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  2. Hello, We are using in our organization still EEA 4 on our Ubuntu 20.04 devices, and we are looking to migrate to EEA 8, especially since we have started to encounter some errors where EEA 4 does not seem to be able to connect to the Agent that is running on the machine, and I am getting this message in our ESET Management server "Product is not connected. No connection attempt occurred." I have been testing EEA 8 on Ubuntu 20.04 for a while and I cannot really say I am very satisfied, especially regarding the Secure Boot issues. Our devices have Secure Boot enabled, and we want to keep it that way. The workflow offered by the guide for EEA 8 to deal with Secure Boot is not that comfortable to deploy on multiple machines, and more so the management of said machines can be quite cumbersome, as for any Linux kernel update, if one forgets to run the script to sign the headers, their computer might not boot next power cycle. Is there a way to actually make this more streamlined like EEA 4 used to work, where I did not need to actually set the keys manually in UEFI for Secure Boot to work seamlessly? Thanks in advance!
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  4. As you can see in my recent screenshot i reinstalled it now but there is on uninstall option available in your product. Can you tell me where does it supposed to appear? It is not in preference as per my screenshot above
  5. Please download the installer from ESET's website and run it. If it offers you to uninstall the product, uninstall it, otherwise reinstall it first and then uninstall it.
  6. There is no unsintallation option available in the product
  7. Looks like ESET is still installed. Run the installer again and choose to uninstall the product, or reinstall the product first, then run the installer again and choose to uninstall it.
  8. I can still see eset dameon runs in the backgroun though it is uninstalled from the apps and the mac is rebooted. How do I stop this service because it eats cpu usage and memory
  9. Hello @Buciumeanu Bogdan, thank you for your report, the teams responsible identified source of the issue and fixed it already. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, Peter
  10. Hi, same issue for me with Eset Enpoint antivirus 8.0.2028, i get this error for multiple users. During execution of Update on the computer, the following event occurred: Update authorization failed. Please check if your license is valid.
  11. I would add, that ESET Internet Security (as it includes firewall and antispam) is functionality-wise closer to ESET Endpoint Security. ESET Endpoint Antivirus is functionality-wise comparable with ESET NOD32 Antivirus (consumer product)
  12. Hello @cxj05h, thank you for your report. New data sync process is being deployed and it might be an issue with it, so I opened a ticket for the team responsible to have it checked. We will keep you posted, Peter (D_CLOUDOPS-1040)
  13. Hello, recommended approach would be to use the dashboard / reporting functionality for it. You can navigate to the tab "ESET applications", where you can see which are outdated and even list count of all outdated versions. Then you can initiate upgrade by "one click" from there, for a particular version, you seek to upgrade to a newest version.
  14. Please continue as follows: - reproduce the issue with high CPU utlitization - enable advanced operating system logging under Tools -> Diagnostics - after 3-5 minutes disable logging - collect logs with ESET Log Collector, upload the generated archive to a safe location and drop me a personal message with a download link. Also please note that you didn't post to a correct subforum. We kindly ask to report issues re. Endpoint in the Endpoint subforum: https://forum.eset.com/forum/34-eset-endpoint-products/
  15. Please try downloading the eicar test file, not the CloudCar test file as I asked: https://secure.eicar.org/eicar_com.zip Is it detected upon download?
  16. @Marcos tested with Firefox 92 (64-bit), normal installation made via group policy. Downloaded cloudcar.com from https://amtso.eicar.org/cloudcar.exe Furthermore, the downloaded file was intact. It was when I right-clicked on it and selected to demand-scan it that it got detected and quarantined: However, right now it works just fine (crazy)! That is, I immediately got a "suspicious" window and the download of eicar.com ended up with a zero-length file! This lack of consistent defense does scare me. But the fact that I can not reproduce the issue is problematic. Would current logs of the pc in question have any decent information that would help, or should extended logging have been enabled beforehand?
  17. My experience so far with Windows 11 is that Eset Endpoint Security 8.1 is NOT compatible with windows 11. My CPU is pegged at 100% since installing. The services are Eset Firewall Helper and Eset Service. We have tried disabling the Eset Firewall and it made no change
  18. "Update authorization failed. Please check if your license is valid." License expires in 2024
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  20. Next time this updating issue occurs, use a network connections monitor to ensure ekrn.exe has a solid connection to port 8888. You can use Eset's Network Connections tool or TCPView. I prefer TCPView since it will show if there are sync issues with the connection to port 8888, ekrn.exe is trying to establish. Eset uses port 8888 with fallback to port 443 for Push Notifications. If there are issues with getting that connection, it will cause this bork Eset updating behavior some are experiencing.
  21. Works fine on EIS. For Detection exclusions, mouse click on the gear symbol next to Real-time file system protection. Then select "Edit Exclusions."
  22. What are you talking about I totally agree, you are correct in your opinion this away from the users. I am finding that ANTIVIRUS ESET does not have TELEMETRY to identify all these problems. The worst thing is that the updates of the product problem fixes take a long time to get out to the END user, that's because we pay dearly for the product, so much so that competitors like KASPERSKY products are very cheap and have several promotions and even more has FREE antivirus. I am finding that ESET is unable to work faster.
  23. Weird eset kept telling me advanced os logging was on during the update
  24. But in the case of updating the end user is only half the equation. The company should be logging updates as well and trying to find a solution. Turning users into trouble shooters is not the answer. All this constant drone to submit logs is driving users away.
  25. If one is having an issue which cannot be easily reproduced, logs are the only thing that can help in investivation.
  26. My scheduled scan is currently not set to "Ignore exclusions". However, If I select this box, it's an all or nothing option. I have a lot of other exclusions that I'm good with not scanning and would probably create issues if they were scanned. I just need to ignore this new one. Perhaps the answer is to create a new scan, checkmark the "ignore exclusions" box, turn off "Scan all targets" and give this new scan a target of the specific folder that I have in mind?
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