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  2. Hi, After upgrading to 12.1.3 , everything is OK now. Hoping it lasts for ever. Appreciate it and thanks for your cooperation . Thanx
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  5. Hi there I was just wondering the other day if virus signatures are ever deleted? As definitions are updated daily, I've seen some worry that definitions could become too big. Some due to this prefer whitelisting but it has its flaws. So I was curious if signatures ever get deleted e.g. if a virus is extremely old, possibly designed for a system no longer used or a version of an operating system no longer supported etc. From the basics that I do know, some signatures are sometimes merged together e.g. signatures based on the same or similar virus but that's all I know.
  6. Hi Marcos. I've attached a couple of demonstration videos that show the problem. The second one may be more self-explanatory than the first, so you may just want to skip the first one.
  7. Thanks, but unfortunately it is what I am doing. I am using the free version and so I am using the manual update. But as shown here https://www.virusradar.com/en/update/android it seems that Update 11711 is the latest one...
  8. Since my last post, I noticed that this is more calculable and repeatable than I'd first thought. The attached video may be a little more clear about what's going on. This is a longer video, about five minutes and ten seconds. It shows me running the macro, manually giving notepad focus, and then it shows Notepad losing focus to ESET-IS & getting focus back, repeatedly every 18-20 seconds or so for the remainder of the recorded screen video. So, first I run the macro. Next I click on Notepad to give it focus. Finally I let the macro run itself for a little more than five minutes. The updating window on the taskbar is a program called Clipmate. It is merely is displaying the contents of the Windows Clipboard that is being updated once per second by the macro. The contents of the text file, also in the RAR archive, is a mirror to what you're seeing on the clipboard. The macro code is shown on the screen to the right of Notepad so you can kind of see what it's meant to do. Thank you. d ESET-SS Stealing Focus Five Minute Example Using MacroScheduler and Notepad.rar
  9. Hello Wallaby....take a look at this link and see if it helps. https://support.eset.com/kb3506/ Do I need to update manually? ESET Mobile Security will update automatically at least once a day as long as your Android device has an active internet connection. Performing a manual update is only necessary if an error is causing ESET Mobile Security not to receive automatic updates, or if you want to check for updates that have been made available since the last time your device received an automatic update. Although it is possible to change the update interval in ESET Mobile Security, it is not recommended, as regular detection modules updates are an integral part of keeping your device safe. **************************** and https://support.eset.com/kb85/ Regards, Tom
  10. My Android doesn't get new updates since early morning of 16th april Last version is 11711 Is it normal or are there some problems with the update servers for Android smartphones?
  11. Hello. I am having the same situation with ESET Internet Security taking over (stealing) focus. In my case this is not restricted to one program. This can happen to me when I am typing here in this forum, it can happen in Opera Browser, in the Brave Browser, in UltraEdit, in Directory Opus, in etc. etc. etc. In fact it's even happened when I was just now trying to open Windows 10 Classic menu, to launch a program. I've written a small macro in MJTNet's MacroScheduler to record the theft and have included it here as an attachment. I've also recorded the macro being run, showing ESET Internet Security is the program taking focus. That recording demonstrates the problem in UltraEdit. If there's anything I can do more to help get this issue resolved, please don't hesitate to ask. As I've typed this message, ESET IS took over focus thrice. It doesn't seem to happen at any given interval, and like I mentioned, it can happen anywhere, at any time. Thank you for your time. d Macroscheduler Macro to show ESET-IS taking over focus.txt ESET IS Taking Over Focus.rar
  12. John, two other thoughts, only use one full time/real time Anti-Virus program (such as EIS, ESSP or Nod32). With A/V programs "the more the merrier" adage does not apply as they could/would conflict. As far as a second opinion scanner, it should be an on-demand, not a full time, scanner (such as HitmanPro or EEK and there are others as well) . Run one scan at a time. Identity theft, in your case, is a VERY REAL possibility. Regards, Tom
  13. On this regard, I found IE11's popup blocker disabled after a screen locker like scam incident. It also took a bit of "finagling" to reenable it. I am still trying to figure out how the attacker could disable the popup blocker.
