in the ERA console.
  6. Web access protection works regardless of the browser you use. Anti-phishing is just an extension of the url blacklist by additional urls classified as phishing. Only Anti-Phishing on mobile phones with Android requires explicit support for particular browsers. Waterfox is not supported to my best knowledge.
  7. I know this may be an odd request, but I have been asked to create an exemption for .log files for all folders and subfolders under the G:\. Would I be able to do so by using G:\*.log? How would I accomplish this?
  8. How can I get the latest Waterfox to be protected by Eset NOD32 anti-phishing? I just doesn't work.
  9. I dont have installed the ESET Security Management Center in my ESET server, nor in my terminals. I always was able to do this remote activation, since I changed the license the error start to appear. I don't think is a JAVA license problem too because of that, this start to happens just after changed my license. I have a big number of terminals and this function not working is becoming a trouble. My best regards. Caio.
  10. I just changed the year and months in the link to make it work. 😊
  11. https://www.av-comparatives.org/comparison/?usertype=consumer&chart_chart=chart2&chart_year=2019&chart_month=Feb-May&chart_sort=1&chart_zoom=3
  12. All links are at 2018, I think we have to manually change it to 2019 when we get to the site.
  13. You mentioned ESET Remote Administrator, however, I assume you have the latest version of ESET Security Management Center installed. Could you confirm? Do you have Java SE 8 or JDK / OpenJDK 11.0.1 installed?
  14. Again, this is for 2018. I posted a link above for the current 2019 test.
  15. Hopefully this is the right place to do this. As a ex user of kaspersky, I have noticed a few things different with eset parental control and kasperskys parental control which makes eset better: How eset is better: One place for the settings for the parental control. The parental control has more settings and more room to play with. The parental control works on encrypted sites without any additional settings to change somewhere else. The parental control actually blocks sites. So far I have not found any sites that its blocking incorrectly. So far I am loving it and have changed over to it on all home PC's for the trial.
  16. It would be awesome for home users, kaspersky has this and it makes it so much easier to manage all devices connected to my account.
  17. Thank you for your fast reply, yes I would like to do that, I had been using kaspersky for 9 to 10 years, before I decided to leave them behind and change to eset, so far the trial is going well.
  18. Good evening. Recently I renewed the Eset Endpoint Security license, extending for two years and adding more licenses to the contract. But since then I'm having trouble when i try to create any task on the ESET Remote Administrator that uses these licenses, keeps giving me this pop-up "Failed to create task: Invalid task configuration". The server is returning the following exception: "sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.common.model.exceptions.EraRequestHandlingException/2609433047" When I try to active my terminals directly putting the license in the AV software, it works fine. The license only fails when I try to use them by the ESET Remote Administrator, before i renewed the license i could execute those tasks with no worries, this start to happen after the new license was given due to the renovation. I'm also not forgetting to fill any mandatory parameter. My best regards. Caio.
  19. The HIPS log is empty, no operations were blocked by HIPS / Self-defense.
  20. We have ESET Cloud Administrator for SMB users and ESET Security Management Center for enterprise users. As for home users, it's possible that we'll enable partial management of certain settings via web in the future but that's not planned to be done any time soon to my best knowledge.
  21. It was fixed in the Antivirus and antispyware module 1553. You can download it even now by switching the update channel to pre-release updates in the advanced update setup. Most likely we'll start releasing it gradually in batches to all users as of tomorrow.
  22. Hello, 1, A license renewal is cheaper than a new license. However, in some countries distributors sell packages covering several devices and operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android) which are sold for a lower price but can't be renewed; a new license has to be purchased when the previous one runs out to my best knowledge. 2, Through the portal my.eset.com you can control Anti-Theft and manage licenses. Also we have a Parental Control web portal for managing Parental Control for Android. Other than that, products for consumers cannot be managed through the web. 3, No, ESET does not offer VPN. 4, ESET Smart Security Premium is basically ESET Internet Security with disk encryption and password manager added. 5, ESET's products are primarily updated via modules which can bring improvements, fix issues, etc. Several times a year we also release program updates that are typically very small and are seamlessly installed in the background automatically. Currently we have v12.2 in testing which will become final soon and will be distributed to users gradually. 6, We release approx. 6 main module updates on a daily basis. Then there are streamed updates that are downloaded every few minutes as well as LiveGrid live checks for a quick response to new threats. 7, ESET HQ is located in Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic with its branch offices and partners all around the world (https://www.eset.com/int/about/contact/). As for your comment "Parental control works way better than kasperskys", I wonder if you could create a new topic in the appropriate forum and provide more details on the issues that you've run into. We listen to our users and strive for tailoring our products to your needs so any constructive feedback is appreciated.
  23. I would recommend to check ESMC logs for possible clues -> there will be most probably synchronization failures reported. My best guess is that ESMC lost access to repository.eset.com, maybe due to firewall or HTTP proxy problem, which results in this state. I would recommend to check those components if used.
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