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  2. Yes, it could be a redirect from another web site. If you had uBlock Origin extension installed in FF, Peter Lowes list would have blocked access to that domain.
  3. But I never visited that site. Could it be an ad on another site that I go too?
  4. I don't get any pop ups about website certificate revoked. I only noticed under filtered websites. It must be a site that I go too but I don't know which one because I never get a warning for certificate revoked. What does all that mean and am I safe? Here is a screen shot of the website
  5. Creating an Eset firewall rule for WindscribeService.exe to block any inbound/outbound traffic for UDP port 443 should do the trick. On the other hand, I believe Eset's SSL/TLS protocol scanning is monitoring all inbound TCP/UDP traffic regardless of port used. Assumed here is QUIC traffic has to pass through the Windows Filtering Platform. The point to be determined is if Eset can decrypt QUIC packets.
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  7. When I was using Windows Firewall Control 10 (Sphinx) and Windscribe VPN, I would see Windscribe was trying to use QUIC UDP-443, Sphinx has the option of blocking QUIC in-out. Also of course, has the option regular TCP-UPD. Windscribe VPN did not like it at first but after a couple re-starts it was normal. Gave me a more secure feeling. QUIC can do pretty much what it wants to do behind the firewalls back since it is not recognized. I do like the option, wish ESET had it.
  8. If the system date is set correctly, I'd recommend to carry on as follows: - remove ESET in safe mode using the ESET Uninstall tool - install ESET from scratch Should activation fail, skip it during installation. After installation, enable advanced licensing logging in the adv. setup -> tools -> diagnostics and try to activate the product. Then disable advanced logging, collect logs with ESET Log Collector and provide the generated archive.
  9. Did anybody ever have any luck with this?
  10. Of note is the following: This implies that the router must also support incoming QUIC traffic.
  11. Please provide your public license IDs so that I can what products they were issued for. To my best knowledge we typically issue bundles of EFSW and Endpoint for users with more seats.
  12. https://blog.apnic.net/2019/03/04/a-quick-look-at-quic/ As I see it a malware app would have to be installed on a device that uses the QUIC protocol. So in reality it is no different from a malware app using TCP. Bottom line - if no malware app is installed in the first place, their is nothing to be worried about. As you mentioned I believe browser-wise, Chrome is the only one using QUIC and its an experimental feature there that can be disabled. I also believe older routers with firewalls will have an issue with this protocol since they will block external UDP traffic on port 443.
  13. I do not think you are going to be paid anything for publishing or spreading this breech. You have to decide what to do with it but this information will not bring much harm to the company. It is obvious as you have been clearly advised of it. I am from the UK PostcodeFinder, and where are you from? Even if you spent time working on it, this time looks to be simply wasted.
  14. Have you been in Russia? Just wondering as it would make sense if bought in one country so the app would maybe persume you where in that country still so direct you to the russian site
  15. You can uninstall it later. To my best knowledge, the GP policy enables you to install ESET on 5 mobile devices.
  16. Since QUIC utilizes the traditional HTTP ports 80 and 443, it's not possible to block it by the firewall without blocking HTTP as well.
  17. ESET will not affect your router in any way. While you can check the router for weaknesses via the Connected home feature, ESET will protect only the machine where it is installed.
  18. Thanks. Do I have to uninstall it from the current phone before installing to the new phone?
  19. I did not see specific category for ESET Secure Authentication so I am posting here. Using ESA management server and RDP on a Windows Terminal server. Customer connects multiple RDP sessions to this server using Microsoft (CAL) Client access license that allows to connect 25 machines to server. https://support.hostway.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002191484-Microsoft-RDS-Client-Access-Licenses-CALs-#:~:text=A client access license (CAL,an RDS CAL is needed. With ESA installed, only 2 machines max can connect to this server using the ESA 2fa. If the ESA core service is stopped then more machine
  20. Does ESET recognize this protocol can I block it I do not use Google chrome so no need for it? Here is a link about QUIC Protocol: https://nordvpn.com/blog/what-is-quic-protocol/ "There are few downsides to the QUIC protocol. It improves web communications and reduces latency, but it’s still in its experimental stages. It’s not widely adopted by other websites or web servers, nor is it supported by cybersecurity tools such as firewalls. Because of this, experimental QUIC protocol can currently open a security loophole."
  21. If you purchased ESET from the Google Play store, just use the same Google Play account on your new phone and install it from the Google Play store. It should activate automatically.
  22. We have 2 ESET licenses (multiple seats under each license), one for Endpoint Antivirus for Windows and one for File Security for Microsoft Windows Servers. One of our virtual host servers is showing up under the AV license but with the correct File Security Product Description. As far as I know, it's not causing any issues, but I'm pretty anal about things. How can I move it to the right license, and will it affect the functionality of anything?
  23. I will get a new phone in the next days. I would like to know if and how can I transfer ESET mobile licence to the new phone. I will not use my current phone and the licence is valid until December.
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