  14. As they gained access to your machine, after doing an In-depth scan using the REAL ESET and any other (if you wish) second opinion scanner, I would most definitely start changing all passwords. I would also encourage you to password protect your ESET settings https://support.eset.com/kb2782/ to prevent any outsiders from altering/cancelling your security settings. In addition, depending on what you have on your machine, you also might want to consider putting a freeze on your credit with all 3 major credit reporting agencies in the USA. If you go to the FTC's website https://www.ftc.gov/ and look up Free Credit report (it's on the main page), it will direct you to the Annual Credit Report website where you can look up information about your credit and has other good information. I'm with you itman, it had to be a pop-up. John, to answer your question, this type of thing (fake PC support) happens all too often (DAILY 100s of times) ... it could be a pop-up or a phone call. Some of the latest scams involve Microsoft, saying your license has expired, or they owe you money or "we detected a virus on your machine". They'll load your machine with malware, copy your address book to send more malware to your contacts, use your credit cards and drain your bank account. Microsoft does not call people. If you opened a trouble ticket with them by you calling them at a legitimate number, they MIGHT call you (or not). I also use Win7 and ESET works fine on it. Should you get a pop-up, do not click on it (never)! To close pop-ups, use the ALT key along with the F4 key. You also might want to review your pop-up setting in your browser. Good luck. Tom
  15. HI, Thanks for the reply. If I understand well, ESET and apparmor cannot be run together?
  16. Eset appears to be blocking inbound mail from "mailer01.telemar.org." Note that the posted rejection notice from telemar.org states "This is the mail system at mailer03.telemar.org." Perhaps this is some type of domain routing issue?
  17. I am curious about the "Eset form" you mentioned. Where did this appear from? Was it a popup from your browser for example? In any case, you were obviously redirected to some scam web site. The thing to be established is how this happened. I don't believe the "form" you mentioned was generated from the existing Eset installation GUI. For future reference in the U.S., you should always renew from this web site: https://www.eset.com/us/renew/
  18. Hello @trayn, good, well then PM with details sent. Looking forward to your feedback. Peter
  19. oh okay we use both, the server and the desktop program. i would be happy if you send me an invite. best regards!
  20. I was unable to find a license by the email address you used to register in this forum so I assume you used a different registration address for your license. First of all, do you have a license for Endpoint and server products or for consumer version? While my.eset.com serves for home users, ELA and the new EBA portal are intended for managing business licenses. If you have an EBA account created but no license added there, you could change your password to a temporary one and provide me with the email address and the password so that I could try it myself. Anyways, the best course of action would be raising a support ticket so that the case is properly handled and tracked.
  21. Hi I'm trying to add the licence. I entered the licence number and button Add licence just do nothing... (Eset Business Account and also myEset.com) since some days. I turned off all extensions in FF/Chrome/IE. Checked console and there is no error. Anyone knows why ? Thanks
  22. @Telemar SpA, can you please provide me with few exported samples of the rejected messages? Also provide me with with appropriate records from the spam log. You can send them to my by means of a private message with a reference to this forum topic. Regards, P.R.
  23. you can upload it to a safe location and send the download details to me and Marcos via a private message to check. Peter
  24. Hello @mayowa, in order to be able to investigate the BSOD we would need a complete memory dump from the machine. From the description it seems that the BSOD's were occurring even before ESET product installation. I would start probably with running the sfc /scannnow and updating / patching the system as it might help to prevent further malware attacks,... Regards, P.R.
  25. Hello, It will be useful to get ip addresses in Lost & found too (computers without the agent installed). Or something to show if a computer is active/online so i can push the agent to this computer only and not in all the category. Thanks, Peter
  26. Thank you for the replies!! Indeed i contacted support and they were very helpful. I managed to solve my problem and improve my security!
  27. Hi! Thanks for the help. Unfortunately we st ill get rejected.
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