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Information for users with OS without SHA-256 support

This announcement is no longer active


In order to give you more time to upgrade to an operating system with SHA-256 support, we have prepared a special update server which will be temporarily available until December 2021.

Who is affected?
Users of Endpoint 6.6+ who have Windows Vista or Windows 7 without SHA-256 support.
To verify if you are affected, enter information about your OS and ESET product here: https://support-eol.eset.com/en/affected.html


What does it mean for you?

1, Your ESET product (v6.6+) will start to update from the special update server without any manual intervention.

2, The only exception are Endpoints that update from a mirror. Please read https://support-eol.eset.com/en/sha1_mirror.html for instructions how to configure the mirror.

3, You will not receive updates for the following modules: Anti-Stealth, HIPS, Firewall, Network protection, Deep behavioral inspection. In particular, you will not receive fixes of bugs or improvements in these modules.

Therefore we urge you to upgrade to a SHA-256 compatible OS as soon as possible.

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